Siddhi Vinayak 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Shankar encourages Vinayak

Siddhi Vinayak 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjiri calling Vinayak’s friend, asking him to get Vinayak home. Vinayak run to leave for home. Shankar introduces Manjiri. The man says I came here to meet Vin. Manjiri says he would be reaching. Vinayak comes home. Manjiri scolds him seeing him all covered up by dirt. Vinayak goes to the pool side. He removes his clothes and jumps in the pool. Shankar says he is industry’s next superstar Vin Kundra. Vin swims out and gives the interview to the media about his successful movie debut.

Vin sounds over confident. He says this is self confidence. Reporter asks him a question in english. Vin avoids to answer her. He comes inside the party, wearing just his shorts. The ladies stare at him. A man greets him. Vin goes upstairs. The man says so much attitude. Shankar

and Manjiri come and ask him what happened.

Vinayak says nothing is fine. Shankar asks are you drunk. Vinayak says I stayed away from you all for 14 years, you left me alone, you did wrong. She says you know why we left you there. Shankar says media has come to meet you. Vinayak says I m trying to learn the things here, I don’t feel adjusting here, I don’t know english, reporter asked me in english, I got speechless. She cries. She says you know why we have kept our son away, we missed you a lot, we had all the comforts, money, luxury, but not happiness, as you were not with me. Shankar says Manjiri kept crying all night for you, I have a dream to make you superstar. Vinayak says I m scared that I don’t fulfill your expectations. Shankar says you are our pride, let our picture release once, then everyone will get silent, you can answer in your language than english, you are my only son, you are the future superstar.

Manjiri asks him to get ready and come. Vinayak goes. Manjiri says you asked him to forget that night, did we forget that night. They recall the incident. Savita prays and thinks of doctor’s words. Doctor says Aniket got weak, his handicapped state didn’t get fine. Savita says that one night ruined our happiness and dreams, I had to leave children home and go to work, Siddhi took care of her siblings like a mother, she kept her ghungroos, Siddhi gave her life to her dad. Her children come. Savita says Siddhi said she will arrange money. Her daughter Prachi asks how will Siddhi earn much money, she is just a backup dancer. Siddhi is on the way and says fate works for one who has courage. She counts money.

The producer says let anyone take much money, shooting has to happen today. Mini says I can’t take big risk for money. Siddhi comes there. She hears them and agrees to do the stunt.

Siddhi dances in the fire ring. Taal se taal mila…..plays…………

Update Credit to: Amena

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