Siddhi Vinayak 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi reminds Prachi of her wrongdoings

Siddhi Vinayak 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin and other labours get the fridge inside the house. Prachi boasts about her family to her neighbour. My husband is Superstar Vin Kundra’s husband which is why I don’t feel like coming back here at all. Siddhi reminds her that she used to live here 2 years ago. You had to come to meet for every 5 bucks. She sends the labours away and very smartly sends Vin inside. Prachi’s neighbour taunts Prachi. We are better than you as we haven’t changed at all. You became the DIL of a big house but you think so low. Learn something from Siddhi. She goes away. Prachi thinks I would have shown that lady her true place if Tai wasn’t here!

Prachi offers to clean the house and cook for their parents. Siddhi tells her to stop acting. There is no one else apart from the two of us here. Prachi

continues her drama. I know I have made lots of mistakes but I want to make up for it. I want to do something for our parents. I want to do what I should have done long ago. You will have to give me a chance to do that. Siddhi tells her to show this drama to the world. Fool the world and not me! I know you very well. I cannot forget what you have done! Since when did this house or this family become yours? You forgot them long back! You never wanted to come here and neither in our lives. Remember the day when you left all of us? You were ashamed to even call us your own? You stood at this very door and refused to look back at us ever! Our parents were dead for you that day itself. You heard about my death yet you dint stay with Ma. People even extend a helping hand to strangers in such times but you are so selfish! Today you say that you were missing this day? Did we ever stop you from moving ahead in life? You were the one who forgot us and left us all behind just to advance in life? Why did you do this? You refused our love so you could get in Kundra Mansion! You are telling me today that you care for us and love us? Why are you acting so much? You feel Vin and I have Kundra’s Mansion’s papers which is why you are coming closer to me. This is why you are acting! Prachi asks her to stop. Siddhi insists this is the truth. Be brave enough to hear it. Stop your acting now! Aai Baba have no hopes from you. They gave up on you long ago and have forgotten you. Leave me alone for some time. There is a lot for me here. I want to spend some time with my parents and our memories. I want to live like old Siddhi once again. Prachi leaves from there.

Vin holds Siddhi from behind. I cannot see tears in your eyes. From now on, I only wish to see you smile. She smiles in his embrace. Romantic song plays in the background. She removes his fake moustache / beard. He pulls her closer. I feel as if our childhood has returned. I also feel as if we were never away. She too reminisces the old days. They think of their childhood. Vin hopes it comes back and they are happy together again. Wish it happens!

Prachi returns home. Manjari asks her why she looks so upset. Where is Siddhi? Why did you come alone? Prachi shares that she wants to spend some more time in Chawl. I don’t know the details and I dint ask her. She goes inside. Manjari wonders what happened that these sisters have become enemies again. I think Vin is with Siddhi too. No one would doubt he would be there. Enjoy as much as you want to enjoy. I am coming to ruin it and catch you both red handed! Save your Vin if you can!

Siddhi watches Vin clean the house. She praises him on his hard work. You should get something for this. He asks for aloo paratha. She goes to make it. Romantic song plays in the background. She is kneading the dough when he holds her from behind. They cook and eat together sweetly. He tells her that his stomach and heart is filled with her love already. I don’t need anything else. She speaks of a surprise and goes inside.

Vin lights candles. Badal Barse plays as Siddhi comes out wearing a saree. He keeps looking at her mesmerised. He kisses on her hand. They come close for a kiss when there is a knock on the door. Vin hides and closes the door from inside. Siddhi opens the door and is relieved to see Dadi. Vin asks Siddhi that it can be risky for Pratima ji. Siddhi seconds him but Dadi does not mind it. You got Vin out of Kundra Mansion safely which was a very difficult task. I am happy to see you both safe. She gives Siddhi food and clothes. Vin tells Siddhi she has done enough for him. Rest now. I will handle it. She tells him not to be mistaken. I did it for my sake. I wont be at peace seeing you in pain.

Manjari vows to defeat Siddhi. I am coming to Purandre Chawl to send Vin back to jail.

Dadi shows the video to Siddhi and Vin. A dangerous criminal also managed to escape along with Vin and Vin’s involvement is shown in that too. Vin know media only wants gossip. Stop it. Siddhi says Chota Raju is alive. He can prove your innocence. He can vouch for you. Vin agrees. I know his hideout. Chota Raju’s wife handles his work. She does not trust anyone and is very tough. She says we must meet them. Dadi suggests them to come up with a plan to get out of here. Police is searching everywhere. Siddhi is sure she will get Vin out of here safely.

Precap: Siddhi does Vin’s makeup and they both dress up like some hippies. Siddhi collides with Manjari on her way out and calls her Ma by mistake.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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