Siddhi Vinayak 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajveer marries Prachi

Siddhi Vinayak 22nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin asking Siddhi to think of his family and leave. Rajveer calls out everyone. Vin comes and asks the matter. Rajveer gets angry on the family and speaks rudely. He insults illiterate Vin. He vents out his frustration on Vin. Bijli and Ajit ask what is he saying. Siddhi thinks did they find out that I m the witness. Mannu and Gauri come. Rajveer taunts them too. Gauri gets angry on Rajveer and wishes to slap him. She asks how are you talking to elders. He says you just keep quiet. He shouts on everyone.

Shankar and Manjiri come there. Rajveer says I don’t want anything from you, keep this to yourself. Shankar asks what’s the matter. Ajit says leave him, he doesn’t value us. Rajveer says I know my worth, you never thought about me, everyone just talks about

Vin. Tau ji throws the shoe at Rajveer and scolds him for misbehavior.

Rajveer shouts old man, see your age and be careful, don’t give me this gyaan. Vin warns Rajveer. Rajveer asks what will you do. Prachi looks on worried. Ajit says we will throw you out. Rajveer says I m Rajveer Irani now, I won’t come back. He goes out to Prachi. He says I m the only heir of Irani family now. Prachi says we have no status now, we will stay on footpath. He asks why, we will stay in your London house. She says that house got burnt. He asks when did this happen. She says just now, when you were scolding your family, my dad disowned me knowing I have married you. He gets dizzy. She says I have nothing except your love, dad said he will give money to trust, I will stay in your heart and house. He gets shocked.

She asks him to just do as she tells him. She tells her plan. The family can’t believe Rajveer can do this. Rajveer comes back. He starts his drama. He apologizes to Tau ji and Vin. He lies that he was just acting. He asks them to clap for his acting. He says I wanted to prove I m ready for lunch, I got a good script, I will play a mean brother role. Shankar asks did you do this for a role. Rajveer says yes, its a hit script, my wife has written this script. They get shocked. He gets Prachi and introduces his wife to them. Siddhi gets shocked seeing Prachi and recalls her words. Tau ji beats Rajveer and doesn’t trust him. Rajveer says this isn’t a drama, I have really married her, she belongs to a rich family. Siddhi thinks Prachi lied to Rajveer.

Prachi tells them an emotional love story and apologizes to Tau ji. Gauri says she is doing drama. Manjiri asks Gauri to prepare welcome of new bahu. They all bless Prachi. Prachi smiles and thinks I have laid the right trap. They all praise Prachi. Bijli asks Prachi to take rest. They go. Prachi likes the room. Siddhi comes to confront Prachi for the drama. Prachi asks Siddhi to silently leave. She says don’t tell my truth to anyone.

Siddhi says you don’t know this family. Prachi says I have come here as their bahu, but you dance in their parties, I was in the party as Rajveer’s special guest. Siddhi says you don’t know I was helpless. Prachi says you were acting great, you are a great actress, you didn’t think of mum and dad, just think if they know you are doing this, what will they go through. Siddhi says you don’t know anything. Prachi says I didn’t fall so much, you are staying at Vin’s house. Siddhi raises hand. Prachi holds her hand.

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