Siddhi Vinayak 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Siddhi goes missing

Siddhi Vinayak 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a voiceover about the city of Mumbai. Two little kids Siddhi and Vinayak are seen. Siddhi hides behind her mum and gets scared of traffic. Vinayak gets a stick and comes in front of the cars to stop the traffic. The lady asks what are you doing. He asks Siddhi to come and smiles. They cross the hands, holding hands. He protects Siddhi.

A dog barks. Siddhi gets scared. Vinayak shoos off the dog. Some kids play cricket and ask where is Vinayak, why did he not come in match. The kids run to get Vinayak. Siddhi is tensed for her performance. Vinayak encourages her. The kids come to take Vinayak for the match so that their team wins. Vinayak promises Siddhi that he will come back. He goes. He reaches the cricket ground. He hurries to play the match. Siddhi gets prepared.

Her dad comes and hugs her. He compliments her. She gets sad. He asks her is she scared. She sees the girls.

He says everyone is elder to you, you are just 9 years when participants should be of 13 years, you dance best so they took you, you are number one, I got a gift for you, my Siddhi has won already, so I took this. The guy asks Siddhi to get ready. She asks will Vinayak come in 5 mins. He says yes, don’t worry. She says anything for you. Vinayak plays the match. He sees the time. He runs. He makes the team win the match. Vinayak leaves on his cycle. He falls down. Siddhi waits for him. He comes to the venue. He signs Siddhi and wishes her. She performs. He smiles seeing her. Siddhi’s dance ends. The winner is announced. Vinayak wishes she wins. Siddhi wins the competition. Everyone claps for her. Siddhi gets the trophy. Vinayak dances.

Savita says my friend Manjiri will come. Her husband Aniket says her husband Shankar is ahead of time, I have much work, I got leave for Siddhi’s performance. He goes on duty. The goon sees Siddhi and talks of kidnapping her. Manjiri comes and meets Savita. Manjiri bargains with flower vendor. Manjiri sees Vinayak hurt and scolds him. Siddhi defends him. They go to pray. Siddhi and Vinayak run and play. Savita and Manjiri talk of their husbands. Shankar drives the lorry and says I will get a line of lorries.

Police stops the lorry for checking. He talks to inspector. Inspector asks him what is he taking in lorry. Shankar asks him to see. Goon keep an eye on Siddhi. Shankar bribes the inspector. He says if one has to get rich in this city, person has to get courage and also Ganpati Bappa’s blessing. Savita and Manjiri pray to Bappa. Kids also pray along. They take the aarti. Goon sees Siddhi. Siddhi takes care of Vinayak. Savita and Manjiri see them bonding and smile. Bappa’s procession passes by. A lady pushes Siddhi. Siddhi and Vinayak get away. She gets tensed in crowd. Vinayak tells Savita that Siddhi got lost in crowd. Savita shouts Siddhi….

A goon tells Shankar about Aniket. Shankar says fine, your work will be done, but nothing should happen to Siddhi, she is my bahu. Aniket scolds and arrests Shankar. Vinayak runs and falls down, shouting for his dad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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