Siddhi Vinayak 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin rescues Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari says late Siddhi Joshi died on 10 June in a sad incident. A condolence meeting will be kept a few days later. Vin knocks at the door. She decides not to return him his phone and hides. Vin goes to check outside. Manjari heaves a sigh of relief. He will surely come back to take his phone. I must hide it somewhere.

Vin asks Gauri if she saw Ma. She denies Manjari thinks to hide before he can see her. I have to now hide in my own house as this mad Vin is after his phone! Vin asks Gauri her phone. I have to make an urgent call. Manjari is irked seeing him so eager to talk to Siddhi. Gauri asks Vin if he went to meet his brother. He nods. I really don’t think he did anything wrong but I don’t know how to get him out of there. She says I don’t know who is right or wrong.

I only know he is in jail and is not in a good condition. She gives her phone to him. He tries Siddhi’s number but she is lying unconscious in that room.

Siddhi wakes up after hearing the sound and checks her phone. Please listen to me Bappa. Give me strength. She passes out again.

The phone vibrates in Manjari’s hands and she drops it in shock. It lands straight in Bappa’s feet and in Vin’s hands. He asks her what she is doing here. She covers up saying that she was coming to give him his phone as it was ringing continuously. It just felt out of my hands. He notices Siddhi’s missed call and also hears her voice message. He rushes to Navjivan Studio. Manjari is upset. She asks Gauri what happened to Vin. Gauri shares that maybe Riddhi’s life is in danger. He left to save her only. Manjari leaves as well.

The machine used by the guy is still beeping.

Vin reaches Navjivan Studio. He calls out for Riddhi repeatedly. Manjari also reaches there. He tells her that Riddhi is stuck here. She tries to divert him but he continues his search for Riddhi. Manjari meets Kabir there. She asks him if Siddhi is dead or not. He assures her she will die in 2-3 minutes. Manjari hopes Vin wont reach there before that. Vin calls out to his mother who sends Kabir to that room. Stop Vin from reaching that room. Manjari acts to have fallen down. I am badly hurt. He asks her to bear the pain for a little time. Riddhi’s life is in danger. I must save her. Manjari’s efforts to stop him go down the drain. He starts calling Riddhi’s name loudly. Kabir is hiding there itself. Vin notices smoke coming out of a room and tries to open the door. He gets hurt in the process but still manages to break the glass of the window. He jumps inside.

Manjari asks Kabir what will happen now. Vin went inside.

Vin is also unable to see or breather properly. He covers his mouth using his kerchief and begins to look around using his phone’s torch. The second light in the machine also starts beeping. Manjari is happy that Vin might also die along with Siddhi. Kabir smiles.

Vin finds Riddhi. He lifts her in his arms and breaks open the door using his feet. Even though he too is affected, he brings her out of the room and tries waking her up. Manjari asks him what happened to Riddhi. She hopes Riddhi never opens her eyes again. Vin keeps requesting Riddhi to wake up. He takes her to hospital.

Vin is having difficulty driving properly. He calls doctor on his way and asks him to come asap to his home. My home is very near to where I was. Come home soon. It is about someone’s life. His vision is blurred. Manjari advises him to stop the car but he is concerned for Riddhi’s life. Vin prays to Bappa to help him. Save my Riddhi somehow. Manjari glares at Riddhi.

A guy offers spray to Vin. Vin asks him to spray it on his face first. The guy recognizes him and does that happily. Vin thanks him for his help. I can see a bit clearly now. Vin gives him 2k. He notices the guy wearing Siddhi Vinayak’s tshirt and thanks Bappa for sending help. He resumes driving.

Shivam is trying Siddhi and Vin’s phone but is not getting any reply. Where are you Riddhi? He looks at the photograph in which Vin, Juhi and Siddhi are posing together. he notices the mangalsutra around her neck.

Dadi fixes Juhi’s photo. Juhi asks her why Papa tore it. He also told me not to take Mishti’s name. Dadi says I am here. I will fix everything. I will also talk to papa. She makes heart promise to her. She is about to feed Juhi her favourite pastry when Shivam stops her. Juhi hugs Dadi. Shivam asks Dadi how she dare come in his home against his permission. Dadi says I agree you are upset with me but I do have a right on my granddaughter. Shivam taunts her for what she said earlier. Dadi explains to him again but Shivam asks her whose wife Siddhi is if not his. He shows the photo to her. Why is she wearing a mangalsutra then? Make me meet her husband. If they agree that they are married then I will leave from here quietly. Till then, maintain distance from me and my daughter! Dadi thinks I can make him meet Vin but he himself is unaware of this fact. Help us Kali Ma.

Doc has given injection to Siddhi. Vin requests doc to make sure nothing happens to her. Doc tells him not to worry. We will know how she is responding to our treatment when she gains conscious. Manjari asks him what happened. Doc explains about the poisonous gas. Anything could happen. Vin wonders why Riddhi had to go there. Doc advises him to stay calm but Vin is only concerned about Riddhi. Manjari takes him to the sofa while Doc puts eye drops in his eyes. Use these every 2 hours till you are fine and also wear dark glasses. He agrees. Siddhi coughs badly. Vin rushes to her side. Are you alright? Why did you go there? We dint even have a shoot today! Tell me! Manjari thinks she will tell Vin everything now. How do I stop her?

Precap: Shivam fails in getting connected to Vin. He can hear the voice mail if he cannot pick my phone. He leaves a voice message for Vin in which he has told him everything. Vin asks for his phone from Siddhi. She notices SHivam’s voice message and thinks it must be about her only.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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