Siddhi Vinayak 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Aniket arrests Shankar

Siddhi Vinayak 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vinayak finding Siddhi. The goons see him announcing about Siddhi on stage. They leave. Savita and Manjiri get glad seeing the kids. Shankar tells the boss that he has to bribe the inspector. Boss praises him and gives him a prize. He asks the goons why they failed to kidnap Aniket’s daughter. Shankar asks why. Boss says I thought to kidnap her and divert him when I smuggle things. Shankar says don’t trouble me, she is like my bahu, I m joking, keep money ready, tell me the work. Boss says if anything goes wrong, blame will be on you. Shankar agrees and says don’t do anything to Siddhi.

Siddhi and Vinayak talk to some girls. She asks when will your dad come, we have to decorate the truck for Bappa visarjan. Savita thanks Lord and says Vinayak found Siddhi today.

Shankar comes. Vinayak hugs him. Shankar asks Manjiri not to cry. She asks how did you come empty hand. He makes her wear gajras and flirts. She smiles.

They dance with kids. Shankar tells the boss that he has the things in his truck, no one will get it. Savita teases Manjiri. She says who will say your marriage happened 11 years ago. They have a talk and see Shankar talking to Siddhi. Shankar asks Siddhi not to go out of chawl alone. Aniket comes there and checks Shankar’s truck. Shankar lies. Police gets wine bottles. Aniket scolds him for smuggling wine. Kids look on. Aniket arrests Shankar. Shankar says trust me, this is not mine. Manjiri defends Shankar. Aniket says he knew about the wine. People say lock Shankar in jail. Shankar shouts enough, its my wine, you all won’t like to know why I did this, its for Siddhi, if I didn’t do this, those people would have kidnapped Siddhi. Aniket scolds him.

Shankar swears on Vinayak and says trust me, I did this to save Siddhi. Aniket gets angry and says you should better die. Manjiri, Savita, Vinayak and Siddhi ask Aniket to leave Shankar. Savita takes Siddhi. Shankar says this lorry is my lifelong earning, I will be ruined, think what will happen of Manjiri and Vinayak, trust me, I did this for someone else’s good, forgive me. Aniket says you should have thought this before, you know how many families get ruined by wine. Vinayak cries seeing Shankar taken away. He falls down.

Aniket says end all relations from that relation, Siddhi and Vinayak won’t meet. Shankar asks Manjiri not to meet Savita. Vinayak promises Siddhi that he will never leave her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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