Sibling by heart… Oberoi Heirs! Ch 5

Author note:
Cast: Aadhira is none other than Jennifer Winget…
I know there were other suggestions also but I loved her in Saraswatichandra. (Sorry! I have never watched Beyhadh…) Other suggestions were thoughtful of you guys…

But a big SORRY also…

And you guys made my day with your amazing comments… Hope you like the twist and turn I have in store for the future… They are exclusively for you!

Now starts the episode 5:

Everyone assembled in dining hall to have the breakfast except for Tej and Sakti. Anika came there hesitantly… She wanted to give some food for
Sahil as it was time for his medicines. But she will never ask the Oberoi’s to feed her and her brother… Her self-respect will never let that happen… Dadi welcomed her with a smile when Pinky stood up.

“If this cheap girl is going to sit her and have break-fast, then I don’t want to eat… Get up Tia beta!” Pinky shouted at the top of her voice.

“Then leave Pinky! If you can’t stand by the presence of the girl who saved our family name more than once by ruining her life… you don’t deserve to eat with her.” Jaanvy said in a heart beat…

“Nahi aunty! I came here to ask where Aadhira is? I can’t find her any where!” Anika’s words made everyone to stop doing their deed.

“Bhabhi… What do you mean by you can’t find Dhiru di anywhere?” Om panicked.

“Oh my maata! You gave the good news to me then… Good that she left! That devil is always a misfortu…” Pinky’s words were not complete as
Shivaay roared in anger.

“She is my di mom! Dont you dare to finish that sentence… Dont you dare to call her that ever again!”

“What is happening here? Why is everyone shouting?” Tej asked.

“Bade papa, di is not in the house. We are just worried…” Shivaay said looking at Anika as he was believing her words in that.

“Haan puttar! Where did she go this early?” dadi expressed her worries.

“No need to worry! She send me a message saying that she have to leave by 4:00 am in the morning for field visit and not to worry about her absence.” Tej said it with a frown.

“4:00 am itself? But bhai…” Sakti opened his mouth and shut it seeing Pinky…

“Means didi didn’t sleep at all…”

“What do you mean by that Rudra?” Tej asked his son.

“We were in didi’s room talking with her till 3:30 papa!” Rudra almost whispered.

“What do you mean? She travelled all the way from Paris to here and you guys do know that she never sleep in the flight, right? Irresponsible…” Tej screamed now.

“Tej! Call her and at least ask her to come now and have break-fast!” Jaanvy pleaded worrying her daughter’s health.

“Ji bade papa… I don’t even have her number… Please do call her now!” Shivaay also asked Tej.

Tej called her.

Aadhira: Ji bade papa…

Tej: Where are you? Not sleeping not eating on time… what is this?

Aadhira: Bade papa… I had some work do finish… If I finish them then I can spend some time at home unless any emergency arise at least for 3-4 days… that is why bade papa..

Tej: Okay fine! Come home for break-fast…

Aadhira: I will have in office bade papa… I have so much work…

Tej: Fine… eat there itself then…

Aadhira: Bade papa… Make sure Anika and Sahil had their food for me…

Tej: Will do… Anyhow Shivaay have to perform the rasam where he have to feed Anika… You are missing it!

Aadhira: Achcha… Ask Rudra to take the video of the rasam then… will see it once I come back…

Tej: Okay beta… Bye! Have a good day!

Tej informed the details of his talk to everyone… Shivaay agreed for the Rasam as he wanted to do something to cool down his beloved di!

He went to room to make few calls to office to post-pone his office meetings.

Tia followed him and convinced him and brain washed him.

It was working to some extent…

Deliberately she took Daksh’s name…

“After your divorce… she will marry Daksh and can perform all these rasam with him… Please Shivaay baby… I don’t want to share you…”

After he heard Anika marrying Daksh nothing fell into his ears…

But Daksh words came to his mind haunting him…

Tia’s mum did the drama by inviting other business partners and the sindoor drama happened same as the program…

Sindoor found its place… Thanks to the Not-so-duffer Singh Oberoi, aka Rudra…

Finally he denied for the rasam…

Then happened the pepper spray drama of Tia!

Om and Rudra made Shivaay to feed her as they did in the serial…


&* Afternoon&*

Jaanvy made special food for Aadhira with the help of Om…

Every single Oberoi was presented for the lunch as many wanted to have at least lunch with her… and others were forced to!

By the way no one can disobey Kalyani Singh Oberoi’s order na?

Shivaay and Anika came there glaring at each other as Tia created the misunderstanding of the pepper spray and then the fiasco of apologizing
which Anika didn’t give in… (*Same happened as the show but they were asked by the dadi to change the clothes and come for lunch*)

But it was interrupted by the awesome laughter sound and it was coupled with the pretty small noise of bangles…

Wearing a pretty blue saree paired with jumka and bangles, Aadhira walked into the dining hall.

Tej’s eye filled with pride and Sakti was surprised.

“Wow di! You look so pretty di!” Om said it with surprise.

“Never knew you can wear Saree!” Rudra asked her with an ear length smile…

She just smiled and pointed towards her cell phone indicating that she was on a call.

“Fine Mr. Raizada! I will let you know when I can come over to your house.”


“No! Definitely not today! I already have plans!”


“Okay Mr. Raizada… Bye! Take care!”


“What happened? Why everyone is standing like this?” Aadhira asked the Oberoi’s.

“You have became so irresponsible Aadhira! Not sleeping properly and over working… What is this? You also became like other heirs of Oberoi!”
Tej looked very angry and disappointed.

Pinky snorted hearing the word of Oberoi heirs…

Aadhira just hugged in response and spoke in his embrace…

“Bade papa… Don’t worry! Had couple of meeting to finish today and few visits. Now it is over and I am not going to office for the next two days!
Please… Just let me do my work in my own phase and as I please!”Aadhira asked him sweetly!

“As long as you take care of yourself I am fine with anything.” Tej said and motioned everyone to sit for lunch.

With that everyone sat for the lunch…

Aadhira was so happy that her badi maa took some time to cook for her… That too all her favourite food…

Everyone was eating peacefully…

But Aadhira noticed the tension between Anika and Shivaay…

She silently turned towards Om and raised her eye brow…

He indicated to her phone and took out his own…

“Shivaay denied to perform the rasam. But me and Rudy didn’t let that happen. I think he is angry at Anika for that!” said the text.

“What is this Aadhira? No phone in the dining table… How many times I have to tell you?” Jaanvy scolded her.

“Sorry maa…” Aadhira whispered…

Unconsciously when Aadhira called Jaanvy maa and resumed eating…

But Jaanvy was happy and looked at everyone with the same happiness… Pinky ignored her whereas other understood her situation…

Next episode:

Tia: Shivaay Baby! Isn’t Khurana’s are your business rivals. Why they are waiting at our house doorstep? Any problem in the business Shivaay Baby?

Aadhira: They are here for me not your Shivaay Baby!

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