Siddhi Vinayak 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi saves Manjiri

Siddhi Vinayak 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi running to see the water jug. She sees Manjiri taking water. She shouts to Manjiri and throws away the jug. She asks them to throw the water from the glasses. They all wonder what happened to Riddhi. Vin asks her did she go mad, why is she throwing water. Siddhi sees lizard and says that lizard was inside the water tank. Servant says water was covered. Siddhi says I have seen it, I have come here some time back. Gauri says but I didn’t see it. Siddhi says I went to see Vin and then came to see others in family.

She asks Vin to fire her from job if he wants, she did this for family’s betterment. Manjiri trusts her. She praises her and says you remind me of someone. She makes Vin thank her. Prachi finds Riddhi smart. Vin asks Riddhi to come to his room.

Siddhi thinks he will scold me for coming to his room. She goes to him. Vin asks her why did she come to his room. She says I came to stop you from drinking the bad water. He asks the meaning of her words. She lies to him. He asks are you mad or making me mad. She says then you tell me what can be meaning of it. He says nothing can happen of you, you shouldn’t come in my room again. He asks her to get measuring tape. He removes his tshirt. She asks why do you remove clothes again and again. He asks what do you mean, when did I remove. He asks her to take his measurements. She notes down and drops the tape. He says you say you do your work well, you can’t even hold an inch tape well. He scolds her. She says you don’t know how much I will hurt you. He asks her to say it on his face.

She says let me do my work. He thinks of Siddhi and holds her. She asks what are you doing. He asks what do you mean. She says I m not impressed by you and your stardom. He says I guess it happened by mistake. She stares at him and thinks he has much attitude. He asks do you want to kill me. She apologizes. He wears his tshirt. He asks her to focus on her work. He goes. She says he is strange, I feel I don’t know him. She gets busy in work.

Prachi and Gauri try to act sweet. Prachi tries to show everyone Gauri’s tattoo. She drops the soup on Gauri’s back. She asks Gauri to show what happened. Gauri thinks why is Prachi after me. Prachi asks her what’s this tattoo. Gauri says there is nothing. Prachi reveals the tattoo. Rajveer laughs. Manjiri says I can’t believe this. Prachi thinks I exposed her. Gauri says this happened because of Mannu. He asks what did I do. Gauri cries and says Mannu cheated me, he said about other tattoo and got this one. Shankar says you did not do this right Manbir. Prachi applies ointment to Gauri’s back. She apologizes. Gauri says its not your mistake, I have to agree to husband’s right and wrong. She thinks Prachi intentionally did this, I will end this game. Manjiri asks Siddhi how much will she work. Siddhi says I m thinking how to go home. Manjiri asks about drivers. Vin comes home. Manjiri asks him to drop Riddhi home.

Vin goes to drop Riddhi. The car breaks down. Siddhi thinks to kill him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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