Siddhi Vinayak 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajbeer plots to kill Vin

Siddhi Vinayak 15th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gauri and Prachi showing their crime videos to each other. She says our husbands are useless, we both want to kill Vin. They praise their plannings and join hands. Rajbeer pays the money to shooter and says Vin should be killed today. Shooter assures him. Rajbeer sends him. He says its the day that Vin’s heartbeat stops. Vin and Savita show Aniket to doctor. Siddhi looks on. Aniket moves his feet and smiles. Vin says uncle will stand on his feet in few days. Siddhi cries and thinks I can’t believe this. Doctor says yes, he will get fine. Aniket says Siddhi would have happily cried hearing this. Doctor gives new medicines. Savita thanks him. Doctor says thank him, not me. Vin signs no. Doctor says I mean, thank that NGO who referred Aniket’s case. Vin says Siddhi had registered

the case. Savita takes Aniket.

Savita says I will take him home, you did a lot for us. Vin says I met you one year before and you are still thanking me, its wrong. Siddhi thinks you did a lot for me and my family. Vin calls for a cab. Vin gives medicines. His keys fall down. Vin goes. Siddhi finds the keys. Rajbeer says it will be Vin’s last day now. Shooter aims at Vin. Vin says Pratik’s duty is over, its good Riddhi isn’t here. Rajbeer calls shooter and asks him to keep phone on. Shooter says this gun has silencer, but I will make you hear Vin.

Rajbeer says bye Vin. Vin looks for car keys. Shooter shoots. Siddhi gives keys. Bullet touches the keys. Siddhi gets the jerk and falls down. Rajbeer says who screamed, Riddhi reached there also, she saved Vin again, maybe she got shot. Vin holds Riddhi and asks how did you come here. She says I should ask you, Pratik was with Savita and Aniket, how are you here in Pratik’s clothes, I know you are Pratik. He shouts yes, its me, don’t tell anyone, just me and my mum know this secret, Joshi family’s happiness is imp to me. He warns her. He says I have hidden this truth, if they know I m Vin, they won’t take help from me, don’t tell this to them. She nods.

She says I was giving you keys. She sees the key broken. He asks how did key break, will you chew my car if you are hungry. She says I came to give keys, I got a shock and fell down, I picked this when it fell down from your pocket. He asks were you following me. She says no, I fell unwell and thought to visit doctor. He says don’t think about me. He finds car tyre punctured. She says I will get taxi for you. He says I will manage. He calls Mannu and says my car key broke, send driver with other key. She thinks how did the key break. She finds the bullet in the tyre and gets shocked. She says this bullet is hot, it means someone fired it just now, who wanted to kill whom.

Siddhi shows bullet to Pratima. Pratima blesses her and says it means someone has shot the bullet and this key came in between. Siddhi thinks why would anyone shoot at key. She recalls. She says I reached Vin with keys and key got shot, if I didn’t reach there on time, Vin could have got shot, it means someone wants to kill him. Pratima asks but who is doing this. Siddhi says I don’t know. Pratima says when Shankar came here, he said Vin’s life is in danger. Siddhi says Vin had undergone two attacks, who is behind this, I have to tell this to Vin, he got saved as I was with him, I can’t be with him always. Pratima says yes, you should tell Vin that someone wants to kill him. Siddhi says he is not answering, did anything happen to him, I will go to his home. She leaves.

Vin comes home. He goes to his room. He sees Siddhi’s pics spread everywhere. He asks Manjiri what is she doing, Siddhi’s pics are reason for his life. She says she was like my daughter, its time to bid her bye, now you have to move on. He says no. Siddhi comes there. She says I can’t go to his room, he isn’t answering. Vin says I love Siddhi. Manjiri says you have to make her out of your life. Siddhi says I have to tell him that his life is in danger. Manjiri makes Vin sit and says listen, Guru ji said just your marriage can save your life. He gets shocked.

Shankar scolds Bhima. Siddhi hears him. Shankar says Bhima is calling again. Siddhi thinks to meet Bhima.

Update Credit to: Amena

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