Siddhi Vinayak 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi’s plan fails

Siddhi Vinayak 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi telling Shankar that she went to relieve Vin’s neck pain, as he is a superstar and has many big projects lined. Shankar says thanks, next time don’t call me by name when I m outside Vin’s room. She asks why, fine, you said and I agreed. He says I m proud of you and Manjiri’s choice. Vin rings the bell. He fires Siddhi for entering his room. Siddhi lies. He says you are lying, the photo frame was kept in wrong way. She asks whose pic. He says you don’t need to ask, you broke rule. She asks how can you say this.

He says my family members and servants don’t enter my room since a year, I m sure you went there. She denies. She says you can’t shout on me Mr Kundra. He asks what did you say, say again. He recalls Siddhi. She says Mr. Kundra. He says

say again….he goes. She thinks maybe I have reminded him of his sins. Shankar praises Gauri and asks writer to describe Sanskari bahu like Gauri. Rajveer and Prachi take Shankar’s blessings. Shankar says I wish Vin was with us. Shankar says I understand. Gauri says I have made halwa for you. I will call paratha for you. Prachi sprays pepper. Gauri sneezes and her pallu gets off her back. Prachi sees her tattoo and smiles. Gauri goes.

Siddhi says I have to take revenge from you. She gets costume designer’s call. The girl asks for Vin’s measurements to stitch his suit. Siddhi says okay, I will organize it for you. She says I will see what;s my murderer doing. She sees Vin with her pic. Vin says someone called me by this name, when I closed eyes, I felt you came back, but you weren’t there, I tried to find you. He sees her pics and cries thinking of her. Siddhi says what is he doing with my pics, maybe he is proud of his win, that he killed me. Vin gets a call. He asks servant to get water. Siddhi calls Pratima and asks will the medicine get known if mixed in water. Pratima says no, its color, taste and smell won’t be known. Siddhi says it means Vin won’t know the water has poison. Pratima says he will die in some time. Siddhi says I have to make Vin realize his mistakes. Pratima apologizes for helping Riddhi in taking someone’s life, but that’s not wrong as she is protecting Riddhi. Siddhi goes to kitchen and talks to servant. She adds the poison in water.

She offers help to Gauri. Gauri says its done, its Rajveer and Prachi’s wedding anniversary. She thinks I have to do all the work. Siddhi sees servant taking water outside. She asks will Vin come downstairs to have food. Gauri says I wish, but he just takes food in his room. Siddhi sees Vin taking water. He drinks the water. She smiles. He feels uneasy. She says now get ready to recall your sins, your game is over Vin. She shuts the laptop and goes to Vin’s room. He scolds her for coming in his room. She says I understand everything, you don’t know why I broke your imp rule. He says why is she reminding me of Siddhi. She asks who. He says leave it. She asks will you kill me like you killed me before. He asks what. He removes his tshirt. She says I think you are angry. He says I was troubled by this tag. He tears the tag and throws. He wears back the tshirt. She gets tensed. He asks what did you say, I tried to kill you, are you mad. She asks are you fine. He says yes, answer me. She sees the jug changed. He asks what are you doing here. She thinks Vin is fine, if anyone drinks that water then….

Siddhi runs and sees Manjiri drinking the water. She shouts and stops her. Vin looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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