Siddhi Vinayak 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari gets doubtful of Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari asks Siddhi why she dint offer Bhog to Bappa. Siddhi thinks her doubt was right. Ma kept that wire to kill me. She lies to Manjari that she made the Bhog. It fell while putting it in the bowl. Manjari buys it. Did Vin try to call you? Siddhi denies. Not till now. You will be the first person to know if he does. Manjari asks about Juhi. Siddhi relates that Dadi took Juhi with her. She is Dadi’s granddaughter after all. I think it was the right thing to do. Manjari nods absentmindedly. Siddhi asks her why she looks tensed. Manjari declines. I became attached with her as she spent so many days with her. She worries what if Juhi tells her Dadi something. What’s going on! Why is everything going wrong today? She leaves from there.

Siddhi closes the door and hugs Vin. He winces in

pain. He asks her why she lied to Ma. I will meet her. She makes him sit down and nurses his wound. Whoever you meet right now will be in danger. Police has asked us to inform them the moment we find any clue about you. A lot many people lost their lives in the shootout in jail. They think we are behind this. Entire police force is looking for you in the city. Vin says I know I shouldn’t meet anyone right now. What if you weren’t there? He hugs her. He holds her finger. It happened because of me. Please forgive me. She covers his mouth. This is nothing in front of you. You are my life, my reason to live. They look at each other with love.

Siddhi says don’t know why Ma thinks she should be in jail instead of him. He says I don’t know how to make her understand. Siddhi says I know about it. He panics. What did she say?

Manjari cries angrily. How is Vinayak still alive? I did so much yet everything failed. Even Siddhi is alive! She receives Kabir’s call and scolds him for sparing Vin’s life. Kabir says Vin got shot but maybe he got saved from some miracle. She scolds him angrily for believe in stuff like that. She throws her phone angrily.

Vin asks Siddhi what she knows. Did Ma tell you that it wasn’t I but she who killed Shivam? I told Ma not to say anything but she pays no heed to what I say! Siddhi realises that her doubt turned out to be right. Ma has killed Shivam! Why did she kill Shivam? Why did Vin take that blame? What happened there? Vin asks Siddhi not to tell anyone about it even in her dreams. Someone knocks at the door just then. She hides Vin under the bed and opens the door only to find Prachi.

Prachi acts to sympathise with Siddhi. I feel so bad for you. It’s my birthday tomorrow. Why did it happen today? Prachi decides to celebrate it tonight itself. You used to feed me gulabjamuns when we were kids. Prachi refuses to leave her side today. Gauri also joins them. I got to know that you are hurt. I will make something for you as you don’t look after yourself these days. Siddhi suggests going outside and eating together so no one can find Vin. They go out. Outside, Siddhi thinks now no one will know that Vin is in the room.

Vin closes the door from inside. Luckily, no one saw me.

Prachi is irked with Gauri’s interference between her and Siddhi. You don’t like it when I spend time with her. Gauri teases her back saying that Siddhi is not at all interested in spending time with her. Prachi vows to make space in Siddhi’s heart real soon. Gauri says we will wait and watch.

Kundra family hears / reads the news. Manjari acts before them. Shankar calls Commissioner. He tells Shankar that they are equally worried. If any of your family member is involved in this then we will put that person behind the bars too. Shankar is irked. Manjari cannot understand where Vin would be. Prachi’s husband tells Prachi that it is becoming all the more difficult for Vin to come out of jail now. It will benefit us only. Siddhi mentally apologizes to Shankar for hiding the truth from him. She tells Shankar to calm down. Vin would be safe wherever he is. He nods. Manjari seconds Siddhi. She is Vin’s shield. He will be safe till she is safe. Siddhi again reassures Shankar which confuses Manjari. She is speaking as if she knows where Vin is hiding.

Siddhi is taking food for Vin when Raghu (servant) asks her about it. She lies that she is still hungry and thought to eat in her room. Manjari overhears it. She just ate with us yet she is hungry again? She is surely not taking it for herself. Certainly there is someone else who is hiding in the room.

Siddhi closes the door from inside. Vin says I don’t know till when I will have to hide in my own home. Siddhi is about to feed him when there is a knock at the door. Siddhi asks Vin to hide again. Manjari questions Siddhi about the plate of food. Siddhi lies that she took it for Juhi. Manjari reminds her of what she had said earlier. Siddhi nods. I forgot completely. I got used to it so I brought food here. Manjari intentionally drops her phone on the floor. Siddhi is about to pick it but Manjari does not let her. Manjari looks under the bed but Vin is not there. Where is he? Siddhi lies that she is sleepy. Manjari notices Vin’s t-shirt on the bed and is about to keep it in the closet. Siddhi tries to stop her but in vain. Siddhi prays to Bappa to help her. Manjari does not find Vin in the closet as well. Siddhi notices Vin hiding behind the curtain. He steps out of the room very quietly. Manjari follows Siddhi’s gaze. Is Vin hiding in the balcony? Manjari goes in the balcony as well but Vin is nowhere to be seen. It worries Siddhi as well. Siddhi asks Manjari if she is looking for something. Tell me what it is. Manjari replies that she is looking for her son. Siddhi deduces that Manjari knows that Vin is here.

Precap: Manjari acts before Siddhi. I know my son’s voice. I feel he is around. Siddhi agrees.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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