Siddhi Vinayak 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin confronts Manjiri

Siddhi Vinayak 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin coming to meet Mannu. He finds Mannu hurt and asks who did this. Mannu complains about some prisoner. He asks why did you come to show fake sympathy, do you still think I have attacked you. Vin asks did I marry Riddhi. Mannu asks who told you. Vin asks is this true, tell me, was I married to Riddhi. Mannu says yes, it was tough to save your life, doctors also lost hope, Riddhi married you to save you, she didn’t care for her life. Vin asks why was this hidden from me, Guru ji told me truth. Mannu says doctor strictly advised me not to tell you, as you can’t bear any shock. Vin asks is there any pic or proof. Mannu says yes, the proof is in my office, the locker password is your birthdate, I regret I couldn’t explain you what you mean to me, you didn’t trust me, go

and see the proof, don’t lose trust on Riddhi, you won’t get a true person like her. Vin cries.

Siddhi plays music. Shivam asks what are you doing. Mohe rang do lal…..plays….. Siddhi starts dancing. Pratima and Juhi come. Vin comes to Mannu’s office and checks the locker. Shivam stares at Siddhi. Vin gets his marriage certificate. He gets shocked and recalls Siddhi’s words. Shivam says wow, that was great. Siddhi asks did Riddhi know dance. He says anyone can learn dance in 5 years, why do you want to prove that you are not Riddhi. Juhi hugs her and says you dance so well. Vin comes home. Manjiri asks him did he go to meet Guru ji, what’s the matter.

Vin says I went to find answers. He shows the marriage certificate and asks why did you hide this truth that Riddhi is my wife, she begged you to say truth, you didn’t support her. Gauri gets shocked. He asks why did you insult Riddhi. Manjiri says yes, I didn’t support her, the reason is you, doctor advised…. He says wait, you knew I m in love with Riddhi, I would have not got any shock, you should have told me. She cries and asks what would I say that she is already married and has a daughter, I knew she is married, I called Shivam here, Riddhi is his wife, Shankar and I were happy when you got married to her, we fulfilled all rituals and loved her, we were going to tell you, then we got to know that she is already married, she isn’t divorced. Gauri thinks I didn’t know about it. Manjiri says your marriage is legally wrong, Riddhi cheated you and you are blaming me. She cries. He says no, you have hidden it. She says I will hide it for your safety, you are my everything, if anyone thinks to harm you, I will not spare that person, even if its Shankar. She tears the marriage certificate and goes. Vin cries.

Juhi dances and asks Siddhi to teach her dance. She coughs. Siddhi says I will teach you, its time for your medicines. She gives her medicines. Juhi says tell me some story. Siddhi sits and tells stories. Pratima and Shivam look on and smile. Shivam says its so peaceful to see them together, I think everything will get fine, I have some work, I will come soon. He goes. Juhi sleeps. Kabir says I didn’t find Riddhi till now. Manjiri says she has no place to go, she will come there to prove she is Siddhi. Kabir says madam is asking me to wait here and kill her. Pratima asks Siddhi where is she going. Siddhi says my home. Pratima says I will give keys. Siddhi says I m going to my home, chawl, your house is not mine. Pratima asks what are you saying. Siddhi says you didn’t help me, I don’t trust anyone, its fight for my identity, I will prove I m Siddhi. She goes.

Siddhi comes to chawl. She says no one has the keys, what shall I do now. She thinks of Advait’s words. She gets keys under the flower pot and gets glad. Kabir comes there with a knife.

Siddhi says I have come back home. Kabir attacks her. She gets stabbed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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