Sibling by heart… Oberoi Heirs!

Hi guys!
I was a silent reader of tellyupdates for a looooooooooooooooong time… I used to write ipkknd ff in myedunia and I stopped it now. But wanted to write one on ISHQBAAZ… Now sure though… What do you guys think? I am giving the prologue of the story beneath and please read it. By the way you guys can call me VJ or Vaishu! 

Every family had an underachiever or an unwanted child. Oberoi’s are also no exception. They are fine and somewhat accepted their heir who is the scared daughter, the artist son who is not willing to do the business, a son who can’t do anything apart from exercising and roaming with girls and a son who is arrogant, impulsive and egoistical. Every single heir of the oberoi’s heir had a flaw which one or the other in the family hates. But they do have one heir who is flawless, very perfect, smart, down to earth and elegant but she is not really the heir. She was born out of wedlock and hence she was never given the Oberoi Name. Oberoi Siblings adored their sister but she withdrew from them 7 years back. She was not her usual self with the Oberoi’s from then. She was at least having minimum conversation with them. But she left the house four years back and never came back to them no matter how much they asked her to. Gradually the Oberoi siblings let her to have her space. With a hope she will come back to them one day.

That is none other than Shivay’s half sibling Adhira. Shakti’s college lover’s daughter. She is a month elder to Shivay. Pinky hates her and isn’t it obvious. Whereas Jaanvi treated her as her own daughter which created a rift in Pinky and Jaanvi. Sakti never showed affection to his own blood as he wanted to avoid fights with Pinky. And she is the only child who also got the approval from Tej. For Dadi Adhira is also her grand-daughter.

After knowing about every single sibling of hers is in trouble, Adhira decided to step back to Oberoi Mansion. That too with Tashan and grace. But what happens after that? Did she helped them in the problem or did she got into one as well?

What do you guys think?
Should I continue?
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