Siddhi Vinayak 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi spies in Vin’s room

Siddhi Vinayak 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin asking Siddhi why did she come in his room yesterday. She gives him a resignation. She says I have given this to keep your respect, you told me you will fire me by one mistake. He says so you accept your mistake. She says yes, I did a mistake to take job seriously, I came to relief your neck sprain, thanks, have a good day. He says wait, I have to decide about this, I didn’t know Shankar hides and sees me. She asks what’s bad in this, he is your dad. He says no personal questions, go and schedule my day, call office and get list of pending assignments. He returns the letter. She smiles and thinks to attack on Vin soon.

Prachi wakes up Rajveer and reminds their wedding anniversary. He hits his head. She says I got a special gift for you. He says you don’t

know giving gifts. She shows a piggy bank and asks him to do savings in it. He asks what nonsense is this. She says its one year, what did you do, you didn’t kill Vin. He says so what. She says you are a loser. They argue. He goes back to sleep. She threatens him by the video recording. She asks him to get ready for her work. He asks how much will you blackmail me. Gauri and Manjiri see Rajveer and Prachi. Gauri thinks what new drama will she do now. Prachi takes Manjiri’s blessing and says its our first wedding anniversary.

Siddhi comes and looks on. Prachi says you are my family, I m an orphan. Manjiri says don’t say this. Siddhi thinks Prachi lied that she is an orphan. Prachi says you are like my mum, I get inspiration from you. Gauri makes a face. Rajveer thinks Prachi lies so much. Siddhi goes. Prachi asks can I ask something, can I call you mummy ji. Manjiri says yes.

Gauri thinks why didn’t I think so. Prachi hugs Manjiri and teases Gauri. Manjiri says you look like my daughter, why didn’t you wear anything in neck. Prachi says I don’t have necklace like you. Manjiri says fine, and gives her necklace to Prachi. Gauri gets shocked. Prachi asks what is the need. Manjiri says its from my side, it looks so good. Prachi asks Gauri how do I look. Gauri says very lovely. She gets angry.

Siddhi enters Vin’s room and thinks I have to finish my work till Vin comes. She sees her pics there. She thinks why did he fix my pics in his room. She sees her earring and says what’s this doing here, so maybe this is the reason he doesn’t let anyone come here.

She makes a video. She keeps a camera there and says this camera’s feed is linked to my mobile, I will know about Vin now. She hears footsteps and hides. He catches a cockroach and throws. Siddhi hides under the bed. His phone falls. She worries. Servant gets his health drink. Vin keeps it and picks his phone. She hides again. Vin changes. She turns and thinks no, where did I get stuck. She thinks this is the only chance to leave. He checks the clothes. She leaves. He gets shocked seeing the door open. He looks out and shuts the door. He sees the photo frame moved off. Shankar stops Siddhi. He asks what were you doing in Vin’s room. She thinks he has seen me leaving from Vin’s room.

Siddhi asks Vin not to shout like this and talk. He recalls Siddhi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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