Siddhi Vinayak 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin and Siddhi bond

Siddhi Vinayak 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin and Siddhi having an eyelock. Na jiya zindagi….plays…. Vin says where did we get stuck. Mannu calls Vin. He says Vin and Riddhi’s phones are switched off, where can they go. Vin tells Siddhi that this is called candle, she can light it by her stare. She asks is your joke done, not everyone thinks like you, I m sure I will get matchsticks too. She gets matchsticks and shows him. She lights the candles.

She drinks water. He says you should have asked me too. She taunts him on his rules. She passes the water bottle. He finishes it. He says you should have got a bigger bottle. She eats chocolate biscuit. He gets hungry, but refuses. He then takes the pack. He finds it empty. She shouts for help. He says what would have happened if she gave me a biscuit.

He falls asleep. Siddhi sits there. The man checks the set and says there is no one here. Mannu says where can Vin and Riddhi go. Siddhi sleeps. Vin and Siddhi hold fingers in sleep. Siddhi wakes up and says what did this happen, Bappa promise is our childhood truth, it got covered by lie today. He says Siddhi in sleep. She gets away.

She thinks maybe he is acting in sleep, I won’t get trapped in his plan now. Manjiri cries for Vin. Prachi and Gauri get happy to get money and wish Vin dies. Shankar calls Manjiri and says I spoke to production manager, Vin was seen outside prop room. Manjiri tells this to everyone. Mannu says how can this happen, there was no one at set. Manjiri says maybe Vin got locked in prop room. Prachi thinks then I wish Vin dies there. The men open the door and free Vin and Siddhi. Vin asks them to do their work. He checks Mannu’s missed calls. He calls back. Manjiri and Mannu talk to him. Vin says Riddhi was also stuck with me, why are you worried. Manjiri says you met with an accident, I was worried. He asks shall I come home. She says no, do your work, I feel better now, take care. Prachi and Gauri act sweet in front of Manjiri. Prachi taunts Gauri about her tattoo and goes. Gauri thinks to see Prachi and cut her wings.

Vin and Siddhi are on the way. Vin says I will reach on time. He asks driver to be careful, is he sleepy. Driver says no. Vin says you were on duty with Shankar, take taxi and go home, have money, I will drive. Vin asks Siddhi to sit in front seat, else he will look her driver. They leave. She tells Pratima that she will come home tomorrow. He tells her that they lost the way. She says we would have followed GPS. He says I know the location, I will take you there. She says stop the car, we crossed the same location again. He asks what. She says we are roaming here since 2 hours. He says so what, person makes mistakes. She asks shall I on GPS. He says yes. She thanks him. She says congrats, no network. He says I know the way, sit quiet. He drives ahead. He asks what happened. She says I have to go washroom, stop the car at dhaba. He asks did you see Akshay Kumar’s movie Toilet. She says yes. He asks her to go in the jungle, there won’t be any toilet in this area. She says I m scared, please come with me. He asks shall I come there, why. She says its not time to joke, I need your help. He agrees. She asks him to stand far. He asks her to just hurry up. She asks are you here. He says yes. She screams seeing ……

Siddhi says fine, I don’t need you. She falls down. Vin lifts her. She says I don’t need your help. He asks her to be quiet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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