Siddhi Vinayak 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjiri kidnaps Juhi

Siddhi Vinayak 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin saying its not a dream and kissing Siddhi’s forehead. She says you finally believe that I m your Siddhi. He says yes, I got to know that you saved my life, you are my Siddhi. She says I told you you got late, but you have come there for me. He says yes, the attacker was Shivam. She says what, the person who had worn the mask was Shivam, what will he get by killing me. At some godown, Manjiri and Kabir torture Shivam. Shivam gets angry and scolds her. Manjiri slaps him and says I forgot he is a lawyer and will talk a lot. She asks Kabir to go to Shivam’s house, Juhi will be alone, Pratima is unconscious in hospital, get a big gift for Juhi. Shivam says no. Manjiri says tell Juhi that Riddhi has sent the gift, get Juhi here. Shivam asks what did my daughter do, leave her.

She says see what I do next. He says don’t dare to touch my daughter. She laughs.

Pratima gets fine and asks nurse about Siddhi. Nurse says she is fine now. Pratima gets a call. Juhi’s nanny says Shivam didn’t come home. Pratima says what shall I tell the kid. She lies to Juhi. Juhi says maybe dad has come. Nanny goes to check at the door. Kabir says this parcel is for Juhi, its sent by Riddhi. Juhi says wow. Pratima hears this and thinks did Siddhi sent a gift for Juhi. Juhi likes the big doll. Kabir looks on. She presses the button. Poppers blast.

Juhi smiles and plays. They faint. Kabir kidnaps Juhi and gets her to Manjiri. Shivam gets shocked and scolds her. Manjiri says I have to kidnap someone else too. Kabir asks who is next. She says you can’t imagine it. Vin gets Siddhi to a ward, which is decorated with flowers. Sun mere humsafar……plays…. She smiles. Nurse gets the food and says I will come back in some time to give medicines. Vin feeds Siddhi. She feeds him. They smile. She feels pain in her wound. He asks are you fine. She says I don’t understand why did Shivam do this with me.

Vin says police arrested Shivam, don’t think about him. She says I m worried for Juhi, who will look after her. He says Pratima is with her. Pratima comes. Siddhi asks how is Juhi. Pratima says she is fine, she asked for you and Shivam, till when will I make excuse, when did you send gift for her. Siddhi says I didn’t send any gift. Pratima says then who has sent it, I will call nanny, even Shivam is not at home. She says I request you to take complaint back Vin. Vin says stop taking his side, he is wrong and you supported him. She says I was helpless, Shivam knows he is wrong and wants to apologize to you both. He gets a video from Shivam and says Shivam would be in lockup now. He gets shocked seeing Shivam’s threatening video. He shows Manjiri tied up. Manjiri says don’t kill me, she is Vin’s Siddhi, not your Riddhi. She gets slapped and cries. Vin gets shocked. Shivam says if you want your mum to be fine, come and meet me, don’t inform police.

Vin comes to save Manjiri. Shivam says I will shoot you. He shoots Vin. Manjiri smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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