Sibling by heart… Oberoi Heirs! ch 9

Ch 9:
ANika was lost in her last few days… How Tia got kidnapped and came back to already ruined her life even more?
Shivaay gave the explanation of how blood, lineage and family matters in front of the media.
Flash back:
She remembered that fateful day… Before introducing Tia as a wife, Shivaay came with Tia to Oberoi Mansion.
Pinky: Get out Tia. You tried to spoil my family reputation, MY SHIVAAY’s reputation and now why are you here?
Shivaay: Mom! She will be here only. Tia got kidnapped and was saved today only. I was the one who rescued her. I took her to the hospital to find out she is pregnant mom. We did the DNA test as I don’t remember we getting intimate, but yeah… I was so drunk! The result was positive saying that I am the child’s father. I will give divorce to Anika as soon as possible and marry Tia!
Everybody looked on as Shivaay just walked to guest room with Tia.
Anika just looked on the way SHivaay went… deep inside her heart screamed at her to go and get her man back! She also knew that SHivaay can never do nothing of that sort and also even he was not accepting the child as his from the bottom of his heart.
She ignored her heart as she don’t want a child to grow up without parent and also after what Shivaay did to Sahil and what he did to her for his family not considering her… she made it clear to stand away from Oberoi family affairs.
Flash back ends…
She wanted to leave as soon as possible from Oberoi Mansion. But she can’t. All because of Aadhira.
She remember what Aadhira said yesterday.

Flash back:
After a endless shopping for Sahil, Anika and Aadhira, the trio (Ajit, Aadhira and Anika… Sahil was at home taking rest…) went to a Punjabi restaurant.
Anika: I will pay for everything you got for me and Shail.
Aadhira: Shut up Anika. You are my Bhabhi. No matter how it happened or whether your idiot husband accept you or not! You are a good friend I got now. So please accept it as my gift.
Anika just gave a sad smile.
Anika: I signed the divorce papers Shivaay gave Aadhira. I want to leave the Oberoi mansion as soon as possible. But I would like to stay in touch with you.
Aadhira placed her hands over Anika’s hand.
Aadhira: Sure… You can. But don’t leave Oberoi Mansion soon. You should stay with your husband for six months to start the procedure. It will be easy for you Anika. And six months is a long time where many things change. So after six months if you still want divorce, I will stand by you!
Anika smiled at them.
Ajit: I feel left out… you girls are so mean…
Ajit whinned like a kid to get their attention.
Flash back ends…
Daksh entered Oberoi mansion and said everything to Pinky and Jaanvi. Pinky believed Daksh blindly and started abusing Anika in front of Daksh and Jaanvi.
Jaanvi: Pinky! This is not right. We cannot fully rely on what Daksh say and We know Anika is not capable of anything of that sort.
Pinky: Oh my maata! My Shivaay’s life is ruined and you are supporting her Jeethaniji!
Hearing this Daksh made a sad face and left the house only to sneak in to Shivaay’s room.
He saw Anika lost in her thoughts looking at the pool from the room.
Daksh went behind her and put the chloroform filled kerchief on her nose. Anika struggled but she inhaled it. She fainted in Daksh’s arm.
He kidnapped her right in Oberoi mansion.

On the other hand…
Shivaay felt restless in the office and ignored it. But by the afternoon he went to house to check on everyone and have lunch.
Shivaay: Bade maa… where is di?
Jaanvi: She said there was some problem in the Raizada’s security. So she went there.
Shivaay: Security means…
Jaanvi: She is running a security agency.
Shivaay: She never told me that… Anika is with her right…
Jaanvi: No Shivaay. Dhiru left alone only and Anika was in your room only.
Shivaay: I searched the whole house… she is not here.
Pinky: Oh my maata! Finally some good. That characterless witch left my son’s life.
Shivaay: MOM!
Jaani: PINKY!
And then Jaanvi narrated everything Daksh said to Shivaay. Soumya, Om, Rudra and Dadi were also there. Soumya explained how she was with Anika all night because of her nightmare and how Anika was talking with her all night to keep her company. Now Pinky felt bad.
Om: But where is Anika now?
Pinky: Oh my maata… Did she left hearing what I said? Shivaay… Bring my bahu back… I did so many bad things to her…
Jaanvy held Pinky when she felt bad.
Rudra: I think we should check the cctv of the house… may be the gate one to check did she left or something.
Saumya: You are right… Lets go…
They went and checked video clips after video clips. Shivaay saw Daksh entering the house which pissed him but what he saw in few minutes pissed his even more. Daksh was carrying Anika over his shoulder like a sack of potato… He put her in the car and left.
Obro were boiling in rage seeing this.

Pinky: I want my bahu back. No one messes with oberoi bahu… I want my bahu safe and sound!
The anger and panick in Pinky’s voice made them more determined.
Shivaay: I will call our security agency and ask them to trace her and Daksh.
Jaanvi: I will tell Aadhira also.
Shivaay told it and they said they will do it as soon as possible.
But with Jaanvi she was not able to reach Jaanvi. She was a smart women who never backs down.
Jaanvi: Hello… Bulls eye! I am Jaaanvi… Aadhira’s mother. I want you to trace and find the location of Anika Oberoi and Daksh Gupta!
Other side: Mam… we will do it because you are our boss’s mother. Hope you know it has its own risk! Is there a particular reason to do so? I need it for documentation.
Jaanvi: Yes! There is a problem. He kidnapped Anika Oberoi.
Other side: Give us few minutes mam. We will find the location and tell you. Don’t panick.
Anika opened her eyes slowly and saw that she was tied in a chair.
Daksh: Finally my sleeping beauty is up!
Anika looked up and saw him… she was shocked.
Anika: Why am I tied to the chair? Where am I? Let me go.
Daksh: You did a huge mistake by marrying Shivaay. I did everything to separate you too… but both of you end up marrying.
Anika: Daksh! I can explain. It was the situation. Both of us don’t want to get married to each other.
Daksh: Who are you trying to lie? *A tight slap on Anika’s cheek* If Tia runs away, why the hell he has to choose you? Why did you help him? His family should be ashamed. Why did you save him? Why do you always save that blo*dy Ober*i family?

Anika: Daksh… Calm down… we will talk. Listen to me! She plead to him.
Daksh: Why did you do that Anika? I tried everything to be with you. I stalked you to see you every minute of my life. I even said that you slept with me for 15 lakhs Anika. Shivaay believed me.
Anika: Shivaay would have never believed such things. I trust my Shivaay!
Daksh: *evil laughter* He didn’t sweatheart… He trusted me… Try to remember.
Anika looked on and she remembered how his behaviour changed.
So this is why he thought I would marry him and leave him after the divorce.
You belived his words and that why you forced me for marriage…
because you thought I am a cheap girl!
Why Shivaay!
Why did you do that to me?
Tears started to flow automatically in her eyes.
Her heat bleed…
Daksh: Now… Now… Now… Why are you crying for him? Your smile, tears, body and soul everything belongs to me… For me to torture and punish.
With that he slapped Anika. More than the slap Shivaay’s lack of trust hurt her. Daksh removed the ropes but Anika was way too numb to realise that.
Daksh grabbed her by hair and dragged her… And threw her into a glass box.
&* In car &*
Shivaay. Om and Rudra were in a car and going to the location shared by Aadhira’s security agency.
The moment they reached there, they ran inside only to be stopped by several goons.
Anika was still in shock when the water hit her. Then she remembered Sahil. She has to live at least for him. She started to beg Daksh to let her go…
Obro’s were beating the goons but the goons outnumbered them which made it difficult for them.
But they fought back with a determination to get Anika back.
All of sudden few mens wearing Black blazers over white shirt joined them. They started to help Obro.
As the new entries helped them, Obro’s rushed to help Anika.

Shivaay stood rooted seeing Anika was about to drown in the water. He went near the tank only to find himself not able to help her. HE started to bang the glass and nothing was happening.
Om and Rudra punched Daksh. There were few other goons inside and they went to help their boss Daksh! Omru were fighting them.
Suddenly a hand was on Shivaay’s shoulder. He turned to saw Aadhira… She had a metal rod.
Aadhira: I think this will help…
Shivaay took it and give a swing.
The glass broke and the water spill…
Anika knelt down in the place where she stood for a long time… Anika fainted there…
Shivaay urgently took her in his arms and started patting her cheeks and frantically calling her name. Slowly she opened her eyes… she felt happy to be in Shivaay’s arm… even though she shouldn’t after knowing how he didn’t trust her…
Daksh saw this and took the metal rod that Shivaay threw away…
He was about to hit Shivaay…
But Aadhira prevented it with her hand.
A heavy metal rod that came in a force hit Aadhira’s hand… but she had experience with these kind of brutality… So she grabbed the rod tactfully only…
Police enteres the place at the right moment and arrested them.
Police officer: Anika mam… What is your full name and are you married? Your husband name…

Anika: *In a low voice* I am Anika. Only Anika. I am married but my husband left me for his girlfriend who is pregnant with his child.
With that word Anika help Aadhira’s hand and walked out…
Aadhira looked back at Shivaay and with her eyes she assured that she will take care of Anika!

Author note:
Guys! Thanks for your support… It means a lot to me!
Love you all!

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