Siddhi Vinayak 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Shankar gets abducted

Siddhi Vinayak 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shankar cries as he narrates Vin’s state. Manjari is happy hearing the news as Vin has threatened to throw Urvashi out of jail. Shankar did injustice with my son. Now he will understand what it means to lose one’s son. She acts to reassure him. Vin will be fine very soon. He receives Siddhi’s call and asks her if Vin has recovered. Siddhi tells Shankar she is bringing Vin home. Shankar says doctors said something else. Siddhi says Vinu is just a patient for doctors but he is everything for me. I wont let go of my faith. I had a word with doc. He has also agreed. Vin’s heart stopped beating when we were getting married but it started beating again as soon as we were married. God had to give in. God will have to give in once again. I am sure this can happen again if it can happen once. I

will do everything to bring my Vinu back to life. I cannot give up hope like doctors. I am coming home with Vinu. He tells her to stay there. I will bring him myself. He begins to go when Manjari remarks that she can see him yearning to bring his son home. Urvashi is pregnant with Rudra’s baby. Don’t you think we should bring her home too? Shankar asks her since when Vin became only his son. How can you compare Vin to that cheap girl? She has ruined everything. Why are you so upset with him? What did he do? She replies that it is he who has been wrong. I have called Vin my own son and have also behaved like a real mother since forever but you never accepted Rudra. Now that he is coming back in the world as a baby but you are so unrelenting over the idea. I agree that Siddhi is your beloved DIL but why do you hate Urvashi so much that you aren’t even thinking of the baby? He raises his hand mid air warning her to stop. He controls himself somehow. Don’t compare that cheap, selfish girl to Siddhi. She has ruined our family. She has separated my son and my DIL. I wont allow her to come here ever again! Siddhi cannot be compared to her! She has been standing as a shield between Vin and death. She is standing as a shield today too! Don’t say anything against my DIL or my son. I am going to bring my son home. Make sure nothing goes wrong. I can sense you acting like a step mother for the first time today! He walks out of Kundra Mansion. Manjari looks on. He is so thankless. Now that you have called me a stepmother then let it be! Vin and Siddhi wont come back in this house. Only my son’s baby will come here!

Siddhi fills the form. Nurse goes to get it signed by doc. Siddhi is waiting anxiously for Shankar. It’s been long already. Prachi dials Shankar’s number.

Shankar reaches hospital. He parks his car outside and is dialling out a number when some goons hit him on his head from behind. Blood spills out from his head. Goons abduct Shankar but they leave the rod and Shankar’s phone behind only.

Siddhi and Prachi try Shankar’s number but it is unreachable. They get worried for Shankar. Siddhi calls Gauri and asks about Shankar. Gauri shares that he left 2 hours ago. Siddhi wonders where he would be.

Goons tie Shankar to a chair. One of the guys calls and informs Manjari that Shankar has been kidnapped. Manjari tells them to look after him. Don’t harm him. He agrees.

Manjari says I dint want to do this but you dint leave any option for me Shankar. You wanted to bring Vin and Siddhi back in the house. I cannot see it happening ever! I want to bring Urvashi back here as she has Rudra’s baby. Gauri asks her if she knows where Shankar is. Manjari acts shocked. He left more than 2 hours ago. She hears Rajvir talking to someone about Shankar and saying he is heading to hospital.

Siddhi tells Vinu she is ready to go home with him. You will have to listen to me every time though. You will get fine. I am waiting for Papa ji. We will all go together. She calls Prachi to find out about Shankar. Rajvir tells Siddhi that Shankar isn’t picking his call. We have no clue about him. He isn’t even picking Chachi ji’s phone. Siddhi suspects that something is wrong.

Shankar is tied to a chair. He calls out for help and demands to know who has tied him here. He coughs badly. Goons come there. Shankar asks him how they dare catch him. One of the goons tells him that he is nothing in front of their boss. Shankar demands to see their boss. A guy steps forward. Be thankful to our Boss that we are advised not to cast even one wound on you. Sit here quietly. You don’t have to stay here for long. He laughs at Shankar’s state as he walks away.

Siddhi suspects Urvashi’s involvement in it but Prachi reasons she is in jail. Siddhi says she knows many ways to get things done her way. She is too smart. Rajvir decides to call police but Siddhi tells him it is no use. This is a time of confrontation. This is the last war!

Lady Constable warns Urvashi to eat. I got extra veggies for you. Urvashi refuses. Lady Constable tells her to suit herself. Urvashi vows to take care of Shankar. Siddhi asks her who she will not spare. Urvashi says I knew you would come to save me. I know I did wrong to you. I am ashamed of it but my kid isn’t responsible for any of it. Please save both of us by getting my out of here! Siddhi tells her she hasn’t come here to bail her. I only want to know one thing. Where is Papa ji? He is nowhere to be seen since last 3 years! Urvashi denies. I don’t know anything. I am in jail after all. I thought you will get me out of here. Siddhi says I know you got him kidnapped as he has sent you here. Be honest! Manjari says what if I ask you the same question. She tells Inspector that Shankar had a word with Siddhi only before he went missing. She only would know about his whereabouts. Siddhi tells her that Shankar said he will reach hospital in 30 minutes but it is more than 3 hours since he dint show up. She asks Inspector to help them in finding Shankar. Manjari thinks she will be in trouble if police gets involved in the matter. Inspector takes her with him to find out more about Shankar. Manjari thinks I might have had luck. Now Siddhi will be responsible for kidnapping Shankar. She gives food to Urvashi. I promise I wont let you and my grandkid stay here for long. Urvashi asks her what she will do. Manjari thinks it is time to play the ace card. I will have everything then.

Precap: Siddhi comes to Kundra Mansion with Vin, Prachi and Rajvir. Manjari warns Siddhi not to step inside Kundra Mansion ever again. Siddhi tells her she needs no permission of anything before coming here. Manjari shows her the divorce papers. Did you forget this? Siddhi tears them and throws the papers high in air. You can go ahead and try to stop me from coming here now! Manjari looks at her in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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