Siddhi Vinayak 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin repents his doings

Siddhi Vinayak 15th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi scolding Vin. Tu ishq ishq sa mere….plays…. He smiles seeing her. She goes. A man wishes her happy new year and stops her. He misbehaves. She asks him to leave her hand. Vin gets angry. He beats the men angrily. Siddhi looks on. She asks Vin to leave the man. She stops Vin and says enough of the drama, they have touched me as you have presented me to them, look at yourself, you have insulted me the most, enough now, stop it. She says you wanted me to get insulted, get happy, your plan succeeded, you regard me Guru and did this with me, I can break, but I can’t bend in front of anyone. She yells on him.

She goes to the room and misses her family. She gets a call from Savita. She calls back and asks Savita is Aniket fine. Savita says yes, where

are you, is everything fine. Siddhi says I had a tough dance competition, so I left the phone away. Savita says our tension got over now. Siddhi hears Aniket and smiles. She wishes them happy new year. Aniket wishes her. Siddhi says I miss you a lot. They wish the best for each other. Advait comes home. She recalls Advait’s work. Advait asks her about the dance sequence shoot. She says it went fine, it was tough so I got tired, are you fine. He says I m fine, I m also tired, we will talk tomorrow. She asks him to take care.

Aniket asks Savita is she satisfied now. Savita says yes, I was mistaken that she is in Kundra mansion. Advait recalls getting fired from the job and seeing Siddhi dancing in Kundra mansion. He thinks Siddhi lied to us, she was in Kundra mansion. Siddhi cries. Vin recalls her words. Siddhi says Vinayak has ruined my life and today Vin has hurt my soul, I lied to my parents. Vin says I have hurt Siddhi a lot before, today I have given her much pain and fear, don’t know will everything get fine or not, will Siddhi forgive me or not, Vinayak and Vin are her culprits. He cries.

Its morning, Siddhi gets ready. She sees Savita’s pic and cries. She feels insulted and wishes Savita was with her. She tears the clothes and throws the jewelry in anger. She sees the candles. Vin prays and says you have made me meet Siddhi that night when I was finding my answers. Vin prays for Siddhi’s forgiveness. Siddhi comes to him. She burns the costume in anger and scolds him. He apologizes to her. She cries. She angrily slaps him. She compares him with Vinayak, who has also hurt her heart. She says I hate Vinayak and I hate you much more. He gets shocked. She says whatever you did with me, I can never forgive you. He cries. She leaves. He goes to Siddhi’s room and finds her sleeping. He says we met this way, today I have realized that I have lost you forever, because I know you hate Vinayak and me too, I can’t stop you from hating me, I can’t stop myself from loving you, I will do anything to repent for my mistake. He vows to win her forgiveness.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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