Sibling by heart… Oberoi Heirs! Ch 6

Ch 6:

Anika tried to meet Aadhira alone and it didn’t happen as she was always surrounded by one or the other family member. With a sigh Anika left to her room. When she entered Shivaay was on a call and glared at her. She brushed it off. She went to her wardrobe that she and Shivaay was forced to share, she was looking at her dresses for few minutes. Then she took a pretty white and red salwar suit, Shivaay was observing her like a hawk at the same time his focus were on the call as well.

How can he not? As his guards just informed that they spotted Daksh in the city and he was irked by his presence in the same city as his wife. Well a possessive man never thinks straight.

Anika went to the washroom to get freshen up and she stepped out gorgeously in that white and red salwar which made her look innocent, cute and enhanced her features. Shivaay who was lost in Daksh’s thought just looked up to see his pretty angel in front of mirror, brushing her hair.

His world stopped…

*O jaana played in the background*

Nothing was in his control…

Like a magnet he was attracted towards her…

Even without his knowledge, he stood behind her…

Anika who was lost in her thought was not aware of Shivaay’s movement…

His wife’s neck was adored with the mangalsutra, in his name…

The guest’s words rang in his ears… “She must be loving his husband… look on his name she was wearing a mangalsutra and Sindoor…”

But he frowned seeing there was no Sindoor…

Involuntarily his hand moved towards the sindoor box that was kept there in the table… He took a pinch…

Sudden movement around her made turn towards Shivaay…

Both their heart beat raised… with a raged breath, they looked at each other…

Om and Rudra wanted to talk to Shivaay and they stood there with open mouth looking at the eye-lock scene…

They looked at each other but was disturbed by a sound like “Sssh… Sssh…”

They looked back to see their sister looking little far and looking at their brother’s romance.

Both of them walked towards her as she signalled them to come over…

From where was sitting she got a full view of Shivaay’s room but no one can see her from inside.

“Di… It is creepy to look into your brother’s bed room…” Om said it with little embracement.

“Not when you want to find out whether your dense brainless brother loves his wife or not… Lets see how far this romance goes…” Aadhira said in
a hushed tone.

“I should close the bedroom door when I am romancing next time…” Rudra muttered to himself but both of them heard their baby brother’s words…

Om looked at him petrified whereas Aadhira just smiled…

Back in Shivaay and Anika’s room:

Shivaay filled Anika’s maang with sindoor…

His finger slowly moved her hair behind the ear…

His finger trailed slowly trailed down her cheeks… very slowly…

She closed her eyes…

Shivaay leaned forwards and kissed her forehead…

“Beautiful!” he whispered…

“I think we should leave…” Om said and he was very uncomfortable.

“Any idea what he said…” Aadhira asked him as Shivaay just whispered.

Omru gave her the look of ‘You are impossible’

Anika who got out of spell that Shivaay put on her pushed him away…

She turned towards the mirror…

To cover his embracement due to what he did he show anger towards her…

“Where are you going?” Shivaay asked her in agitated tone.

“Why should I tell you?” Anika back answered…

“Can’t you do anything I ask?” Shivaay made her to face him. He raised her voice.

“Why should I?” Anika questioned back…

“Because you are my WIFE!” Shivaay said in a heartbeat…

They shared an eye lock…

*O jaana played in the background*

Anika broke the eye contact first as she remembered the bomb blast incident… She nearly losing Sahil…

Her ignoring the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi made him angry.

“What are you trying to do? Can’t you follow simple orders from me! What is your issue with saying sorry to Tia or to answer my question?” Shivaay asked her.

Here with Aadhira:

When Shivaay raised his voice on Anika, Aadhira stood up and started to walk towards the room. Both OmRu followed her.

“Shivaay! You are hurting me… Leave me!” Anika whispered in pain. The anger and hatred in his eyes reminded her the past monsters of her life.

“Who are you going to meet?” Shivaay was irked by the thought of what if his wife was getting ready to meet Daksh.

“What is your problem?” Anika asked him with her eyes filled with tears. The childhood memories just were playing in her mind just made her state worse.

There was a knock on the door and there stood the trio.

“What happened to you Shivaay? What happened to you in these years?” Aadhira asked him as if she was able to feel Anika’s pain.

Shivaay let go of his Anika’s hand…

She was shaked by the rage in Shivaay’s eyes which made her to run into Aadhira’s arms. She felt safe and confortable in her arms like how she used to feel in Shivaay’s arm…

“I saw you threatening a child’s life, force a girl to marry you and manhandle a girl… I wonder what else is stored for me in your store!” She gave the disappointed look to SHivaay.

“Di!” he looked down in shame.

“Shivaay baby!” a shrill came before Tia coming in the visibility.

Aadhira held Anika as if she would do anything to protect the shaken soul in her arms.

“Baby! I am feeling lonely!” Tia said giving a hug to Shivaay.

Shivaay was uncomfortable but Tia glared at Anika.

“Tia, May I know why are you glaring at Anika?” Aadhira asked her.

Tia thought Aadhira might pity her and support her, narrated whole pepper spray incident in her version.

“What happened Anika?” Aadhira asked her.

“I will never say sorry for the mistake I never did” Anika said her version. She separated herself from Aadhira and said everything.

“Why would Tia lie?” Shivaay asked in irritation.

“You know what even if Anika is lying I will stand by her. Actually Anika was very lenient on Tia. After my marriage if my husband is still maintaining relationship with his girl friend what would you do Shivaay?” Aadhira asked him.

“I would ruin him!” Shivaay said in anger.

“So the rules differ for your sister and someone else’s sister! As a wife you want to know what I would do? I would take a gun and put the bullet in the heart that kept my husband and the heart that failed to keep me. I would kill both of them and walk out… Compared to me, Anika was a sweetheart who didn’t do anything like me!” Aadhira said with a smile.

Tia was shocked and everyone understand her words.

“Anika! Be ready in 30 minutes. We are leaving. Please! For me!” Aadhira told her.

Aadhira wiped her tears and dropped a kiss on her forehead.

Anika smiled and nod her head.

She went into her room with her head held high.

Tia left the room crying.

&* In Hall &*

Tia was shredding her crocodile tears over Pinky’s shoulder.

Shivaay was forced to pacify Tia by Pinky and that was what happening in hall.

Om and Rudra looking at that with despise.

“You don’t even spend time with me these days! Looks like you will leave me!” Tia faked the tear.

“Don’t think like that. I will not do that!” Shivaay mouth said those words but his heart was not at all according the words.

“Shivaay! Take Tia out on a dates!” Pinky said and Tia looked at him with a hope. Half-heartedly, he agreed.

Tia went to touch up her make-up and was there in 15 minutes.

That time Kanna, the head security guard came for Shivaay. Shivaay was ready for date when his heart was screaming him not to do it. Have he ever listened to it? NO…

Khanna: Sir! Khuranna is here and asking permission to enter the house.

Tia: Shivaay Baby! Isn’t Khurana’s are your business rivals. Why they are waiting at our house doorstep? Any problem in the business Shivaay Baby?

Aadhira: They are here for me not your SHIVAAY BABY!

Aadhira who was getting down the stairs said and her voice was filled with sarcasm.

Aadhira: Let him in Khanna!

Shivaay: But di!

Aadhira: Fine then, I will go out and wait with him for Anika!

Shivaay: What?

Aadhira: Decide what should I do Shivaay?

Shivaay: Let him in Khanna.

Shivaay sat in the hall with his stoned face expression. He was angry and irritated.

Aadhira sat opposite to him and there was a smirk on her face which was towards Tia.

“Hey Baby doll!” the happy voice of Mr.Khurana invaded the dead silence.

“Ajit! I missed you so much…” Aadhira literally ran into her cousin’s arm.

Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra looked at that longingly.

“After shopping I have to take you to house or your chichi will disown me…” Ajit said with a sad face…

Aadhira laughed at that…

“I would like to see that happen!” She said mischievously.

“You!” he looked at her as if he was going hit her playfully but she ran pass Shivaay and hide behind Omkara. She showed Ajit Singh Khurana her tongue.

But Aadhira usually hide behind Shivaay in her childhood days. The great wall of Shivaay felt bad as he broke the trust of the loved ones for the first time.

“You are saved as Om as before. He will never let me near you!” Ajit said it playfully but there was a hidden sadness in his voice.

“Oh my god!” Ajit whispered.

Everyone turned around to look what he was looking at.

Anika descended the stairs in her salwar.

Everyone was looking at her.

“What is wrong with you Shivaay! I mean… look at her. Instead of her you said Tia as your wife in the media… Did you sell your brain also as there was a good deal or what?” Ajit mocked Shivaay.

“Even I am wondering the same…”she said it with a smile and her eyes were now on Shivaay.

“Excuse me!” Tia said in anger.

“You are excused!” Ajit said and walked to Anika.

“Hi Bhabhi! I am Ajit! Brother of this stupid girl!” Ajit extended his hand and Anika took it saying her name.

“I know you! I actually know more about you than anyone in here. Before Baby doll board her flight she wanted me to do the back-ground check on everyone in this room including you. So if you guys know she don’t know what happened in your life, you guys are wrong. But trust me! She was worried about everyone and she didn’t have a bad intension… Such a mother hen…” Ajit pulled Aadhira into a side hug and kissed her forehead.
Anika smiled at that.

“Let’s go!” Aadhira asked Anika to follow her and Anika did follow her as she trust fully.

“Have a good date Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi and MISS. KAPOOR” Ajit said with a mock smile when he walked out of Oberoi mansion with two important girls of that house.


Shivaay was Anxious and very uncomfortable at the date. With a reason of fake headache… he left the date!

Omkara and Rudra were climbing the stairs and Rudra being Rudra, was being playful…

Om was about to fall when a girl saved him by holding his hand…


Phew… 1935 words…

Who was the monster from Anika’s childhood!

Om’s pair is about to enter guys!

And Om was back finally…

And I am sorry for not responding to the comments… I am down with fever but I wanted to update. That was why also this episode is up!

If I can’t upload tomorrow… forgive me in advance!

With lots of love your VJ

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