Siddhi Vinayak 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Urvashi lays trap for Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin tells his father he is off to court. Pray to Bappa that Siddhi is proved innocent. We all are sad to have lost Rudra but Siddhi hasn’t killed him. Shankar is also positive she can never do that. A father will be sad to lose his young son though. Go to court. Everything will be fine. Truth will be out in open. Urvashi looks at Vin from above. He looks so weak. Go and save Siddhi for now. I will do something after which you wont even take her name. Vin asks about Manjari from Shankar. Shankar stops him from calling out to her. She doesn’t like it that you are supporting Siddhi. Don’t know how she will react. Go to court now. Bappa will bless you.

Judge announces Siddhi innocent. Media throngs Siddhi as soon as she steps out of the courtroom. He eyes are fixated on Vin. He opens

his arms happily and hugs him. He says I told you you will be fine. She nods. Nothing can happen to me till the time you are with me. He asks her to come. Let’s go home. Siddhi knows Ma will never forgive her. Court might have bailed me but how will I face Ma? He understands that Ma is in shock. She will take time to recover but she will be fine soon. Court has called you innocent. World believes court order. You have to think of this incident as an accident and start afresh. Let’s go. She nods.

Entire family is doing puja for Rudra’s departed soul. Gauri looks at Urvashi who sheds crocodile tears. She whispers in her ears to stop. Manjari recalls her vow. She looks at Rudra’s photo and sees Vin and Siddhi’s reflection in it. She looks towards the door and finds the couple standing there holding hands. Everyone follows her gaze. Manjari offers aahuti in the yagya. Gauri and Urvashi stand up. Everyone follows suit. Prachi is relieved to see her sister. Rajvir stops her from going to Siddhi. Chachi is very upset. Not now.

Gauri is sure cyclone will come in the house today. Urvashi too mentally coaxes herself to start the drama. Shankar thanks pundit ji as puja ends. Everyone leaves except Kundra family. Manjari is upset with Vin for freeing Siddhi. How dare she come on my son’s chautha(4th day after someone’s death on which a puja is kept for the soul)! Siddhi picks up flowers and is about to offer to Rudra’s photo but Manjari pulls her aside and slaps her. Vin shouts Ma. Urvashi smiles. Manjari asks Siddhi how she dare come here. Aren’t you satisfied after killing him that you came to mock him? Shankar tries to stop her but she warns everyone to stay out of it. Law is blind which is why they set her free. I know the truth and so does she! She has killed my son! I wont let you hurt his soul! You killed him with these very hands and are now offering flowers with them only? How much more will you act? Let us cry. We have lost our son. Siddhi insists she dint kill Rudra.

Urvashi claps for her. How does it matter now? Who knows what you were thinking before shooting him? You killed my husband! I just started a new life but you forced me to wear a white saree already! You are to be blamed for it. I wont spare you! Saying so, she begins to strangle Siddhi. Vin frees Siddhi. She isn’t lying. Why would she kill Rudra intentionally? Urvashi replies that Siddhi find want anyone to know about the romantic talks she was saying to Rudra. Siddhi tells her to stop her rubbish. What are you saying? Urvashi blames Siddhi for trying to lure Rudra in the past. He has told me everything. Gauri is impressed by her change in the story. Vin counters that it was Rudra who was chasing Siddhi and not vice versa. I know you lost your husband but it doesn’t mean you will say anything! Urvashi says you believed the story she told you. Siddhi is too clever. Vin repeats that Siddhi loves him. Rudra was after her. I have seen love in her eyes. She does not lie. It is true if Siddhi has said it! He holds Siddhi’s hand and begins to go.

Urvashi tells him to see something. You have always seen truth in Siddhi’s eyes. Now see a proof and then decide who is right or wrong. She asks the servant to switch off the lights and plays the video of the first night when she was dancing for Rudra seductively (while still wearing Siddhi’s face mask). Vin is shocked. Shankar and Rajvir look away. Siddhi calls it a lie. It isn’t me. Urvashi leaves it on Vin to decide what’s right and what’s wrong.

Precap: Urvashi talks nicely about Rudra. Siddhi was after him! Siddhi requests Manjari and Gauri to tell the truth to everyone. Manjari stays quiet while Gauri pretends to be ignorant about it. Siddhi requests Vinu to believe her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Summer

    The continuation of Siddhi having to profess her love to Vin is becoming a bore now! No matter what it is, it’s always the same track, either Vin has to prove his love for Siddhi and vice versa. Please change the record! Just let them unite and allow their love story to develop a strong bond. As for Guari, very fickle indeed!
    Also, what happened to dadi, Siddhi’s adoptive grandma…she need to obtain some truth potion from dadi and give a strong dose to Urvashi.

  2. Finally Siddhi get bail.. what right that Manjari has call someone muderer?? she should call that name herself in front of mirror..
    Gauri bhabhi again showing her true colour..

  3. Waiting for tomorrow episode..I think Siddhi and Vinu will get separate soon..

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