Siddhi Vinayak 12th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi impresses Manjiri

Siddhi Vinayak 12th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin refusing to hire Siddhi as PA. He asks her to leave. Vin comes to Manjiri. She says I have to go and meet my friend, tell me how are Savita and Aniket. He asks her to have sweets, Advait got promoted. She says you got the job for him. He says Aniket will recover soon. She says you are taking good care of him. Vin says I m their culprit, Shankar has done wrong with them. She says its not Shankar’s fault. He says truth is this happened because of Shankar. She asks him to forgive his dad. He refuses. He does shayari and goes.

Siddhi says you were right, I have done wrong to meet Vin that time, I have lost everything. Pratima asks her not to lose so soon, people don’t cheat, hopes cheat, can we celebrate Riddhi’s birthday on Siddhi’s death anniversary. Siddhi

says I forgot my dad’s birthday, I have to meet him. She says last time, I forgot my umbrella there, I will go there by this excuse.

Its morning. Siddhi comes home and meets Savita and Aniket. She says I have come to take my umbrella. He says I remember your name, it reminds me of Siddhi. Advait says let her go, she would be busy. She says I thought to wish uncle on his birthday, I took details, so I have date of births. He gets sad and misses Siddhi.

Siddhi cheers him up. He asks Savita to give shagun to her, its a custom of their house. He asks Savita to change her old purse. Savita says Siddhi gifted this to me, its not old. Siddhi says it will be 3-4 years old, I mean its design is old. Aniket says even she is saying this, now change it. Savita says I have many memories with this purse. Siddhi thinks mum has shown me the way to enter Vin’s house. She thanks and leaves. She calls Pratima and tells her plan. A thief steals Manjiri’s purse at the temple. Siddhi saves the purse. She acts in front of Manjiri. She says Shankar selected me for Vin, but Vin rejected me, it was my mistake. Manjiri asks what happened.

Siddhi says I m Vin’s big fan, I went to Vin’s vanity to get his autograph, I wanted it by knife, so he got angry. Manjiri says so you are his big fan, I read about it. Siddhi says I wanted to do this job, its my bad fate. Manjiri says you have returned a valuable thing to me, this bangle is of Savita’s, she gave me in my bad time, its much precious to me, I have memories with me, I can’t lose this. Siddhi apologizes to her for using her emotions.

Manjiri asks her to come with her and meet her son. Siddhi smiles. They leave. Vin refuses to go in any event. Manjiri comes and gives him prasad. She says I got your new PA. Vin tells her that he will do anything she says, he exists because of her, whoever she chooses will be perfect. She calls Riddhi in. He says this was that mad girl. She says she has saved my purse today, she is your big fan, she is lovely, keep her as PA. He agrees and asks her to explain the work to her. She jokes. Vin sees Siddhi and goes.

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