Siblings: A Strong Emotional Bond- Naksh & Naira OS


Hello Friends !! This is Fenil . I came up with small diary on “Siblings”. I decide to write something on brother & Sister. I choose Naksh & Naira for my diary as I love this pair as siblings a lot.

Having a brother and sister is like we have everything in our life for sharing our emotions , feelings, thoughts .There is no match of their love , else brother & sister is the best friend in the world whom you can trust , a true friend given by nature ( GOD ) who can always be with you on any condition which is priceless . Relationship between siblings is a bit complicated especially in childhood. They fight & argue with each other every now and then but at the end of the day they can’t live without each other . With passage of time as they mature , they understand each other much better & learn to respect more.

“A Sister/Brother is a gift to the heart ; a friend to the spirit ; a golden thread to the meaning of life.”

Pls enjoy my this diary which is open for u I try my best to pick special moments from YRKKH of Naksh & Naira.


Naira was sitting in her room near the window. She was just watching two little birds feeding each other in her home’s garden by seeing this she remembered of her bhai NAKSH.She goes in her life…

-Mishka Jain & Shivansh Kotia ( Episode-1663-09.02.2015)

How papa & mumma told me that when I was in mumma’s tummy for 9 months during those days my bhai Naksh used to take care of mumma, he used to talk with me by putting his hand and head on tummy. And one beautiful day I born at that time bhai came after taking bath & applies Sanitizer on hands. Bhai said he likes me a lot , he smiles seeing me first time , he was about to touch me but stop himself then mumma told him that he can touch me , he touch me & smiles . Sometime later he comes with doctor as he heard everyone that baby needs doctor , so he brings lady doctor for me but unfortunately she was not medical doctor , but she was PHD Doctorate.

-Naira’s Naming Ceremoney (Episode-1666-12.02.2015)

Naksh said I will asked all the guest to have clean hands before touching my baby . he was not going to play football match at his school so papa put small football in my hand and make him understand that baby also want to see u playing football . he goes saying he will come before my naming ceremony . he got late but papa and mumma wait for him becoz they didn’t want to break his heart and finally he comes. Aashmaan se utri….Kis naam se pukare…. Divya , Krishna , Pihu ,Kuhu,Pinky,Dinky, Shalvi , Surbhi….. No , my Choti Dadi ( Devyaani) gives me name “NAIRA”. I became Naira from Baby. When mumma and Naman chachu told that they want to give me nick name then bhai scold them saying because of his nick name ( Duggu, Chiku, Lalla) all kids in his school teases him so he said my sister will only known by her name NAIRA .

-Holi (Episode-1685-06.03.2015)

When mumma suffered by infection by holi colors. I was crying down stair. Bhai was with his lovely mumma & papa was with me . I was crying becoz I was hungry. Everyone tried to stop from crying but I’m Naira. Bhai came and he took me in his small lap , he feeds me milk I’m quiet which makes all amazed. Bhai sung the lullaby for me & makes me sleep and I slept in his small lap peacefully.

-Cape Town + India ( Ashnoor Kaur & Rohan Mehra)

How bhai & papa always argue with each other & bhai’s mumma punish me by making eat Poha , Uttapam and Paratha … So I do Drama like this “ Pls god save me …she only love her son not me” . How papa make me do jasoosi on bhai in return papa cover up for me before mumma. As bhai always cover up for me I also did the same . Once my friend tease me so I sit near swimming pool and bhai said u can reply her like this “ Bla blab la…furrrrrrr….furrrrr….hurrrr” hahahah he makes me smile & that time he want to buy new jacket for him so I give my Piggy bank to him .

Bhai said I can’t take it then I replied that this all money I earn by do jasoosi on u so u can take it and he take it. Once how bhai did Nagin Dance in front of Papa’s car on at night because of bet and “Papa” became “Pitaji” to him and scold him. He was much hurt so I make him smile by doing something which I don’t know. We came back India and bhai falls in love with Tara dii , how I and mishtu used to take his cell whenever Tara di calls him and we get treat from him but Tara di break bhai’s heart I console him for family sake he smiles before everyone. When I got kidnapped by Mirchi Sheth I know he got scared of loosing me forever . he can do anything for me. We celebrate Rakshabandhan very happily all years.

-Shivangi Joshi & Rohan Mehra

When I came back from Rishikesh to home he comes to hall after seeing me once he goes to his room without meet me . I know he was angry on me because I hurt him much by making him away from me , making him without my Rakhi . I goes in his room , I hugged him from back & in anger bhai pushed me and I falls on soft sofa but all of sudden I screams Ouch… & he rushed to me , he cares for me he hugged me , he said sorry for hurting me. I ask forgiveness by holding my ears from him and he forgive me . Later karthik’s regular arrival at home make him protective for his sisters even he scolds Karthik saying u can send peon from office. When Riya aka Nisha & her goons attacked me at that time I can see his anger in his eyes and care for me.

-Shivangi Joshi & Rishi Dev

After mumma’s death bhai manage whole family. I know he was broken from inside as he was so closed to mumma and I to papa. My marriage fixed with karthik. He was more happy not because I love karthik but he het assurance that I am safe with karthik and will stay happy with him. He washes karthik’s feet also in rasam for my happiness as karthik didn’t allowed papa to do so bhai said he will do this rasam as I m her big brother and being big brother he is my second father. Yes he is really my second father. How bhai will stay quiet when Karthik’s dadi told me to change my name “NAIRA” to “SUMEDHA”. Bhai scolds dadi and explain my name’s importance & also told them that when I didn’t allowed my family to give her nick name. he declares that he will never allowed anyone to snatched my identity my name.

I m proud of my bhai at that time. In my marriage preparations he didn’t see day and night to make my marriage perfect and didn’t care about health and food but I m there and makes him eat food and take rest . When Aditya misbehave with me he didn’t think once and punch him on his face. He also ask forgiveness from them by put his self respect aside only because my happiness when he was not at all fault. He bring boxwala idea to make my last day memorable in house , he comes out of box and “ Ouiiii ye kitni choti hai , mein iska big brother banuga ,yeh muje Rakhi bandhegi aur mein iski raksha karunga ,” he tease me saying yes now I will go and he will stay here happily but he cries and say no one can take my place in his heart.

Naira comes out of her thoughts.

Naira : He get me married by putting stone on his heart. He fulfill his all duties towards me being my bhai and second father to me. Today I m married and happy in my life only because of my bhai and my family. Is it end of his duties and relation with me ? No he will never make me away from his heart, we stays in each other’s hearts. If one get hurt other feels pain. We attached by a strong emotional bond. I wish he will get his true life partner. Till date I didn’t do anything for him & if I will do something for him then can my doing will compensate his doing for me ? No never it will never compensate his love , his care, our relation. I am really in debt to him for 1000 or much more births.

Now Fenil’s thoughts:

-“A Brother is the one who makes u fall but holds u before u get hurt”

Little Naira 5yrs old was running here and there while her bhai chased her he soon caught her and made her fall in the mud but before naira start to cry he gave his hand and said stand up little Nayu…Its Chocolate & Naira in excitement taste it & makes puppy face while Naksh was busy in laugh.

-“When you have a brother you have nothing to scare about because always your borther is there for u”

When Naira was 10yrs , she ws sitting on branch of tree in garden of school in break time. Naksh said Naira jump from there she didn’t asked why and jumped while some of her and naksh’s friends asked “ Are u crazy why u jumped what if Naksh will not catched u ?” So she told if my bhai says I will even jump from terrace of the school because I know my bhai is there to look after me and gave a smile to Naksh..

-“Affection can be showed in any way but care & love between them never changes”

Naira was sleeping now she was 15yrs because of winter she covers herself with full of blanket and sleep. Its 12:00 AM in night Naksh came and splashes a bucket full of water & shout “ Happy Birthday Naira , tu 16 ki ho gayi “ and runs , Naira was shivering and runs after her bhai. Naksh start heater in his room as soon as Naira came her shivering get less after that they cut the cake.

-“Siblings finds more happiness in their younger siblings than their own “

Naira was 21yrs , she was waiting in Dance competition hall for her dance exams result, Naksh came & put Dairy milk silk in her mouth and says sir will say “And winner is Naira Singhania” and its turn true naira hugged naksh.

-“Brother is super hero for sister, brother is inspiration for her , they means being there for each other”

Naira was now 30 yrs but looks like beauty, smartness, smile didn’t want leave her. Now she got “5th Best Dance Academy Award Of India” . As always she was holding Award Trophy on stage and said my brother is the reason of my success & dedicate award to his bhai.


I try my best to dedicate my love for Naksh & Naira .

Pls share your views which part is your favorite .

Do comments !! Pardon me for mistakes.

Special Request To Vrushy : Pls write diary on Naitik & Naira- their father daughter bond.

Special Request To Hales/Lasiii – pls write diary on Akshara & Naksh-their Mother Son bond.

Special Request To Reyaa/Ekta/Rithupurna : pls write dairy on Akshra & Varsha- Their Friendship bond .

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  1. AnikaSaini

    Awww….it was awesome????
    Something really new
    Truly no one can take bro place in our life ❤❤❤

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear AnikaSaini
      i’m Glad that u liked it

  2. Rahul96

    Oooommmmggggggg that was sooo awesome !!!!! Beautiful !!!!! I mean you made me speechless !!!! While reading your FF actually a little amount of tear fell from my eyes actually they were the tear of happiness joy and memories!!! Awesome dear !!! You are truly an alien !!! Tell me from which planet you have come ??? Because even a good human can not portray the value of family relationships , like here you did for Naira-Naksh !!!!

    Awesome !!!


    1. Fenil

      Thanks Rahul Bhai
      Glad to know that U loved it.

  3. Vinni05

    Wow awesome lovely bonding loved it

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear Vinni

  4. JessicaAndrews

    Although I don’t have any brothers ,siblings are the best.As for the elder ones,you can never stop counting what all they do for you.

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear Jessica
      happy to know that u liked it

  5. lovely fenil bhai…..u actually described how a brother treats his sister like a fairy…..this diary was the best part of ur writing till now….even i m really touched wid my bigb and calls him bhai only….
    the episode touch my heart to its deepesr core….luv this update…..

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear Ruhani
      Glad to know that U loved my work.

  6. Vedanshidwivedi

    Love it so much i have read your all yrkkh ff and love them srry i was not able to comment on them it is so good every sister wants a brother like naksh and every brother wants sister like naira ….

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear Vedanshidwivedi
      Glad to know that u loved it.
      Don’t say sorry for that u commented here it was good gift dear

  7. wow….amazing….no words for it.

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear Komal

  8. Vrushy

    Awsome OS.
    You should write many more of such posts.
    As for your request, I will try to write but can’t promise as I have my exams coming up and I don’t get much free time because of my FF !!

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear Vrushy dii
      Yaa , i already write my next OS

      U can write anytime when u will get time

  9. Soumya85

    It was just amazing..really love it…the bond of brother and sister is very difficult to say or write in words but u have done a awesome’s really the best bond..thanks for this amazing os

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear Soumya Dii
      Glad to know that u loved my work

  10. That was very heart touching and real..
    I could connect with it very well…which was lovely
    I don’t what to say…you have done such an incredible job..
    You should write more dairy entries…
    Loved from the core of my heart
    Keep up the good work Fenil

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear Shophie Dii
      Happy to know that u loved it
      My next OS was already ready

  11. Khush

    Thanx for this. It was Naksh and Naira!

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear Kush

  12. It was amazing bhai !! B):)
    I lives a beautiful journey of Naksh and Naira’s once again becoz of u .
    Thank u so much from the core of my heart.
    I’m sorry for what i did with u in 22nd feb,2017 update page.

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear Robin Bhai
      Glad to know that u loved my work

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear Disha Dii

  13. Hey Fenil , U made me happy by writing this OS. Its beautiful feeling.I lives this bonding today becoz i m married, i am missing my Bhaiyu. My bhaiyu Romit is also lil similar to Naksh.

    I loved it , pls write OS on Kaira.

    Thanks for making me happy. Love u fenil

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dipss Dii
      Glad to know that u loved my work

  14. Oweee….Ouiii yeh kitna badhiya OS likhta hain.
    Really Fenil , u make my day. I’m reader of your ff ”Endless Love Everlasting Family ” but didn’t commenting i loved that also.

    This OS is really something new , U are the first person that serve us something unique, something special , something touching aur lots of….Love u dear… I think u haven’t sister ?

    1. Fenil

      Thank u so much Dimple
      Glad to know u loved my work

  15. wow! its awssooommmmmm
    i loved it very much
    i loved the way u described the relation b/w bhai and behan
    luv u yaar

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear Ruby
      Glad to know u loved it
      love u too

  16. Beautiful
    Absolutely lovely
    Pure emotions
    Well done Fenil
    It was worth my time
    Don’t ever let your creativity die

    1. Fenil

      Thank u so much Pat dii
      Good to know u loved it

  17. Naishal-Die hard fan of SRK

    Fenil u are really great , u manage everything in it from Naira’s birth to Naira’s Marriage beautifully.

    Hats off dear. Love u pls write more OS

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Naishal
      Love u too
      i am also big fan of SRK

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