Siddhi Vinayak 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir stabs Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin rushing to garden and finding the ring. He thinks of Riddhi and thinks what if her second claim is also true. He thinks of her and leaves. Siddhi is at her house. Vin comes to Pratima and says I came to ask few questions with Shivam, its good you are here, did you do Riddhi’s plastic surgery. She asks what’s the use to ask this now. Vin says I came to know she is my wife, is she my Siddhi. Shivam comes and says its a lie, Riddhi is my wife. Vin says I married her. Shivam says I married her six years ago, your marriage is legally void. Vin says I want to hear this from you Pratima ji. Shivam says Pratima will support Vin as she wants me and Riddhi to get separated, I have come back and won’t let her get away, Riddhi married Vin for money. Vin says Riddhi can’t cheat

me, she maybe helpless. Shivam says listen to me, like you dragged Riddhi out of house, throw her out of your heart. Vin says its not possible, I love her. Shivam scolds him.

Vin asks Shivam to go back home, he won’t give his love to anyone else, none can separate Riddhi and Vinayak. Pratima stops their fight and says Riddhi is not a toy, she is a human, did you both ask her ever. Shivam asks her not to interfere. Vin says if Riddhi loved you, she would have not stayed away. Shivam says we will ask her, she will tell truth. Vin asks is she here. Pratima says she went to chawl. Shivam says I will get her, I will kill her if she does any drama. Vin says don’t you dare do this.

Shivam says she is my wife, who are you to talk between us. Vin beats him and says I m her husband, I love her. They both fight. Juhi comes and asks why are you beating my dad. Shivam says nothing, we are playing the fight. Vin says yes, I was telling him a dialogue too, if you dare to see my Siddhi, I will not spare you. He goes. Shivam asks Pratima about the chawl. Siddhi sees Aniket’s pic and says I have come back home. She cries. Kabir comes wearing a mask. She opens the door and gets shocked. She asks who are you. She runs for life. He attacks her. He locks the door. She tries and runs to the room. Vin’s car breaks down. Vin tries to hire an auto or taxi. Kabir breaks inside the room. Siddhi pushes and hurts him. She tries hard to stop him. She stabs his leg with a pen. He catches her and hurts her by the knife. He gets a cut on her arm. Vin comes and calls out Riddhi.

Kabir pushes Siddhi and stabs her in stomach. Vin worriedly breaks the door. Kabir stabs her again. Vin gets in. Kabir runs. Vin gets shocked seeing Siddhi shocked and asks what happened, you will get fine, don’t close eyes. She says you have come. Kabir leaves from window. Vin asks who is there, stop. Kabir escapes. Siddhi shouts to Vin and cries. She says you remember, dad told us in childhood that we shouldn’t meet. Vin recalls and cries. She says you got annoyed and went to terrace without having food, I came on terrace and got food for you, you said you will never let your Siddhi get away. He thinks it means Riddhi was saying true, he is my Siddhi. He says Siddhi…. She says you have come today, but you got late. She drops her hand. Vin shouts Siddhi…..nothing will happen to you, get up, I m with you, see I m here. He checks her breath and gets shocked.

Doctor asks for blood unit. Shivam says Riddhi and my blood group is same, take my blood. Doctor asks is your blood group A positive. Shivam says no, Riddhi’s blood group is O. Doctor says you are mistaken. Shivam says it means you are not my Riddhi, you are Siddhi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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