Siddhi Vinayak 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin saves Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 26th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on
The Episode starts with Manjiri thanking Lord to get Vaibhavi as her bahu. Siddhi takes Vaibhavi and her mum to room, and hears their talk. She makes Vaibhavi comfortable. Vaibhavi thanks her and says you are Vin’s secretary and know him well, if you help me, I can be his friend, I will feel lucky. Siddhi thinks he was my best friend, its time that he gets a new friend.

Gauri and Prachi get angry to work in kitchen. They imagine Vaibhavi making them work as maids. Rajbeer comes and says so oh this is your partner in crime. He claps for Gauri. Gauri asks him not to tell Mannu. He says now we are together and none can stop us from succeeding. Prachi says you have no plan. He says I will kill Vin, Mannu and I will get his property. They all join hands.

Siddhi says all arrangements are

done. Manjiri shows a dress. Siddhi says its lovely, did you take it for Vaibhavi. Manjiri says for you, you have convinced Vin for marriage, thanks. Siddhi thanks her. Manjiri and everyone attend the puja. Siddhi comes there and joins them. Vaibhavi’s mum compliments her. Manjiri says Riddhi is pretty. Vin sees her. Siddhi sits beside him. Manjiri and Shankar pray. Gauri asks Rajbeer did he plan anything, marriage will happen tomorrow. Rajbeer says its tough to kill Vin at home. Prachi says we will kill this girl. He says right, it will be fun to kill her and other girls, foolish.

Pandit does the rituals. He asks Siddhi to put flowers on Vin and Vaibhavi’s hand. Vin holds Vaibhavi’s hand. Vaibhavi asks Vin to keep holding her hand as she is his friend, she will become his friend, not wife. She promises as Siddhi used to do. Vin recalls Siddhi. He asks why did you say this. She says me and my childhood friend used to do this, he is no more, why did you get surprised. Siddhi crushes the flower being tensed. He says I also used to promise my childhood friend, strange coincidence. Manjiri wishes Vaibhavi fills Vin’s life with happiness. Siddhi keeps flowers. Vin gets shocked seeing it and looks at her. She says sorry and puts fresh flower in his hand. Pandit asks for ghee. Siddhi goes to get it. Servant says I will get ghee, just add some sugar in the prasad. He goes. Siddhi thinks of Vaibhavi and Vin.

Her dupatta catches fire. She gets shocked and shouts for help. She gets scared seeing the fire and recalls the old incident. Everyone hears her. Vin runs to see. He sees the fire and Siddhi shouting. He pours water on the fire and blows it off. He says its fine, fire is put off. She hugs him and cries. Manjiri and Vaibhavi come and see them. Manjiri holds her. Everyone comes. Manjiri feeds her water and asks what happened. Siddhi says my dupatta caught fire, I was scared. Vaibhavi says you were shivering with fear, did such incident happened with you before. Vin looks on.

Vin says ask Vaibhavi to meet me, do you have any problem. Siddhi says no. He says she is my would be wife.

Update Credit to: Amena

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