Siddhi Vinayak 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin throws out Riddhi from his life

Siddhi Vinayak 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi asking Prachi to tell everyone that she is her sister, its time to tell the truth. Prachi says what nonsense, I don’t know anyone. Siddhi says so you don’t know them, you remember you asked me money for portfolio, you and Advait had a fight. Manjiri thinks Savita is clever to send her two daughters in my house. Prachi lies. Manjiri says Siddhi’s sister’s name was Prachi. Siddhi asks Manjiri to tell them, she is not lying, she is not Riddhi, she is Vin’s Siddhi. Vin says stop calling yourself Siddhi. He scolds her for playing with their emotions. Pratima cries.

Vin asks her whose name’s mangalsutra is she wearing. Siddhi says its of your name, we got married, you are my husband. He gets shocked and says one more lie, I don’t even know about it. She

says when your accident happened, you had no chances to survive, Guru ji told your life will get saved if any Akhand Saubhagyawati girl marries you, so I married you, we had to hide this from everyone, but Shankar, Manjiri, Pratima and Manbir know everything, you can ask Manjiri about it. Manjiri asks what are you saying, its a lie. Siddhi gets shocked and asks her to at least have fear of Bappa. Vin asks how dare you. Siddhi says I swear we are married.

He says I won’t believe even Bappa if he calls my mum a liar. She says I m your Siddhi. He throws her out of the house. Shivam and Pratima feel bad. Vin shuts the door. Siddhi knocks the door and says please ask your heart, I m your Siddhi. Siddhi cries. Manjiri stops Vin. Shivam opens the door. Siddhi says I knew it Vinu. She sees Shivam. Vin asks Manjiri to leave. She does a drama and cries.

Shivam says you would be thinking you are thrown out of this house, Vin threw you out, you got insulted, I was silently watching as this was imp for this fake world to break, else none can touch Riddhi in my presence, lie can’t stay forever, see where your lie got you today. Vin says Riddhi has cheated me in return for my love and trust, I can never forgive her, she did a drama to become my Siddhi. Shivam says you denied to know me and Juhi, Vin has thrown you out, what did you get doing this. Vin asks what will she get doing this. Manjiri says I don’t understand. Shivam says I have come to take you. Siddhi says enough, I have heard enough, I m Siddhi, not Riddhi, I will prove it even if none supports me. Manjiri says I was foolish to get Riddhi, she is after your name and fame. Vin asks her not to feel guilty, was Riddhi doing this for money. She says how does it matter, she did what she wanted, she is out of our lives. She hugs him and thinks he is mad, he should die in her memories. Rajbeer argues with Prachi. She says she isn’t Siddhi, she has found everything by going to chawl.

Pratima says you cheated Siddhi and insulted her, I have done everything and fulfilled your conditions. He says I remember. He recalls asking Pratima to fulfill his condition if she wants to meet Juhi. He says you have to accept that Siddhi is Riddhi, else she won’t see Juhi’s face all her life. FB ends. He asks Pratima to go and meet Juhi. Pratima hugs Juhi. She says I will never leave you now. Juhi asks when will Mishti come. Pratima hugs her. Shivam sees Riddhi’s pic and says why did you not come with me, Vin dragged you out, why are you angry on me. He gets Manjiri’s call and thanks him for opening Vin’s eyes. He asks why, you said Riddhi will agree and come with me, but she didn’t come, she said she will prove she is Siddhi. She thinks where did Siddhi go.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Summer

    Manjiri is becoming bold and confident and rapidly turning into a serial killer. Its a matter of time ‘when’ she make ‘one’ careless mistake and exposes herself, leaving trails of clues to her crimes! Siddhi is smart, she will soon put two and two together and realise it is Manjiri who is behind Vin’s attempt killing.

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