Siblings pragya os (specially dedicated to birthday babies my bro rajesh bhai nn my sis sowji di)

Pragya was sitting in her room near the window she was just watching two little birds feeding each other by seeing this she remembered of her bhai arjun

Little pragya 5 yrs old was running here n there while her brother chased her he soon caught her n made her fall in the mud but as soon as she fell she began to cry n her bro gave her hand n said stand up u little…….
” A Brother is the one who makes u fall but holds u before u get hurt.”………………

One more scene …pragya when she was 9

pragya was sitting on branch of tree n eating an apple while arjun said pragya jump from there she didn’t asked why n jumped while some of arjuns friend asked she told if my bhai says I’ll even jump from mt everest because I know my brother is there to look after me n gave a smile……
“When u have a brother u have nothing to scare about because always ur brother is there for u”……….

Another scene pragya is sleeping now she’s 14 yes someone comes n splashes a jug if water on her face n wishes happy birthday choti …………pragya runs behind him n said I wont leave u n chased him……

” Affection can be showed in any way but care between them never changes”………..

Now pragya in her 12 th she has written her exams when she was nervously sitting waiting for results her brother made her laugh merrily …..n brought her sweets saying my sista has secured state rank n fed her

“Siblings find more happiness in their younger siblings than their own”…….

Now pragya was in college she was holding best student of the year award n smiling n said my bro is the reason for my success whenever I was sad he made me happy I dedicate this to my brother n called him on stage n gave him the award

Now pragya was getting married her brother fulfilled all his responsibilities he gave his sista in good hands n both controlled their tears her bro cried a lot ……………

So I’m saying guys we all have only one life so let’s spend our time with our siblings because they may be small things now but greater treasure tomorrow .

I dedicate this to my bro rajesh bhai n my sis sowji di who r celebrating birthday on this day may god fulfill all ur wishes

” sometimes it does not require blood relations to wish heartily but also some heart relations too”//…/.

So happy birthday RAJESH BHAIYA n SOWJI DI many more happy returns of the day.

Guys on having exams continuously I’m not having time to update so I’ll promise to update on Friday eve pls pls n rajesh bhai n sowji di happy birthday once again hope u comment bye.
Happy birthday to others who r celebrating birthday on this day

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    Thank u for your lovely wishes..thank u for dedication .really amazing.. Waiting for next ff..

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