Siddhi Vinayak 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi prepares to shoot Vin

Siddhi Vinayak 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin taking selfies with fans. He asks Siddhi to join them. The man asks them to stand close. Vin says take care of Siddhi. He cries and goes. Its morning, Siddhi thinks of Vin. She tells Pratima about Vin, he looks changed. She says once I take revenge, my problems will end, then I will go to my parents. Pratima smiles and says this will surely happen. She gives her a gun. She asks her to keep the parcel safe, else she can fall in trouble. She reminds the day when she got her. She says its Siddhi’s its death anniversary, you should pray. Siddhi gets blessings. She makes a plan to meet her parents when Vin is away for meeting. Aniket and Savita cry for Siddhi’s loss. Siddhi comes and cries seeing them. Aniket says Siddhi will come home, I will prove my truth. He hears

her crying and asks who’s there. Siddhi says its me, Riddhi. She greets them.

She asks Savita what happened to her. Savita says Siddhi left us today, its one year today. Siddhi says I had some work nearby and came to meet. They ask her to come anytime she wants. She says I like meeting you all. Savita says I will light diya. Advait lights the diya. Siddhi sees the costly medicines. She says I m glad you care for your dad. Advait says no, my sister did this. Aniket says she thought about everyone, she worried for me the most. She sees medical foundation file. Aniket says she did my registration there, they are treating me there, my case is special there. She thinks I didn’t do any registration there, who is doing this.

Advait says you didn’t get specs fixed. Aniket says the day Siddhi comes back, I will stand on my feet and show her. Advait says dad will never agree. Siddhi says when you stand on your feet, when your daughter gets a smile, can you see her smile without glasses. He says I didn’t think this, Siddhi promised me, she will make my glasses fine. Siddhi says when she is back…. I mean when she comes back, she will feel bad seeing you like this. He says yes, sorry, you are saying right, I will make this specs fine. Savita says Aniket didn’t agree to us since one year. Advait says my sister didn’t leave anything incomplete, you completed this work. Siddhi asks him to call her Tai/elder sister if he has no objection. He says why not. Siddhi says I will get your glasses fixed. She thinks I m going to complete this after one year, I have to complete something else today. She takes their blessings.

She thanks Aniket and says I m sure everything will get fine. Savita thinks she reminds me of Siddhi. Siddhi takes a leave. Vin sees Siddhi’s pics and wishes he was inside cottage instead Siddhi that day. Siddhi says today that thing will happen with you, I will snatch everything from you, even your breath. Vin prays to get Siddhi in next birth. He cries. She gets the gun and gets determined to shoot him. Vin recalls Siddhi. Manjiri comes to Vin. She tells a story of son and mother’s bond. They cry. She says we have special bond, you lost Siddhi, your love, I lost my lioness, whom I wanted to make my bahu. He says she is too far, I can’t forget her. He does shayari. Siddhi walks to Vin. Vin says my heart also burnt along. Siddhi hears them and comes there. Manjiri asks Vin to be strong. She gives him aarti. She asks him why did he try to hurt himself again. He says no, just a small accident. They see Siddhi. He asks her to ask Riddhi. Siddhi thinks you didn’t think of my pain before burning me alive.

Siddhi points gun at Vin and says its time to punish you. She says I m Siddhi and shoots him. Vin falls back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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