Sibling by heart… Oberoi Heirs! Ch 2


Sibling by heart… Oberoi Heirs!

Om: Rudra… we have to find why Anika Bhabhi married Shivaay bhaiya.

Rudra: I have an idea. We can ask that video for the video…

Om: But Rudra… CCTV video checking will take lots of time.

Rudra: NO! We can ask Kanna… we asked him to take videos of Bhai and Anika di whenever they are together na…

Om: Brilliant idea yar… but who gave it to you…

Rudra: Shut up Om…

They both shared a painful smile at the role reversal…

After the function Oberoi’s and Kapoor’s entered OM hall…

Shivaay: Where are they? I didn’t see Om and Rudra in the function.

Dadi: Leave it Shivaay… at least let them have a peaceful evening…

All were shocked when dadi called him Shivaay and not billu

Om: We are here…

Then only they noticed Om and Rudra sitting in the couch but looking… actually glaring at the tv.

Shivaay: Why did you guys left so… *phone ring cut him off* excuse me…

Shivaay moved from there to pick the call…

Shivaay: What do you mean by three people broke into the flat and took Sahil with them?

Other side: …

Shivaay: You guys were 15 and 3 people beat you and took a child with them… Aren’t you ashamed to call yourself a trained body guard…

Other side: …

Shivaay: I will find Sahil and then deal with you guys… Idiots…

Other side: …

Shivaay is worried about Sahil. He want to safe the poor little child from whoever have kidnapped him.

Shivaay: I have an important work… I have to leave…

Om: Your work can wait… how much important it is… it can… We have a perfect video exclusively for you Shivaay…

Rudra played the video and everyone saw how cruelly Shivaay manhandled Anika… the anger in his eyes and the strong Anika trembling in fear… how Om co-incidentally stopped Shivaay from breaking the door… how Anika contemplated and ran away from the place… final threat of car blasting… Anika begging for Sahil’s safety… how she sold her soul to a devil for a child… All were shocked…

No one expected this from the great wall of shivaay…

Before anyone else can talk there was a small voice heard behind them…


Everyone turned around to see Sahil standing there with tears… his expression said even he saw the whole video… with the help of his stick support, he started to move fast towards Anika…

But she ran towards him and held him in her arms… kissed his face…

Next to the place where Sahil stood, now there stood a girl with a blue-gray eyes similar to Shivaay and she was looking at Shivaay without any emotions…

“Am I allowed to come in?” she asked politely to the Oberoi’s.

“Who are you?” Tia asked her and gave disgusting look to her…

Shivaay noticed it…

“Shut up Tia! You have no right to talk to her like that.” He glared at her and turned towards the new girl…

“What kind of question is this? You… Aadhira… why…” Shivaay’s voice broke and he got emotional…

“Why are you asking like this? Did you think the year of separation will change us?” Om got emotional and his eyes watered.

Prinyanka walk towards the girl and hugged her which made Rudra to run towards her… He should be his Aadhira’s first preference… those two have a tight hug to the new girl…

Shivaay and Om are about to join them when Aadhira raised her hand to stop them…

“I didn’t expect these kinds of behaviours from you two… Om, you are the more sensible one but today you disappointed me so much! Way too much actually!”

With that the girl went to dadi and took her blessing. Dadi hugged her.

“Now only you remembered your dadi? Final you are free for your family!”

“Dadi! I will always be free for my family!” Aadhira said it

Then moved towards Tej and Jaanvy… Tej didn’t let her touch his feet… he engulfed her in his hug and Jaanvy kissed the new girl’s forehead…

“You are not allowed to leave me again and go… Do you get that?” Jaanvy ordered her and Tej acknowledged it with a smile.

“I missed you so much!” Tej pat her head.

She looked at Pinky and Sakti… Pinky is fuming in anger and hatred is visible in her eyes…

“Don’t you dare to come near me and my pati!” Pinky’s words came harsh.

New girl just nod her head in accepting and she looked at Anika who was watching all this with confusion…

She went to Anika and joined both her hands as she was going to apologize… she put her head down in shame… Shivaay hatred it and Tej, Om and Rudra are angry… Not at the new girl or Anika… They are angry at Shivaay!

“You have done a lot for this family… saved them from many problems… but still this family did a huge injustice to you… A sorry cannot be
enough… but I don’t know what to do or say…” towards the end her beautiful voice cracked and she put her head down in shame…

*Everyone scolds Shivaay for his deeds like in the serial. Tia is silent and watching everything for sometime. but…*

Precap: Tia getting a slap from Jaanvy…
Om feels bad and realized his mistake…

Author note: I am touched by every ones warm welcome and kind words about the story… Thank you so much! Love you all

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