Siddhi Vinayak 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin goes in coma

Siddhi Vinayak 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi tells him to stop and starts walking barefoot on the glass shards herself. Everyone looks on in shock especially Vin. He is pained to see her in pain. Don’t punish yourself. I committed a mistake. Please stop. She does not pay heed to any of his pleas. Your pain wont reduce the pain that you have given to me. You are walking on the glass shards today. I did the same when you married someone else while I was still your wife; while you were ready to spent first night with her! Ladies begin to gossip. Siddhi says if you had stopped even for a second before pulling my mangalsutra out of my neck then I would have given it a thought but you just dint stop even once! It marked the beginning of the ending our relationship. You started it but I will end it! She walks out from there with Vin

requesting her to stop. She crosses road even when a car is approaching her. Vin is following her closely. Both of them are walking barefoot. She is about to get hit by a truck but he pushes her away and gets hit instead. His blood fills her hairline. She shouts his name in shock as he falls down. He is badly injured on the head. She runs to him. Wake up Vinu! She screams his name as he passes out.

Urvashi tells Manjari she wont be responsible if anything happens to her grandchild. I know you love Rudra and your grandchild very much. Please get me out of here. Manjari tells her to take care. I dint do anything. You have to keep the baby safe. I am trying my best to get you out of here.. Urvashi suggests her to bribe someone and get her out. You have good connections. Manjari assures her she is trying. Urvashi tells her to stop making excuses. I will be fine even if you don’t get me out of here. Manjari calls Commissioner for help but Shankar has advised him against it. Urvashi tells her she cannot do anything. I will manage myself but I cannot guarantee about the baby. I have heard that people aren’t treated here nicely. Manjari denies. I wont let anything happen to the baby. She is thinking of taking Urvashi out safely when Shankar enters. He advises her not to even think of taking Urvashi out of jail or of bringing her to Kundra Mansion again. She insists that Urvashi is pregnant with Rudra’s baby. She cannot stay here. Shankar gives her a choice – You can either choose her or me if you try to get her out of jail! He leaves.

Manjari is unable to reach Kabir. No one is concerned about my son’s baby. I will have to bring Urvashi back here! Gauri is shocked to hear it. I wont let her come back here! She gives soup to Manjari but she does not take it. Gauri tells her her decision to bring Urvashi here again isn’t right. Gauri receives a call and is shocked. Vin met with an accident? Manjari does not even flinch.

Siddhi is wheeling Vin on the stretcher with the help of nurses and ward boys. Doc tells her to stay put. They take Vin inside. Shankar comes there. Siddhi asks him to save Vin. Shankar assures her he will be fine. Prachi and Rajvir reach there too. How did it happen? Shankar replies that Vin met with an accident. I don’t know the details. Siddhi requests him to save Vinu. I wont leave him ever!

Gauri tells Manjari that Vin met with an accident. She will come here in case he recovers. She will come back even if he wont recover. Everything belongs to her only after all! I suggest you to change sides depending upon the circumstances. I think you should go and bring Siddhi yourself. Nobody likes Urvashi anyways. You should forget Rudra’s baby. Going by Urvashi’s record, I don’t think Rudra’s baby will ever be born! Manjari strangulates her warning her never to utter that again. I will burn the house down if anything happens to Rudra’s baby! Gauri runs out from there. Manjari vows to do anything to bring Urvashi back in Kundra Mansion.

Siddhi asks Doc if her Vinu is fine. Doc shares that Vin is in coma. Siddhi falters in her step. Prachi holds her. Has he met with an accident before? Shankar nods. It happened a year ago. Doc says he might have gone in coma because of the previous injury only. Rajvir asks him if Vin will be fine. Doc says he had a lot of blood loss. Shankar gets angry on him. Let me know if you cannot handle the case. I will call a big doctor to look after my son! Rajvir calms him. Doc tells them that the danger has aggravated because of his last accident. He might recover in a year or maybe in ten years. I don’t want to give you any false hope. He has very rare chances of survival! He goes. Siddhi breaks down.

Next morning, Vin is still unconscious. Siddhi is sitting next to him holding his hand and cries. It is entirely my fault! I was your shield. I shouldn’t have left you. This wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Shankar says she sat with Vin entire night like this only. Look at her condition. I think we should leave them alone. He sits on the chair. Prachi and Rajvir follow him. Prachi advises them to go home and rest for a while. I will manage it here. Shankar is concerned about Siddhi but Prachi says Tai wont leave Vin Bhaiya. I will call you if I need anything. They agree. They tell her to take care of herself and Siddhi. Prachi nods.

Siddhi says I hurt you a lot by going away from you. When you left me, I realised that you are my identity. I am nothing without you. If I am your shield then you are my sword Vinu. I am nothing without you! She kisses his hand repeatedly. I can never do this. Yeh Honsla plays in the background as she cries holding his hand tightly. She caresses his face and kisses him on the forehead. She looks at Bappa’s idol kept in the room. I understood your hint Bappa. I have realised how to save my Vinu. Epi ends on Siddhi’s thoughtful face.

Precap: Siddhi tells Shankar she is bringing Vin home. Shankar says doctors said something else. Siddhi says Vinu is just a patient for doctors while he is everything for me. Shankar reaches hospital. He parks his car and is dialling out a number when some goons hit him on his head from behind. Blood spills out from his head. Siddhi and Prachi try Shankar’s number but it is unreachable. They are worried for Shankar.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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