Siddhi Vinayak 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi ends ties with Vin

Siddhi Vinayak 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi getting shocked seeing Manjiri. Manjiri says I told you will come back soon. Siddhi says Manjiri Mausi. She sees Vin. Manjiri says you can come here anytime. Siddhi says I have to take my things, I m in a hurry. Manjiri talks to doctor. Siddhi recalls Vin. She thinks of Shankar and Aniket’s fight. She looks for Savita’s pic and gets it on the bed. Vin worries. Harry asks him not to think much and talk to Siddhi.

Siddhi comes downstairs. Manjiri asks did you get your thing. Siddhi touches her feet. She cries and leaves. Manjiri says what happened to her. Vin says don’t know, I will see. He asks Siddhi to listen to him once. She asks what shall I listen. She scolds Vinayak. She says you knew I m Siddhi, even then you lied to me, knowing I hate Vinayak,

my family’s life got worse because of him, I hate you, don’t try to meet me again. He says listen to me, I was waiting for this day since 14 years, please… She says let me go.

He holds her and says I m your Vinu, your childhood friend. She says he will never exist in my life. He says Lord also forgives one mistake. She says you have done many crimes, maybe I forget what you did with me, I can’t forget what you did with my dad.

She says we are fighting with worse situations because of you, your family never looked back, my dad became handicapped after that night, he is alive, but what’s the use of this life that he depends on others. He gets shocked. She says his entire body got paralyzed, he can’t even walk. He asks what, he is handicapped. She says yes, you are responsible for this, we have tolerated so much, dad tried to commit suicide many times, we always stay with him, we were scared that he will take his life. He says I didn’t know this, whatever I did with you was wrong, I was just 10 year old, I didn’t push him intentionally. She says agreed, did you look back once or try to know about us, you left everything, you didn’t try to know if I m alive or not, why didn’t you try to meet me. He gets on his knees and apologizes. They cry.

She says you had everything, you were happy in your life. He says no, my family kept me away for 14 years, I used to think every day that I could meet you and apologize to you and Aniket. She says you learnt lying, you don’t care for my family, you don’t value our friendship, you are out of my life, you won’t come back in my life, this is my promise, we will meet in court for the last time, its Zai’s case hearing, you will get punishment, and I will get my revenge. He gets shocked.

He asks her to listen. Jag soona soona…. She goes. He gets her earring and cries. Gauri argues with Mannu. He says you are the best, Prachi can’t be compared with you. He makes a drink for her. She flirts. Siddhi comes home and recalls Vin. She asks Advait where is he going. He says I had work. She says come back home, then we shall talk. He says you know I do waiter’s work. She says no, how would I know. He says I have seen you dancing in Vin’s party, you lied to us.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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