Sibling by heart… Oberoi Heirs! ch 12

Ch 12
Shivaay apologized to Anika and they patched up.
Oberoi brothers and Jaanvy found Shagy as Anika’s sister.
Here goes the story:
In the evening all the oberoi’s were sitting and chatting.
Shivaay went to take Anika also.
Dadi wanted to know more about Shagy as well as Tej.
Obro’s decide it as a best time to know about her.
Saumya and Priyanka were also curious.
Shivaay walked into the hall carrying Anika in his arm.\

Shagy rolled her eyes at that but stayed silent after seeing a glare from Aadhira.
Svetlana also came there with the help of the nurse and gave a smile to everyone which was ignored by many.
Dadi: Puttar! Shagy, who all are there in your family? What are they doing?
Shagy: Well, I had a father, mother, a smart sister and a dog. They were my family but god snatched all of them from me in an accident. From then, it was only me. *she looked at Anika briefly* I grew up in a orphanage till fate separate me from there also. Eight years back I found my soul sister… Aadhira and few other friends. Right now they are my family.
Shagy said it with a smile.
Tej: You called my daughter your family which makes you the part of this family as well. You can treat us like one.
Shagy: I am sorry Mr.Oberoi, I am not a family person. Can treat my friends as my own not anyone else! I am not also fond of being in a family or taking advantage of people even if they are my family.
Svetlana: Did you have any bitter experience in family?
Shagy: Oh yes! Not everyone is blessed with it or there can be witches who come just to screw it up!
*Shagy snapped!*
Anika: Sorry to here about that. All were fine and we brought that topic and spoilt your mood.
Shagy: Nothing like that ANika… World will never forget what you are and who you are! So just accept it and be proud of it.
Aadhira moved next to Shagy and held her hand…
Saumya: I don’t understand.
Shagy: Ok… How do I put it??? When people meet me, they ask my name! I say SHagharika… Next question will be my surname… There goes the things down in the drain. A girl without surname and family to bring her up means she is a girl without a charcter and you can ask her anything. It starts from your classmates to the teacher, boss to co-worker even sometimes stranger.
Omkara felt like taking her in his arms and hiding her away from the society.
ANika looked at SHivaay unknowingly.
For a fraction of seconds every single one in the room looked at Shivaay and he looked down
Omkara: That is the most stupidest thing I have heard.

Shagy: Not everyone is YOU in this world. Just accept them as they are and walk away.
Om: There is no need for one to accept or adjust.
Tej: Sometimes we have to accept the society’s expectation… *he looked at OM*
Shagy: Exactly. Sometime you have to lie…
Om: People can chose not to…
Tia walked into the room and sat next to Shivaay. He looked irritated but kept quiet…
Shagy: But it is so much of a work and takes lots of resource you know!
Om: But truth always wins…
Tia: And Om always stands by truth. I advice you to back of as you are going to work for him now.
Shagy smirked at that and argued back.
Shagy: Smartness always wins! Lying to yourself that you are fine is better and gives you hope than crying at night. Lying to other that you are fine will not let them have an opportunity to break you more.
Om: It will definitely not help.
Shagy: Really… I punched my boss’s brother’s face and got kicked out of my job. I am going to lie in my next interview saying, I left my job because the distance of the company was inconvenience. Doing that I will get me job. My previous company will accept it for their reputation. My reason for doing that is it saves me few more days from the pervert eyes. Few days, sort lived peace is better than long living torture Mr.Omkara. We don’t cheat other because we cheat our self.
Aadhira: Truth is luxury for the girls like us… without surname or some family who openly supports us. Truth is not shield for all Om… We lie to our self and cheat on our self so that there will be little peace.
Everyone was at the loss of words.

Tej: I have an important meeting to attend now. Come Sakti.
With that Tej left with Sakti and Pinky for the first time looked at Aadhira without hate…
Svetlane’s phone rang and she picked it.
Svetlana: What? When? I will be there soon…
There was a panick in her voice.
Shagy: I am sorry to hear that your brother Ruban met with an accident. These days lorry drivers drive very rashly…
The fake pity in Shagy’s voice was evident and all were shocked to know how Shagy knew it.
Svetlana: How dare you!
Shagy: I told you I will make you remember me by today evening. We met because of your brother and it happened. Even now if you can’t remember me, then I can make you remember me by Aadhira. Don’t challenge me!
All were shocked by this revelation including Aadhira.
Aadhira: Ragav! (one of the body guard) Take Svetlana to the hospital and be with her till Badepapa order you otherwise.
Svetlana left the place fuming and Tia was uncomfortable.
Dadi: Beta… Why did you do like that?
Shagy: I gave what he deserves.
Anika: but…
Shagy: You don’t know what I lost because of them… So stay out of it! I am leaving. Mr.Omkara think well before making the decision to hire me.
Aadhira: I will drop her and come.
With that Aadhira left with Shagy not even glancing at Oberoi’s
Saumya: I can’t belive what happened just now…
Priyanka: I thought Shagy was a nice person but…
Rudra: May be that is her situation. We can’t judge her.
Anika: But did you notice how Svetlana was scared of SHagy…
Pinky: Haan Anika is rights… that means Svetlana is not goods…
Anika: Also Svetlana knows Shagy knows much about her…
Pinky: Svetlana did somethings to ours Aadhira which Shagy only knews abouts…
Om: Bhabhi and choti maa, I think you are right.
Dadi: We have to find what it is…
Tia who was listening to all this recorded the conversation and send it to Svetlana…

Shivaay’s room:
Anika was sitting in the bed.
Anika: Shagy is a good girl… I don’t understand why she did like that.
Shivaay: I think it will be good if you stay away from her Anika.
Anika: I don’t understand why billuji! She is like me. She faced many problems like me. She…
Shivaay: Don’t compare yourself with her. You are nowhere near here. You have a good heart that even forgave me but she hurt someone to take revenge on his sister. I want you to stay away from her. Now take rest. That is it.
With that Shivaay left to meet Omkara and Rudra…
Anika was confused by his behaviour but have she ever listened to her billuji’s words…

Omru’s room:
Rudra: I don’t understand what you see in her. She was cruel enough to harm someone. We say how she removed Svetlana’s oxygen mask the other day now Svetlana’s brother. Please understand.
Om: I don’t know I am confused.
Shivaay entered the room then…
Shivaay: Om! Rudy is right. She is another Ishana who believes in lying. She is heartless enough to hurt someone. I can’t allow her to become close to you or Anika.
Om: Shivaay! She is Anika’s sister. You can’t separate them
Shivaay: well she don’t want Anika to know about her and I will not let her to even meet Anika. She is heartless…
Om: I don’t think she is heartless. She was made to become like that. While growing up she didn’t have her parents or sister or someone who will protect her. She faced so many problems alone. She grew up with those problem May be Svetlana was the reason for her problems and that was why she did that.

Shivaay: Are you supporting her?
Om: Yes! If someone hurts me or RUdra, what would you do?
Shivaay: I will kill them…
Om: That is what she is doing… Are you saying her deeds are wrong because she don’t have a surname or she is not Shivaay Singh Oberoi…
Rudra: Om! Are you saying Shagy lost her loved ones because of Svetlana…
Om: I think so Rudra… May be Svetlana was the reason she lost her parents and Also Anika bhabhi… May be that was the reason she don’t want Anika bhabi to know that she is her chutki… To save Anika…
Rudra: but…
Rudra was cut off and everyone saw Anika storming into the room with tear filled eyes…
Anika: Shagy is my chutki?
She whispered…
Anika: you all knew but decided not to tell me…lie to me…
Om: Please bhabhi… It is not that…
And then Omkara and Rudra told her the truth…
Anika: But why she don’t want me…
Shivaay: May be she knows that she is not good for you!
Anika: Still she is my sister.
Shivaay: Be calm Anika. Both of us can’t afford to lose our sisters. Be patient…
Anika understood it.
Om: DO you remember Svetlana from anywhere? May be with your parents or in your house…
Anika: NO… I don’t remember anything. I don’t remember anything from my childhood apart from my name and Chutki… I don’t even remember chutki’s name or her face…
Shivaay looked on!
“That was why she was so happy when she found you remember her!” Om thought to himself.

Shagy’s flat:
Shagy: Do you think I did wrong today? When I was orphan and finally got something to hold on to she took it from me and ruined me Aadhira?
Aadhira: I don’t think that way but if Svetlana knows that Anika is your sister, she will ruin Anika’s life. Anika is innocent in all these… Svetlana ruined your and my life but ANika was not even related to her. Infact Anika saw Svetlana for the first time after entering Oberoi Mansion only. I don’t know. I am worried for Anika…
Shagy: She will be safe… I trust her with you!
Aadhira: lock the door. I am leaving.

Omkara’s room:
“You don’t remember anything about Shagy! Her real name is Shagarika! Do you remember anything now?” Om asked her for which Anika nod her head in negative.
“She is a mystery!” Om muttered.
Rudra: Why do you say that?
Om: You remember I told you I met her in orphanage. She comes there every weekend to teach them for free. From maths to history, from craft to singing. She was very talented but she was always closed even to the children there. She don’t donate there but she spend her quality time there. She changed 15 jobs in 4 years. Maximum she lasted in a job was for 3 months. All called her closed and composed person but she always lost her patience when she was around Svetlana. Sadly I understand her pain and accept her reasons that lies are not bad. It is mystery…
Om rambled and Everyone looked on…
Rudra: I never thought you will be a stalker enough to find all these information.
Om: When you like a girl you will do anything to know about her.
Anika & Shivaay: WHAT!

Om: I do like her and I am curious to know more of her secret. I want her to trust me… I want her to say all the truth she denied herself… I want her to be comfortable in my arms and put her burdens in my shoulder… I want to hide her in my arms and protect her from this world…
Rudra: Do you love her?
Om: May be… but I think she is perfect for me!
Shivaay sat on the bed with his head in his hand…

Shagy in Om’s art gallery…
Anika finds out that Tia and Svetlana are sisters…

Author notes:
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