Siddhi Vinayak 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari lays another trap for Vin

Siddhi Vinayak 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin is sitting in his room when he hears the sound of footsteps. He hides behind the bed. Rajvir enters in the room and closes the door from inside. Vin watches Rajvir stealing Vin’s watches. Rajvir says your time is anyways going wrong. Now you don’t need these watches. I will get money for Prachi’s gift by selling these but I will also get some money in my pocket. Amazing! Vin thinks bad times show the real face of people. Rajvir wears one of the watch but sees Vin’s reflection in it. He looks in that direction but Vin hides by then. Rajvir thinks it to be his bad dream. Rajvir panics hearing someone knock on the door. He closes the cupboard and opens the door. He is greeted by Inspector and his team. Rajvir gets tensed. Inspector asks Rajvir what he is doing in this room. Rajvir lies

that he was missing his brother. Inspector asks him if he came to take something for Vin. Did you speak to him? Where is he? Rajvir lies. He holds his pocket tight when Inspector demands to see it. Manjari intervenes. You are here to find my son. How did you come here? You were outside. You can leave if your work is done. Inspector asks Rajvir to tell time. Rajvir checks Vin’s watch to tell him time. Rajvir excuses himself. Vin thinks his mother cannot see the bad in anyone. She came here to save Rajvir as well. Manjari wonders why Rajvir was in Vin’s room.

Rajvir gives 1.5 lacs to Prachi. Have you never seen so much money before? She is about to throw it back angrily but then calms down. Did you steal to get so much money? Hope you too wont be behind bars like Manvir Bhaiya and Vin Bhaiya. He boasts that no jail can keep him. The idea was yours only. I sold Vin’s expensive watches. She asks him if he isn’t ashamed of selling his brother’s wives. He asks her to return the money but she refuses. He asks her what Siddhi has ordered. She still does not tell him.

Police is reluctant to let the refrigerator inside but Siddhi requests them. Manjari wonders why Siddhi ordered such a big fridge. Prachi asks Siddhi why she ordered it here. Siddhi lies that she wanted to check the colour. Prachi falls for it but Majnari gets doubtful of Siddhi.

Siddhi asks the delivery guys to remove the shelves and keep them on table. Gauri questions her on that. Manjari decides to keep quiet and just look on. Siddhi covers up saying that one shelf was damaged last time. Prachi nods confused. I am giving this gift to Aai Baba so it should be perfect. Siddhi nods. Manjari is sure Siddhi is up to something.

Siddhi makes Vin leave a recording. I will play it outside. Everyone will think you are calling out to me and they will run towards it. He realises that he wants to divert everyone’s attention. She nods. They sweetly talk to each other. Siddhi tells him to run when everyone will rush towards this speak. She tells him the plan in mute. He isn’t sure but she is positive it will work. He asks her if there will be any problem. They do Bappa shapath like old times before she heads out of the room.

Siddhi keeps the speaker amidst some flowers and plays the message from his phone. Everyone hears his voice and is boggled. She takes everyone towards the door. Manjari is tensed. The message is playing on repeat. They look in the garden. Vin steps out of the room and comes down stealthily. Manjari is still inside the house. Why did Siddhi take everyone outside? What is she up to? I have a doubt. She is certainly up to something. She has been acting weird since morning. She suddenly notices Vin going to the kitchen. I cannot believe my eyes! She follows him. Vin hides inside the refrigerator by the time Manjari comes in. Vin was hiding inside the house! It means I was right. Siddhi was hiding Vin in her room all this time. She recalls Siddhi taking extra food for herself yester night. Siddhi plans to lock my son in it and take him out of the house. Vin hopes no one saw him coming here. Hope Siddhi’s plan works. Manjari vows to make use of this opportunity. She plugs in the refrigerator and switches it on. Vin realises it inside. Manjari turns the temperature to extreme. Vin will be gone now. Vin is shivering badly inside due to cold. Manjari locks the door from outside and laughs. If Vin will remain inside the fridge for too long now then he will die. Even if he calls his wife for help, everyone will find out where he is hiding. He will have to go to jail directly then. I am so good! He will not escape from the charges now! I don’t care if he survives or not. he has put it all in my name. Die happily son! Vin is in a bad state.

Precap: Siddhi is taking the fridge with her when Inspector stops her. They open the fridge upon his askance. Manjari smirks.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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