Sibling by heart… Oberoi Heirs! ch 8

Ch – 8

Om was never found of physical exercise… So climbing up 12 floors is not funny for him! But for Rudy it was a piece of cake but after that he really wanted to have a cake… actually few pieces of cheese cake! Om was adamant as the organization he wanted was there in the 12th floor and the lift is out of order…

Rudra: You know you should consult with important and genius persons before changing anything…

Om: Important and genius? I think that is what I am going to do?

Rudra: No! The genius like me O!

Om: Shut up Rudra!

Rudra: You are just jealous that my protein shake make me smart…


Om wanted to change the interior of his art gallery and Rudra found it on the way only. This annoyed Rudra as the no hiding obro rules kicked in…
Or is it just his guilt of hiding his marriage with Sumo to his brothers… Rudra was not analysing anything…

Rudra: But O!

Om: Shut up Rudra! So much is happening in SHivaay’s life and I am still mad at him for what he did to Anika… That is why I am dragging you

Rudra: But still O!


Rudra: Apart from Shut up you didn’t learn anything or not…

With that Rudra pushed Om a little and Om who climbed 10 floors in few minutes was tired. SO his balance just was lost… He was about to fall but
a hand held his right hand…

Om was shocked…

First thing he saw when he opened his eyes were a milky white hand holding him tightly which is turning red due to pressure…

Looking up he saw a mesmerising eyes filled with boldness and dare…

Eyes adored with Kajal…

The open hair…

Perfect Nose…

Cute pink lips…

A frown appeared slowly on her forehead… which bothered Om!

Om came out of his dreamland by Rudra’s touch…

Rudra supported his brother by holding the shoulder and pulled him up…

Once Om was back in to his balanced physical state… his mind was at skate…

The girl pulled her hand and glared at the boys!

“Crazy or what! Don’t you guys have place to play… What if one of you fall and the case will be on this office… Remember where you are and what you are doing idiots!” the girl shouted angrily.

Om was lost in that glaring eyes and the scolding lips…

“Sorry mam… It was my fault only! Not my brothers… Thank you for saving him…” Rudra said in a hurry…

The girl gave a look and started to leave!

“Om… say thanks!” Rudra said to Om in a hushed tone…

Om realised that the girl was leaving…

He wanted to look at that pretty eyes once more…

“Excuse me… One second…” Om shouted not caring the people around them also started to pay attention…

Even she looked at him…

“What is your name?” Om asked anxiously…

His eyes were satisfied looking at her once but craved for more…

But his ears were deprived… it wanted to hear a word from her… in her angelic voice…

She turned back ignoring him resuming her steps…. “Pervert!” was all she muttered…

Even that word made Om to smile…

He stood there smiling at the way she disappeared into…

Rudra who have never seen her brother this way… not even with Ridhima who he was in relationship for 3 years was surprised…

His brother tried to flirt… That too in a lame way…

Rudra’s jaw just dropped seeing that…

After few minutes… Om just turned around and started to climb up with a smile and a new found energy in him…

Rudra was stunned and he started to follow his brother right away… But Rudra for the first time had a difficulty in keeping up with his brother…

He went to the reception to enquire about his appointment and was asked to wait for few minutes.

Om sat there in the waiting area and was whistling…

“O! Have you ever seen that girl before?” Rudra asked him.

“Yeah! I saw her in the orphanage I usually visit… All the kids love her!”

“Have you seen her before?” Rudra asked before.

Omkara just denied by shaking his head.

“I want to meet her again…” Om said worriedly.

“Don’t you feel like saying a shayari!” Rudra still prompted to know how much that girl affected him.

“After seeing a shayari… I don’t feel like saying…” Om replied dreamily.

“What if this girl is the next ishana who is behind Om for the name and properties?” were the first thing that came to Rudra’s head. He was
determined to tell this to Shivaay before things gets out of hand.

All throughout the meeting, Rudra was lost somewhere but Om was not…

“So Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi, sorry for the inconveniences that you have to come again day-after tomorrow for meeting. The designer who will fit
your expectation took afternoon off and for tomorrow there was no way we can fit in your meeting. My assistants will let you know the time and if
there is any change in the appointment…” with that the manager send off the Oberoi brothers.

Om’s eyes were looking for the girl the moment he stepped out of the office. He was walking awfully slow and taking his sweat time in looking for the nameless-girl.

“You are searching for her?” Rudra asked shocked as well as worried for his brother.

“Yeah! Like I said I want to meet her again!” Om said what was in his heart to his brother innocently.

Finally when Om figured, he won’t be able to see her… after a 40 minutes search, Omkara left to Oberoi Mansion with his brother Rudra…

For the first time role reversal happened, where Rudra was concerned about the potential danger his brother is in and the Om was happy and
thinking about a girl.

Oberoi Mansion:

Everyone had their dinner and left to their room.

Shivaay heard everything from Rudra and became anxious. He thought what he could do to protect his innocent brother from the gold-digger.

On the way to his room he saw the tired Anika sleeping in the hall couch comfortably.

Her face was tired after a long day of shopping…

Then he remembered how she cried when Sahil was sent to the boarding school.

The school authorities informed Shivaay that it would be good for Sahil if he comes a day before and get adjusted to the environment.

Even Shivaay felt that was right as Sahil was going to join in between the academic year.

Anika fought with him for changing the school without her consent which was a show to their family except his brothers.

His sister finally smiled at him and pat his back before leaving.

Shivaay picked Anika in his arms and walked to his room… their room.

He put her in the bed and her eyes opened slightly.

“Ssshh! Sleep! You had a long day!” Shivaay said those words and ran his fingers in her hair in a soothing way.

Anika was sleepy and it was shown she was trying to think whether it is a reality or a dream…


There was a power cut and Anika panicked.

She hugged Shivaay!

“Don’t panick Anika… I am here na… Let me go and check what happened!” Shivaay cooed in her ears.

“NO! Shivaay! Don’t leave me and go… Please… Don’t leave me Shivaay!” He was taked back by her worried panicky tone.

“It is okay! I am not leaving you… Never actually! I will be always with you..” he whispered in her ears and rocked her back and forth.

Power came in few minutes.

Anika was already sleeping in his arms.

Shivaay was staring at her and was not willing to put her in the bed…

It felt good to keep her in his arms… But he has to!

He pulled and sat in the chair near Anika.

Her angelic face made him feel peaceful!

But a small frown appeared in his face made him worried.

She tossed and turned saying…

“Please… Don’t hit me… leave me… Chutki… Please… don’t…” Anika started to repeat these words again and again.

Shivaay tried to woke her up and finally succeed in it.

She opened her eyes and hugged him as tight as she can and slept in his arms again.

Shivaay laid down next to her holding her to sleep.


Daksh kidnapped Anika.

Told her how Shivaay believed his lie of Anika and him slept together.

Author note:
I am still down with fever. SO pardon my short chapters guys! This is what I can do right now… 🙁 🙁 🙁

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