Sibling by heart… Oberoi Heirs! ch 11

Ch 11:

Author note:
I was admitted in hospital and got discharged today only. Saw all the comments. I understand the suggestion about Aadhira’s character and I have my reasons. When a character who is not a part of the story is introduced in the fanfiction I believe as a author I have to give more importance… So the readers accept the character… Similarly, Aadhira’s character was strong reason and her bond with Shagy plays an important role.

In future episodes, there will be less Aadhira part…

But shagy’s role will be more as she have to fall for Om… because she have her walls up!

Less of Shivika scene because SHivaay is repenting and Anika was hurt physically by Daksh and mentally by Shivaay. She is taking rest so she was not there much in the last episode… From next one she will be there more…

I hope you guys understand…

Anika was humiliated by Shivaay but she was silent for Sahil…
Anika stood for her self-respect and got support from Aadhira and Jaanvi.
Om Falling for Shagy…
Daksh kidnapping Anika…
Oberoi siblings save Anika and start to avoid Shivaay.
Shagy in Oberoi mansion…

Here goes the story:

Shivaay’s POV:
I can’t stand the fact my Anika was shutting me out of her life.
Is this what Om always spoke about… How your loved ones small act will suffocate you!
I have hurted my Anika.
I should apologize and make her understand…
With that determination moved towards di’s room.
Aadhira’s room:
Aadhira was feeding Anika and di’s friend was with her.
There was something weird about this Shagy girl…
And she was very uncomfortable in there. I don’t understand why as she was di’s friend…
Was she uncomfortable in Anika’s presence…
Hope she is not making my Anika feel bad, if she is then she had to face me…
I knocked the door.
All the three looked at me and resumed what they were doing except Shagy who left the room abruptly.
Anika: She is really good girl! She is lucky to have you as a friend.
Aadhira: No Anika… I am lucky to have her as a friend.
With that Aadhira took the tray and left. Anika helplessly looked at her.
Shivaay entered the room and locked it.

*No one’s POV*

Anika was nervous.
She decided to ignore him but it was her baagad billa…
He went towards her and sat on the bed…
Anika was shocked when Shivaay took her hand in his.
Shivaay: I am not going to apologize. I am going to make you understand. With the truth that I didn’t told anyone. I liked you so much Anika. I realised it. But Daksh came and proposed you. I hated it and was happy when you denied. I never knew why or I was scared to question it. My mum loved me because she thought me being the eldest heir gives her more power. My dad never stood for anyone including his love. My badepapa and bademaa were never a happy couple. I had to grew up fast to take care of me siblings. My dadi felt proud instead of allowing me to be of my age. But for you Anika none of it mattered. So I wanted you for myself as you always had courage to dare me, tease me, pull pranks on me but it scared me. What if all this turns into haunting and hurt-filled memory. I was scared that thinking about you in future might hurt me. So I chose something very easy… close the eyes and be a blind and hurt someone who was trying to help me. That is you Anika… I was angry when Daksh said he slept with you and you took money for that. I was angry and felt betrayed because I thought you as mine. I thought you will not hurt me… I realised I like you then. It didn’t made anything easy… I thought you also like Daksh but I saw you taking the paper for money from him which infuriated me. I did the stupid thing by pushing you away. When I saw Tia’s letter I was relieved as well as scared for my family’s reputation. I tried my level to save it but then I saw you. This was a way for me to keep you in my life. I chose a wrong and easy path again. I will not say that I don’t know what is right or wrong. I knew what I did was wrong but I will never be able to forgive myself for that. Still I am not an idiot to let you go away from my life. I grabbed it. I married you but was scared of that you still liked Daksh. I can’t take that… it suffocated me… So I hurted you more. Next day Tia called me drop the shock of my life. I don’t want my family’s name to be at skate or to hurt you… SO again I chose the easy path of pushing you away. But I realised that I love you. Please Anika… I still don’t believe that child is mine. I don’t know what to do… I am helpless for the first time… *His voice broke and started crying*
*O Jaana played in the back-ground*

Anika who was avoiding Shivaay was listening to his words… It moved her heart. She saw the broken boy in him… She saw how much he was scared of love and how much she loves her…
Without any warning she wrapped her arms around him…
Both of them cried in each other’s embrace…
Shivaay broke the hug first but held her hand and looked in her eyes…
Shivaay: Shivaay Singh Oberoi… never accepts defeat… I will wait and fight for my love…
Anika: Baagad billa!
Shivaay: I am sorry meri panika… I love you!
With that he lifted her in his arms carefully…
Anika: What are you doing billuji? *She stammered*
Shivaay: To our room…
He stood near the door and ANika opened the latch… they slowly opened the door…
Both were lost in each other’s eyes… but was disturbed a click sound…
There stood Saumya with camera capturing the amazing moment… next to her stood Rudra…
Aadhira and Om were looking at them with smirk…
Shagy was aloof… She was standing little far but there was a smile in her face!
Shivaay: What the wuck!

Om: We came few minutes back only. We didn’t hear most of the part though…
Rudra: But we heard you saying sorry bhaiyya!
Shivaay & Om: Shut up Rudra!
Anika’s face was red with embracement…
Shagy: I think it would be better if Mr. Oberoi take his wife to his room before he drops her or any vampire try to separate them.
With that she left!
Everyone looked on…
Aadhira ran her hand through her hair in frustration as she knew why and for what she was frustrated.
She smiled at Shivaay and went after Shagy…
Omru also smiled at them and left.
Shivaay: There is something wrong with that girl!
Anika: Shagy is really is arrogant but she is sweet! Just like you…
Last part came as a whisper… But shivaay heard it…
He kissed her forehead and started to walk towards his room.
*In kitchen*
Omru enter the kitchen to saw that Aadhira hugging Shagy. It looked like Shagy cried.
Om: Is everything ok?

Aadhira: It will be Om!
Shagy: If you think a sorry will make everything ok I highly doubt it.
With those words she was about to leave but Aadhira held her hand.
Aadhira: Shagy! I am…
Shagy: Stop being partial and keep your reasons with you!
With that she freed her hands…
But at the same time, Svetlana entered the kitchen with Jaanvy…
Om: Maa…
Jaanvy: nothing Om… leave…
Svetlana: I want to eat my favourite dish and your mother will make it as I INSTRUCT HER TO DO IT!
Jaanvy was avoiding looking anyone in the room.
Shagy: We met again Svetlana… I am glad… I am not sure about you!
Svetlana was shocked!
Everyone looked at her…
Aadhira: Not now Shagy!
Shagy: Then when… She ruined my life! My peace! *Shagy raised her voice and calmed herself thinking about her surroundings*
Shagy stood before Svetlana and bend towards her eye level.
Shagy: I am sure you remember me! 8 years may be a long time but I know you enjoyed those days… Don’t you Svetlana.
Aadhira: Shagy… Not now… For me and my badepapa’s sake…
Shagy: everyone is selfish in their own way! Isn’t it the lesson you taught me Svetlana…
Svetlana: I don’t understand what you are talking about… I don’t know you…
Shagy: You will by the end of today evening… I believe in revenge is best served when it is cold and spoilt…
Shagy straighten herself…
Shagy: Nurse…
Nurse came there…

Shagy: Take Svetlana to the room… She needs rest not her favourite dish!
All were standing in the kitchen lost in their own thoughts…
Jaanvy looked at Aadhira and Omru helplessly
Aadhira: Shagy! What is your plan? You can’t be irrational or bring more problems…
Aadhira walked to Shagy and pulled her closer and whispered in a deadly tone!
Aadhira: Stop being stupid Shagy! I would risk my life to save Anika not because she is my bhabhi… just because she is your Anu di. I came back to this house for Anika and you only! Get that into your thick skull… You Anu di is married to Oberoi now!
Everyone in the kitchen heard it and also one more person who was about to enter the Kitchen…
“Are you chutki by any chance?” Shivaay’s voice stopped everyone.
“How do you know? Did she talk about me?” Shagy’s eye became teary.
“She had nightmares about both of you getting separated… she never spoke but I was able to guess it!” Shivaay said.
“She remembers! She remembers me! My di still remembers me! She didn’t forget about me… Anu di! She…” with a smile and happy tears in eyes Shagy was repeating the same thing.
Aadhira took her in her arms and hugged her.

It took few minutes for her to become normal.
Om: I think we should tell Anika.
Aadhira: Om! Don’t… Shagy, what do you want to do?
Shagy: There is nothing to do… I don’t want anyone to tell her… If they do no one will be able to trace where I am! You know my skills to hide, don’t you!
The plead and silent threat by Shagy was noticed by everyone…
Aadhira: It will right?
She looked at her siblings and bademaa expectingly…
Jaanvy: but beta… won’t she be happy to know about her own sister…
Aadhira: Please bademaa… for me! Last time when I left Oberoi mansion, at least I was in touch with you… if Anika finds about it, then even I will leave the house again… no one will knew whether I am alive or not!
That word made everyone shiver…
Due to the emotional blackmail everyone agreed to it!

Shivomru discussing about Shagy…
Om expressing his attraction towards Shagy and his confusion to his brothers…
Doctor in Oberoi mansion to collect the blood sample of Shivaay and Tia’s fetus…

What do you guys think?
Is Om making a mistake by falling for Shagy?
What do you guys think about Shagy?

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    1. VJey

      She has a purpose but Anika’s family was not destroyed by Svetlana. But you gave me this idea which Obro’s believe which is coming in the next chapter!
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  17. Mrunal

    i loved the way shivaay convinced annika…
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