Sibling by heart… Oberoi Heirs! ch 7

Ch 7:

Shivaay took Tia to her favourite Italian restaurant.

With all the favourite food in front of them but Shivaay’s head was revolving around Daksh and Anika…

He knows that Anika was with his di and she will be safe…

He also knows that Daksh was a psycho… That too from the college days…

What if he stalks her…

What if both the women he loves were in trouble…

What the wuck… he is not in love with Anika…

Or was he…

“Why did I got pissed when Daksh said they slept together?”

“Why was I always protective about her?”

“Why can’t I stand her tears?”

“Why can’t I let anyone to point finger at her?”

“Why I adore her when she was with my family?”

“Is this Ishqbaaz???”

*Oh Jaana played in the back-ground*

Every fight they had…

“Do I love my Anika?”

Every cute memory he shared with Anika played in his mind…

“Do I?”

Every sacrifice she did for his family… their family came to his mind…

“What is there not to love my Anika?” his heart questioned him

“But she slept Daksh…” his mind replied

“That means she don’t love me!” his heart said with a hope.

“Does that mean my love can never be successful?” his mind questioned.

“Does that mean my love means nothing to her?” his heart bleed.

“How can I accept my deafeat?” his mind questioned him

“I can’t accept my defeat!” his ego replied arrogantly.

“Never! Not just like that… I will try everything to prove my love to her…” his mind answered.

“I will not let her go out of my life…” his heart said it proudly.

“I will not Daksh near her…” his ego shouted back possessively.

“She is mine and only mine!!!” his mind agreed to it.

For the first time his brain, heart and ego agreed to something together…

It felt right…

Shivaay was Anxious and very uncomfortable at the date.

Tia felt ignored and she can’t accept it!

Tia: Shivaay baby… Are you fine?

Shivaay was not paying any attention to her which irritated Tia… She held his hand to gain the attention and it worked…

Shivaay: What did you say Tia?

He freed his hand from Tia smoothly as he can…

Shivaay: Just a headache Tia…

Tia: I will send you Rekhi…

Shivaay: Nahi… I think Universe don’t want us to have this date today… Lets go…

Shivaay finally mocked Tia on something that irritated him…

He felt relieved…

Tia: But Babe…

Shivaay: Tia… I want to leave right now…

With that he left dragging her with him…

Omkara and Rudra were climbing the stairs and Rudra being Rudra, was being playful…
Om was about to fall when a girl saved him by holding his hand…

Daksh enters OM

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