Siddhi Vinayak 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin does Siddhi’s Shraddh

Siddhi Vinayak 22nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi telling Vin about his meetings. He asks her to cancel meetings, she can take a leave, he wants to stay alone. She asks why, tell me the reason. He says just do what I say. She says I m your secretary, maybe you don’t know its meaning. He says yes, my english is weak, tell me. He says secretary is one with whom you can share all secrets, till you tell me your plans, how can I do my work, I don’t want to fire me, tell me why did you cancel meetings. He says I will tell you a secret, you are very foolish, you don’t have a mind, I don’t want to meet anyone, we will meet tomorrow. He goes. She says I will know where are you going by cancelling all meetings.

Shankar shouts and asks what does Vin want to do. Mannu calms him. Shankar asks Siddhi about Vin cancelling

meeting. She says I know about it. Vin says so what, Riddhi tell Shankar that if he finds this bad, he can have a meeting himself. Shankar asks what did you think. Vin says if you don’t remember the day, I don’t think I should expect something from you. He says I don’t need security or driver. Shankar asks where are you going. Mannu says if anything happens to you. Vin says I m upset that nothing happens to me, I have told life to run any way. He does shayari. He says no family member should follow me, else I will never come back home. He leaves. Prachi looks on and smiles. She thinks no one knows where Vin went, he is all alone. Siddhi thinks I can’t get better chance to attack him. Prachi comes to Rajveer. She argues with him. She asks him to do what she says, Vin has gone out alone. She says we have a golden chance, anything can happen to Vin, think, its time to become supervillain. They smile. Vin is on the way.

Siddhi follows him and hides. She misses Vin. She asks driver to drive faster. Vin reaches temple. He takes Siddhi’s pic. She reaches the temple and gets the gun. She says one who values life, its fun to kill him. She loads the gun. She goes upstairs. She aims at Vin. Saam daam dand bhed….plays…. He keeps the pic near havan kund. She shouts Vin…. and comes to him. He asks what are you doing here, why do you have gun in your hand. She says your death is standing in front of you, its time you get punished, I m Siddhi Joshi. He gets shocked. She says you burnt me alive one year ago, but I m not dead, I m alive. He asks did you go mad, how can you think this. She says I can’t thinks this, and you did this, not a word more, I m alive. He shoots him. He looks at her.

Siddhi’s imagination ends. Vin carries ahead the puja. He keeps Siddhi’s pic there. Siddhi gets shocked seeing her pic. She thinks my pic….. what is Vin doing here. Pandit asks what’s the name of deceased person. Vin says Siddhi Aniket Joshi, its her Shradd. Pandit asks how many years passed. He says one year. Pandit asks him to start puja. Siddhi looks on. Vin thinks don’t bless me to stay happy, we give away happiness, you gave me courage, I don’t have fear to lose anyone, I don’t want to get anyone now. Vin turns. She hides and thinks Vin is doing my Shraddh.

Vin meets with an accident. Siddhi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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