Siddhi Vinayak 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin misses Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjiri insisting Vin to drop Riddhi. He agrees. Vin and Siddhi leave. They are on the way. Vin says girls reached moon and this girl can’t even go home alone. She asks why didn’t you say this to aunty. He thinks I would have fired her, but she always have answer to reply, she proves herself right, I can’t even scold her. He takes a turn. Flower falls down the idol. Vin drives ahead. They argue. She picks flower.

She says sorry. He says you said you aren’t like other girls. They play radio and change the love songs. He taunts her for cheap songs. She asks what do you mean. They argue again. The car breaks down. He says see this happened because of you. She asks why, it can happen because of you, please change the tyre. Vin gets the tyre and sits to change.

Siddhi sees the isolated road and thinks its good chance to kill Vin. She takes a jack rod and goes to hit on his head. Vin turns. She drops it. He asks what were you doing. She says I wanted to help you. He says I don’t think you can help me, so please….. why are you staring, I got hurt so had to apply medicine. She thinks nothing can happen of you till I m here. He asks what are you thinking now.

She says I just want to do. He asks what. She says I should change tyre now. He says I don’t think you can do this. She jokes. He calls it a bad joke. He doesn’t get network and says how to call Mannu. She taunts him. She thinks I have seen Kaka changing tyre many times. She changes the tyre. Is lamhe mein….plays…. Vin helps her. He sees her and recalls Siddhi. He smiles. She asks what’s funny if I changed the tyre. She murmurs. He laughs. He shows her face on phone camera. She cleans the grease off her nose. She taunts on his attitude. He says this is called hardwork of many years, you have much attitude, this grease will slip it. She says bad joke, I have helped you. He says I m here because of you. He shows dhaba and says we will get water there. He goes to wash hands. She asks the man for some water. She washes hands. The man says Vin Sir, I m your big fan.

Siddhi says he is big superstar, he talks less. She asks Vin to smile a bit. Vin asks her to go and talk. She says arrogant. She feels cold. He wears his jacket. He asks what did you think, I will give this jacket to you. She says no. Vin washes hands. Siddhi orders tea. She asks Vin to have it. The man asks Vin to meet his wife, she is also his big fan. Siddhi says call her. The man thanks her. The man calls out Siddhi. Siddhi says yes, I thought he said Riddhi. The lady comes and meets Vin. Vin says your name is Siddhi. The man says she named your heroine’s name after watching your movie, we named dhaba after Siddhi Vinayak’s movie. Vin says anything for Siddhi. He sits and eats food. He asks Siddhi to have food. He feels food spicy and eats. She recalls childhood moment. He drinks water. He says you reminded me my childhood. She thinks he can’t eat spicy, then how did he change so much, why…

Vin says you snatched my Siddhi, don’t snatch her next time. He cries. Siddhi gets a gun to kill Vin.

Update Credit to: Amena

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