Siddhi Vinayak 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivam does not let Juhi meet her Dadi

Siddhi Vinayak 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi tells Vin she needs to talk to him about something important about him and Riddhi. He is confused. Dadi says I understand you have been through a lot lately. Manjari is irked. Why doesn’t this Pratima die? What should I do? Dadi says we got you luckily. He says I know this already. Please come to the point. Manjari decides to stop Pratima before she says anything. Dadi tells Vin it isn’t so easy to talk about that. You might get shocked. Manjari implements her plan and shouts Vin’s name before Dadi can say anything.

Vin gets up but stumbles. Siddhi supports him. Manjari runs downstairs but then hurts her head on the pillar so as to pretend that she fell down. Everyone comes there. They decide to take her to hospital but Dadi offers to check her. Dadi checks Manjari. You are

perfectly fine. Manjari lies that she felt dizzy. Dadi owes it to stress. Manjari says a mother will be stressed when her kids are in so much problem. Vin’s life has been in constant danger while Manbir is in jail. I just saw Gauri crying. Gauri thinks it is good that she only saw me crying or I would have been in problem. Dadi tells Manjari not to worry. I brought medicine for her. She will be fine by tomorrow. I will give you medicine which will put you to sleep. Manjari declines but Vin gives her his swear. Manjari mentally tells herself she cannot afford to sleep tonight. She hides the medicine under the pillow when everyone goes out. I have put so many people to sleep already. This Doc wont be able to do anything. I will have to do something tonight.

Shivam requests doc to check on Juhi. Doc replies that he is out of town or he would have come right away. Reema checks Juhi’s temperature which is very high. Shivam wonders which doctor he should call at this hour. We know nothing about this city. Juhi suggests calling Mishti Dadi.

Dadi asks Siddhi to play Shivam’s voice note which she transferred on her phone. Siddhi closes the room’s door and then plays the note. They are shocked to hear it. Dadi asks her to tell Vin everything asap. Siddhi types her reply. Let’s not tell him anything now. He is very worried for Ma. Dadi says you are right but. Her phone rings just then. It is Juhi. Dadi puts the phone on speaker. Juhi shares that she is ill. I have high fever. Dadi asks her why she dint call doc yet then. Juhi says seems like you forgot that I am a Doc. Dadi tells her not to joke. Juhi asks her Papa to confirm that she is indeed ill. Shivam agrees. I called my family doc but he isn’t here. Plus, I am new here. Dadi tells her not to worry. I will come asap. Juhi asks Dadi about Mishti. She isn’t picking my calls since long. Is she back? Dadi advises her to rest. I am coming. Dadi gets ready to leave but Siddhi also picks her bag. Dadi tells her to stay with Vin and Manjari. I also don’t want Shivam to see you again. Let me try to explain the truth to him once again. she promises to call her after meeting Juhi. They share a hug. Siddhi prays for Juhi’s recovery.

Manjari asks Vin to rest. He sits on the sofa. I am here if you need anything. He removes his glasses and is trying to clean his eyes when Siddhi pours eye drops in his eyes. He holds her hand. I have to talk to you about that voice note. It is very urgent. Siddhi looks panicked. Vin says you sent me a voice note from Navjivan Studio. Why did you send it to me? You should have sent it to your husband? She thinks she did that only. He asks her if she does not have an answer to that. She tries to tell him in actions. He realises she cannot speak. Manjari thinks they are unstoppable. Be careful at times. I am also here. Vin asks Siddhi why she calls him Vinu. Only my childhood friend Siddhi used to call me that. She thinks I only am your childhood friend, I am Vinu’s Siddhi. Manjari coughs to distract them. Siddhi gives her water and presses her head. Manjari wants to separate the love birds for forever. I will have to do it very soon.

Shivam opens the door and Dadi asks him about Juhi’s room. Shivam questions her as she walks inside. Dadi replies that Juhi needs a doc right now. She isn’t well. She needs me. He tells her against it. I called another Doc. I called you here for some other reason. My daughter is in this condition because of you and your granddaughter. She tries to explain to him again but in vain. He says I am not a fool. I don’t know why she is doing this but I only know that my daughter needs her mother right now. Dadi reasons that they can discuss this later. Let me see Juhi first. He calls out to her. Understand one thing very clearly. If Riddhi wont come to me then I wont let you see my daughter at all! She asks him how he can be so cold hearted. Juhi is my granddaughter. He stays firm on his condition. Juhi asks him why he is talking to Mishti like that. She asks her to come with her but Shivam shouts at Reema to take Juhi to her room. Juhi is taken away inside. Dadi begs Shivam to let her check Juhi once but Shivam points at the door. Juhi keeps asking Mishti Dadi to come with her. Shivam stays put. Please leave. Dadi looks at Juhi sadly before stepping out of the house.

Siddhi and Vin are sleeping on different couches. Siddhi goes out of the room. Manjari switches on her laptop as soon as Siddhi steps out of the room. Manjari sees the recording in which Dadi and Siddhi are listening to Shivam’s voice note. Why dint I think of this before? I can send Siddhi away from my home and Vin for forever now! Shivam will help me do that!

Precap: Manjari asks Pundit ji to let Siddhi do puja. He asks her to ask her husband too. Siddhi tells him she will do the puja with her husband only. She extends her hand towards Vin when Shivam holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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