Siddhi Vinayak 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi plans to kill Vin

Siddhi Vinayak 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjiri saying it won’t be easy to work with Vin, but I m sure you won’t disappoint me. Siddhi smiles. She calls Pratima and says I got the job, I will soon kill Vin. She sees Vin and talks about a movie dialogue. Pratima asks what happened. Siddhi says I got my job, I m very happy. She ends call. She turns to Vin. She says I m your big fan, I m very excited. He says you don’t think you will take advantage of my mom’s recommendations, just one mistake and you will be fired. He hands over the file and asks her to follow the rules. She reads the file.

He asks her not to interfere in his matters and mind her own business. She questions him about the rules. He asks do you have a BF. She says you said you won’t ask personal questions. He says if you have a BF,

then breakup with him, you have to follow the rules. He goes. She says I won’t dance on your fingers, you are close to your death now. She tears the rule paper.

Its morning, Siddhi asks about Vin. Manjiri says he is getting ready, I have come to wish you. Siddhi thanks her. Manjiri says its your fate. Siddhi thinks its all fate, Vin will die by my hands. Manjiri asks her to go and check Vin’s tiffin. She guides Siddhi. Siddhi says I will take care of it. She checks the medicines. Pratima calls her and asks is everything fine, are you prepared. Siddhi says yes, don’t worry. Pratima says first test things and then play your move. Siddhi says I will give the medicine to Vin. Pratima says its very strong, he will get paralyzed by it. Siddhi says yes, I m going on shoot with him today. She says today I will not leave Vin, this is a promise to you and myself.

She goes and asks servant what’s the problem with Vin. He says Vin stays angry most of the time. Prachi comes and scolds the servant. Siddhi smiles seeing Prachi. Prachi says I want my cold coffee right now. Gauri comes and asks about Vin’s lunch box. She makes Prachi jealous showing the ring. Siddhi thinks I m seeing Prachi after one year, Prachi doesn’t know I m her sister, don’t know she met mum and dad or not. Vin rings the bell. Siddhi goes near the stairs. He sees her and asks her to come. She asks about his shift. They come for shoot. Guard says we have to check your bag. She says I m Vin’s PA. He insists. She asks him to hurry up. She scares him of Vin’s anger. He returns the bag. Vin meets Siddhi’s senior. Siddhi gets glad seeing her master and greets. Vin dances with the heroine. Master asks Madhu to concentrate. He dances her again. Siddhi smiles and follows the steps. She dances standing far. Master sees her dancing. He asks Vin to try once more. Madhu stumbles over Vin. Master calls out Riddhi. He says you have done right steps, can you help me. Vin says she is my assistant. Master requests Riddhi to help, else Vin will leave the set. Siddhi agrees. Vin looks at Siddhi.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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