Siddhi Vinayak 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Guru ji predicts Vin’s death

Siddhi Vinayak 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guru ji telling Shankar and Manjiri that Vin will die after a week, his death is certain and there is no solution. Shankar asks what nonsense. Guru ji says my knowledge can never be wrong. Shankar says you are not Lord. Guru ji says you are insulting me, why did you come here. Manjiri says its anger of helpless father, forgive him. Guru ji says Vin has to die, go to your son, he doesn’t have much time. Shankar says I m still alive, nothing will happen to him. They leave. Shankar calls Mannu and asks him to cancel Vin’s shootings, he shouldn’t go out alone. Mannu says Vin just left, calm down, I will see.

Prachi says our plan failed because of Riddhi, she reminds me of Siddhi. She gets angry. Rajbeer agrees and says Riddhi is weird, we don’t know what’s in her

mind. She asks him to plan well next time, if he does any mistake again, she won’t leave him. She goes. He says you are the worst. Siddhi sees Vin’s pic and smiles. She talks to Savita. She says I have come home. Savita says I had sent puran poli by Advait and learnt you got discharged, you take rest, have it at home when you come next time. Siddhi agrees. Pratima gets milk for her. She says Kaali Maa blessed you, your mum gave you blood. Siddhi says I have to make Shankar confess his crimes, then I will tell truth to my parents and Vin. Pratima says you worry for Vin a lot. Siddhi says nothing like that.

Vin comes to meet Riddhi. He gets flowers for her. Pratima asks Siddhi to see who came to meet her. Siddhi gets glad seeing Vin. Vin says your phone wasn’t connecting. She says my phone’s network isn’t good. Vin says I shall leave now. Pratima says I will get tea, sit. Siddhi jokes on him. He says I came to say sorry. She asks which sorry. He says sorry, I got these flowers with a thanks, thanks for saving my life. She says strange, you were questioning me there and now thanking me. He says you are thinking wrong, this thanks is from my mum, I would have thanked you if you let me die. They hold the vase. Dekho kareeb se….plays….. He gets hurt. He asks are you mad, leave my leg. Pratima comes and asks what happened. Siddhi says I did a mistake. Pratima says to doubt on Vin right. Vin asks Siddhi why did you doubt on me.

Siddhi says Pratima means….. Vin stops her. Pratima goes. Vin asks Siddhi to answer. They see Shankar and Manjiri. Shankar says I told you not to leave the house, come. Vin gets angry. He calms down seeing Pratima and Riddhi. He apologizes and leaves. Siddhi says don’t know why Shankar is so scared. Shankar says I m scared for you. Vin gets rude to him. Manjiri says Guru ji told us. Vin says I feel Shankar’s wife is talking to me, not my mum, if Shankar is around and worried for me, I will leave this house forever. He goes. She cries.

Shankar talks to someone. The man says I want money, and got your son safely, you remember, you have to give me money to keep this a secret. Shankar threatens him and asks him not to call again. Its morning, Aniket says I won’t go to doctor. Advait says doctor will give us good news. Aniket says I want Siddhi to come back. Savita says I will try Riddhi’s formula. She emotionally blackmails Aniket. Siddhi comes and hugs Savita. Aniket and everyone smile. Siddhi thanks Savita for saving her life. She gets snacks. Advait says dad has monthly checkup, he can’t have anything now. He asks Savita did she call Pratik. Savita calls Vin. She says we are ready. Vin says I m reaching in half an hour. Savita says he will come with a car. Siddhi thinks I should meet Pratik and know why is he helping my family.

Vin gets shocked seeing Riddhi there. Vin calls Siddhi and asks her to come to Kundra mansion. Siddhi says you gave me leave right.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Summer

    Enjoyed this episode, thought it was so cute how Riddi was admiring Vin on her phone and felt embarrassed when he showed up.
    I hope that Shankar and the rest of the family learns about his awful nephew and Prachi real intentions, not to forget Gauri.

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