Siddhi Vinayak 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin’s blind faith in his mother

Siddhi Vinayak 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi claps for Manjari who glares at her. Siddhi says yu made an excuse last time that you are quiet because of the swear given by your beloved son. what’s your excuse this time? You will again say you did everything for him only and came here to steal this briefcase! You killed Kanta as well. It means I was right that Kanta ji was taking your name by Man instead of Manvir Bhaiya. Why did you kill her and then put the blame on Manvir Bhaiya? He is in jail since so many days because of you! You only ended up killing Shivam right? You locked Vinu in the fridge and threw away the key too! All of this proves that you want to kill Vinu but why? Manjari frees herself. I agree that I did that! I was behind all those attacks on Vin! Siddhi is stunned. Manjari tells her she has no proof or her confession

to prove anything. Siddhi asks her why she is doing this. Vin is your son. How can you send your own son behind the bars? Manjari laughs. It is sad as you know everything yet you cannot do anything! Siddhi threatens to expose her but Manjari knows she has no proof. Who will believe you? Forget about everyone else, try telling Vin. He will never believe it as he loves me way too much! He will trust his mother and not his wife. I will repeat my old lines in the court and your truth will be proved a lie. My lie will appear as true. No one will be able to save your Vinu now. He is gone! Siddhi looks at her helplessly as she goes from there.

Siddhi cannot understand how a mother can do this to her son. Why would a mother try to kill her son? She shouts after Manjari. I wont let anything happen to Vinu. I will tell him your truth. I will expose you and tell your truth to everyone!

Inspector tells Siddhi she cannot meet Vin. She begs him to let her meet once before he is being shifted to another jail. He agrees unhappily. She waits in a corner. Manjari’s words echo in her head. Lights go off and she is scared. Constable takes Siddhi with him to Vin’s cell. It is completely dark. She starts talking even though she cannot see anything or anyone. Promise to keep quiet till I am done. She tells everything that Manjari has done so far. She keeps her hand on his shoulder and light comes back just then. She is shocked to see Manjari instead. Manjari mocks her helplessness. Why did you become quietly suddenly? Say whatever you want to against me! Siddhi asks her why she is here. Manjari replies that she will find her everywhere. Siddhi shouts for Vinu who comes just then. She tells him that his life is in danger. Manjari acts in front of him. I told you to let me take this blame. Your wife is blaming me. I should die! Siddhi remarks that she is speaking truth for the first time. Vin is upset but Siddhi tells Vin to let Manjari act as much as she wants to. She did drama when she killed Shivam. Vin comforts his mother who says it’s all because of me. Siddhi also tells him that Ma is responsible for all that has gone wrong till now! Vin warns her not to utter another word against his mother.

Siddhi questions Manjari. What kind of a mother are you? You are the one who killed Shivam! Vinu dint do anything. Manjari cries and begs Vin to forgive her. Siddhi speaks of her misdeeds. Manjari tells her to blame her for Juhi’s condition as well. Say whatever is coming to your heart. Siddhi asks her how long will she lie. We both know the truth. Vin firmly tells her not to say anything against his mother. I only gave her my swear or she would have surrendered long ago. Manjari tells him not to say anything to Siddhi. I understand her situation as a wife. This is why she is blaming me. Let it be. He hugs her. Constable asks them to come. Time is up. Siddhi tries to talk to Vin but he walks away with the constable. Manjari asks Siddhi if she will come with her or if she will cry a little and come later. I will wait outside for a while?

Prachi overhears Rajvir talking to someone by the name of Sweetu. He promises that girl that they will marry soon. Give me a kiss. Prachi warns him not to try to cheat her ever. He calls her Chawlchaap. She accepts she couldn’t get her sister on her side but we can make use of the situation. Vin will be shifted to Arthur Jail soon. We can call for a press conference. Try to prove your brother innocent and gain limelight. win the trust of Mummy Papa this way. Tai will also have to trust us then. He nods. She asks him to come as she has already called some reporters.

Siddhi enters in the house and notices Manjari getting the Award for the Best Performance in the Negative Role. Manjari comes downstairs holding her Award proudly. She thanks everyone for choosing her. I dedicate this award to my son Vin Kundra. Whatever I have done till date, I have done it for my son only. My husband always tells that there is an actress inside me. I thank you for giving me this honour but I do not deserve this Award alone. My DIL has helped me get it. I wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for her. I would like to share it with my DIL. She asks Siddhi to hold it. Siddhi complies but then throws it away angrily. You must be enjoying all this! Your son is in jail and you are doing this here? I am disgusted by you! Be afraid of Bappa atleast! He is watching everything. I still fail to understand how a mother can do something like that to her own son? Manjari tells her to think whatever she wants to. I don’t owe you any explanation. I am doing everything for my son and whatever I will do in future, will be also for him only! She picks the Award. I thank everyone yet again! She walks holding the award proudly.

Precap: Siddhi refuses to give up. I will get Vin out of that problem. Vin and that guy have a face off in the new jail. They get into a fight.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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