Sibling by heart… Oberoi Heirs! ch 14

Ch 14:
New character: Parth Samthaan as Maan Singh Rathor

A guy was sitting and talking in the cafeteria with his friends and talking with them. He looked carefree and was laughing very often. He was more popular in the college and many girls wanted to date him. He never fooled around with any girl which made Priyanka to crush over him.

She looked at him with a smile and a dreamy eyes…

“Someone is looking at her knight in shining armour!” the words disturbed Priyanka and she turned all red looking at Saumya who caught her red-handed.

“I am telling you this as a love angel, you should talk to him.” Saumya told her with a smile.

“It is okay Saumya. I don’t want to be one of those girls who wants his attention. He is my angel who helped me whenever I was in trouble in this college. I have told you right whenever someone tease me, if he is around he always scare them away. He is really a good guy. I… don’t… know…” Priyanka averted her eyes.

But she thought about Ranveer’s words and how he was threatening her. She don’t want to express her interest and drag her knight in the shining armour to any trouble. That sadist
Ranveer was capable of anything. Ranveer was already angry at him for accidentally ruining Ranveer’s effort to talk with her.

“Fine you don’t call him. I will call him!” Saumya told her for which Prinku panicked. They were having a nok-jhok like that for few minutes.

Rudra joined them in the table and they diverted the topic from there.

“Hi Saumya!” the voice of her crush made Priyanka’s heart to beat fast. That too near her…

“Hi Maan!” Saumya waved awkwardly.

Rudra frowned at him.

“You know right we are partnered for Organisational behaviour’s assignment. We have to work on it. So your place or mine?” Maan asked with a smile.

RUdra was happy in sending his wife to someone’s place. He started to think his marriage seriously but was not willing to tell to anyone.

“Our place. I mean, you can come to Oberoi mansion.” Rudra stated very fastly.

Priyanka who was having her lunch chocked on her own food just thinking that her Maan will be in her house. Maan in an impulse pat her head and took a water near her and gave it her.

“Are you okay Priyanka?” Maan asked her for which she just nod her head slowly.

He gave a smile to her.

“Will come to your house around 6 today evening if that is fine?” he looked at Saumya and asked.

She just nod her head.

“He knows my name!” was all Priyanka able to say once he left. She was still in that shock.

“What do you mean Priyanka?” Rudra asked her.

Priyanka panicked.

“You know he is popular in college and unlike he is decent and gave good name. Priyanka is a silent girl right… that is why she got surprised.” Saumya covered for her.

Priyanka agreed with her within a second.

“what do you mean by he is popular? I am popular.” Rudra said in anger.

“Duffer Singh Oberoi, he is decent unlike you!” Saumya snapped back.

That time Rudra’s phone rang and he picked the call.

“Guys! Anika Bhabhi asked three of us to come to Om’s art gallery right now. Let’s go!” Rudra said it and the girls followed him.

Om’s art gallery:

Shivaay and Omkara were waiting for Anikha and there entered Rumya and Prinku.

Shivaay: this girl has gone mad. She have called all of us here and not yet here.

Shivaay said it in frustration.

Then they all heard someone adjusting their throat and only turned to find Shagy glaring at Shivaay.

“You better mind your words and be aware of what you are saying about my sister jiju!” Shagy said it with a smirk.

Word jiju felt weird and he glared at her.

(Aadhira’s told Prinku and Saumya about Shagy being Anika’s sister and Shagy was fine with it.)

Aadhira entered the art gallery and looked at everyone. She went to Shagy and sat next to her with her head on her shoulder.

“Who was creating a problem?” Shagy asked and then they spoke for few minutes about Aadhira’s business issue.

Anika entered by then.

“Why did you call all of us here? Can’t this wait till the evening and can’t we just meet in Oberoi mansion?” shivaay asked annoyedly.

“It can’t wait! That is why!” Anika back answered him.

Then she took her phone and played the recording.

Everyone was shocked to learn the truth.

Shivaay was the first one to break the silence…

“Someone’s impulsivity put my sister’s life in danger. This is all because of you Shagy!” Shivaay roared.

“Shut up Shivaay! Raise your voice at her one more time I will make sure you regret it.” Aadhira said in silent which scared anyone.

“He has his reason” SHagy whispered but it was shown in her pale face that she was very much worried about Aadhira.

“All of us have reason for our deeds.” Aadhira back answered in a challenging tone.

“Let’s discuss on what we can do next.” Anika said diverting the topic.

“Svetlana had an affair with Tej uncle and her sister Tia wanted to get married to SHivaay. There is a chance that it can be on other oberoi’s as well.” Anika added.

“Her primary target can be Aadhira di and Shagy di as both of them were the immediate obstacle.” Priyanka mentioned and shivered at her own words.

Unconsciously Om held Shagy’s hand and gave a press in a way of asking her to be safe for which she slightly smiled.

Saumya: If every Oberoi was targeted means there would be someone targeting di, Om bhaiya, Prinku and Rudy…

Rudy: Or already they had and we didn’t notice it…

Shagy: Sh*t… Now thinking about that I remember I saw Romi with Ranveer going in a vehicle together…

Shivaay: What does it have to do with them?

Om: You sure you saw Rumi and Ranveer together?

Shagy: I remember it clearly because I saw Rumi in the passenger seat of Ranveer’s personal jeep.

Shivaay: I don’t understand why Rudy’s ex and ASP matters…

Aadhira: Shagy… Shut up. If Om, Rudy and Prinku want to share what happened and happening in their life it is their wish, we can’t say a word. And for everyones information, I know what happened and I never hide things from Shagy so she also knows. Now you guys decide.

All went silent and SHivaay was fuming in anger.

Rudra was the first one to share how he got kidnapped by Rumi how he was tortured. Then he told them about how Saumya helped him with the help of Om.

Shivaay: Why the hell you didn’t tell me? Was that because I was not your real brother?

Rudra: Nahi bhaiya! It was not that. I felt disgusted and didn’t want to tell anyone. All I wanted to do was forget it.

Rudy helplessly cried. He broke down and sat on the chair due to the rushing of bad memories.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and saw his di giving him a supportive smile and SHagy gave him a glass of water. He was moved by both their gesture.

Om looked at Prinky and after a small nod from her, with a sigh he started talking. How he gave the car to Priyanka and the accident happened. No matter how much they search
both of them were not able to find the girl. After that how his guilt killed him and how he got into drugs all he told. He even told recently Priyanka found that the girl was Ranveer’s

Shivika and Rumya were shocked.

They all knew how much Om stood by truth and they understood how the guilt had killed him slowly.

This time Shivaay had tears and hugged Om very tightly. Rudra joined them.

Shivaay: Hereafter never hide anything from me.

Priyanka: Bhaiya, Ranveer is threatening me.

This word shook Obro’s, Anika and Saumya.

Priyanka: He said he will take revenge on me and Om bhaiya by marrying me and torturing me for his sister. He also said if I tell it to anyone or if I don’t do anything he don’t say, then he will frame Om bhaiya in the accident instead of me and put him in prison. I was silent because of that.

Obro’s were fuming like volcano by then.

Shagy: Do you like Ranveer?

Priaynka: NO!

She answered in a heart-beat and her voice was disgusted by that thought itself.

Priyanka: I did wrong to him but he stooped low to harm my Shivaay bhaiya and then he was framing my Om bhaiya now. How can you even think of that I would even like him? What happened that day was an accident, I would like to take punishment but I would not let it affect my brothers. You don’t even know how and all he threatened me.

For the first time all saw Priyanka this angry.

Shagy: Well that Ranveer was stupid to threaten you in random public place. Aadhira came to India earlier than planned because she found he was threatening you.

Priyanka: di!

Priyanka hugged her as tight as she can.

Aadhira: I might have left the house and your life. But I can never let my sister go through any problem.

Shagy went little far away and was watching all this drama…

With that she kissed her forehead.

Anika: So you don’t like Ranveer. But is there any other guy do you like?

Aadhira looked at Anika in ‘are you kidding me’ wala look

Anika: Just asking yar. It is better to ask her right! What are you saying Priyanka!

Priyanka blushed at that.

Anika: O bête ki! Who is that lucky boy?

Anika: Bhabhi, it is not like that. I like him but he doesn’t even know me.

Saumya: Liar. Today only… *Saumya shut her mouth suddenly realising what she did!*

Om: So who is he? I will do the back ground check and then support you in this.

Priyanka: O… bhaiya…

Shivaay: haan bol…

Rudra: Id he from our college? I will beat him…

Om and Saumya: Shut up Rudra…

Priyanka: Maan Singh Rathor!

Shagy choked on her own spit…

Aadhira pat her back… everyone gave a confused look…

Anika gave Shagy some water…

After few seconds of awkward silence…

Aadhira: Did you hear the name Shagy? Maan Singh Rathor…

A voice at the entrance…

“Yep! That is me.”

All turned towards to look at the source only to find A tall fit guy with brown eyes and mesmerising smile, in a blue t-shirt and a black jean.

Shivaay sat on the chair with a thud and ran his hand through his hair…

Omkara looked at him with assessing eyes…

Rudra glared at him…

Shagy: Say the name of the devil, it appears out of nowhere…

Maan just shook his head and walked towards Shagy and Aadhira with a smile.


Shagy arguing with Shivaay and Om.

Rudra thinks She is definitely Anika bhabhi’s sister…

Anika supporting Shagy in her idea of finding the truth about Rumi and Ranveer’s relationship…

Divided into groups for the plan and Shivaay was adamant in having Anika in his team…

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