Siddhi Vinayak 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin vows to expose Rajvir and Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

It is morning. Everyone comes in the garden where Rajvir is doing meditation. They smell something foul. He shares that today’s ritual is very important. Vin will support Urvashi today in the ritual. Vin objects but Rajvir says you are her husband. You agreed to support her at every step of life. Siddhi says you should be happy that you will finally get to help Choti. Her problems will go away now. Vin begins to say something but Rajvir cuts him off. He asks Urvashi to drink the water in his kalash. It is smelly. She gulps it somehow. What was it? Rajvir shares that it was Gau-mutra. It is considered very auspicious. You do not disrespect it. It is very important for this ritual. He next shows them cow dung. Vin and Urvashi will make 108 cakes out of it. They will be offered in the Shiva temple.

Vin refuses. He begins to go but Manjari stops him. You don’t disrespect the rituals like this. Urvashi is doing so much for your sake. Can you not support her this much? Urvashi will make them. You just have to be with her. Siddhi seconds her. Vin complies. Siddhi keeps mats and papers for Vin and Urvashi. They both sit down to make cow dung cakes. Rajvir heads inside with Manjari. I am hungry. She nods. Siddhi looks at Vin. You wanted to support Urvashi, right? Help her in her every task now.

Rajvir is eating. Gauri makes faces at him. Rajvir is happy thinking that Siddhi’s plan must have made things terrible for Vin and Urvashi.

Urvashi is irked that she was happy in Kohlapur. Baba has made me a beggar! She smiles at Vin for the sake of it. Vin recalls the eye exchange between Siddhi and Champak Baba. I must find out. He excuses himself. Urvashi thinks he left too. Now I will have to make them myself! She makes faces as the bees keep humming around her. She ends up putting the cow dung on her face while trying to shoo the bees away. I cannot take it anymore! I will lose Vin if I don’t! I was mad to accept this task in front of everyone. She sits down and cries. Siddhi and Prachi look on. Siddhi says she is about to break. She needs one more nudge and her truth will be out in open then.

Manjari tells Baba not to hesitate. Eat whatever you want. Rajvir thinks he was never treated like this before by Chachi ji. This wont last forever though. His phone starts ringing. He disconnects it. Rajvir wonders if Vin is around. What should I do? Vin has seen Champak Baba disconnecting the call. He dials his number again. Rajvir says Om Namah Shivaye out of fear. Manjari asks him to pick the call. It might be urgent. Rajvir sends her away on the pretext of bringing water. Vin thinks he was right. Rajvir is acting like a Baba and is bent upon ruining Urvashi and my married life!

Urvashi continues making cow dung cakes. Siddhi and Prachi look on. Siddhi remarks that it is night. She looks tired. I don’t think she will last long. We don’t have to wait for 7 days. Her real test will be tomorrow and her game will be up in front of everyone!

Vin vows to bring out Champak Baba’s truth in front of everyone tomorrow. Why is he doing this though? What will he gain from this? It cannot be just him in this plan. There is only one person who can benefit from this. I will expose everyone tomorrow at any cost!

Next morning, Rajvir has gathered all the ladies. It is the last day of Urvashi’s test today. This room is her last step. She has to spend one day in the room. Urvashi is happy that it is easy. Rajvir says it is easy. You have to sit alone and meditate. You have to do penitence for your misdeeds. This will help you accept your sins in front of everyone. I have purified this room in the morning which will help you in meditation. It might happen that water will come out of your eyes and you will have sore throat while doing this step. Don’t worry though. This is the last step. You will become Vin’s shield afterwards. You just have to shout and accept your sins. It will calm everyone. Urvashi thinks he should stop. Siddhi couldn’t make me confess till now. He thinks he can? Siddhi smiles thinking of what lies ahead. Flashback shows Prachi and Siddhi keeping cow dung cakes and chillies around the room. Rajvir reassuringly nods at Siddhi and Prachi.

Rajvir says some truths cannot be spoken in front of everyone. You have to say them out loud and seek forgiveness from Lord. Door will be closed from inside so no one will be able to hear your voice. Be fearless in your pursuit. Urvashi nods. Everyone leaves.

Urvashi lies down on the bed happily. I dint think that the last test will be so easily. I will meditate? I know nothing about that and wouldn’t have done it even if I knew! I will sleep peacefully for 3 hours now.

Manjari gives tea to Rajvir. Vin comes with his friend Mukesh and introduces him to Shankar. He is looking for a hero for his next film. Mukesh talks to Shankar about his movie. Vin is busy. I am in a fix. From where should I get a hero? Rajvir says what the harm in this is. He asks Shankar about his nephew. Give this script to him. He will live up to the character fully. Shankar asks him how he knows about Rajvir. Vin smiles thinking that Rajvir will confess everything on his own very soon.

Precap: Urvashi starts shouting due to smoke. She starts confessing everything and also shouts for help as the smoke increases. Prashi can hear everything on her phone. She tells Siddhi that Urvashi has started her confession. Vin hurries towards the room. Siddhi stands in his way requesting him not to do it but he pushes her away. How dare you lock Urvashi in the room? Siddhi looks at him as he reaches out for the handle.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Summer

    Looking forward to next episode on Monday, really hope that Urvashi has blurted out her terrible wicked deeds before Vin blindly plays hero to her recuse!

  2. Siddhi is trying her best to expose Urvashi (it is so difficult).
    I don’t want to comment on Vinayak(because what he is doing only knows him)

  3. Eagerly waiting for Monday episode…🙂

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