Sibling by heart… Oberoi Heirs! ch 10

Ch 10:
Author note:
New cast is introduced in this chapter. Helly Shah as Shagarika aka Shagy playing a pair to Omkara Singh Oberoi.
Shivaay was even more heart broken when he reached Oberoi Mansion and heard Anika saying she don’t want to stay in the same room as Shivaay. He was willing to give up his room before his sister asked Anika to share her room. Shivaay was shaken but he didn’t have much to do about it.
“Make sure she takes complete rest and don’t take any stress. Nothing to worry. She will be fine Mr Oberoi!” Doctor told to Shivaay when he was leaving.
Anika was sleeping peacefully.
Aadhira walked out of the room closing the door.
Then came Tia with her mother.
Tia: Shivaay! I want to talk to you right now!
Shivaay: Listen… I can’t…
Tia: It is about your child!
Shivaay: Fine.

They went to his room to have a talk and Omru gave a disappointed look to Shivaay. But they decided to follow and hear the conversation.
Mrs.Kapoor: You know, we can’t hide this pregnancy from the media for a long time. You better stop your feelings towards Anika for the name of Oberoi’s. And Imagine, if the media’s start to call Anika as a house-breaker, she would be even more worried. I am saying this for the sake of Anika and Oberoi family.
With that word, Mrs. Kapoor left leaving him fuming in the anger.
Rudra: Bhaiya! That senior lady baba is threatening you saying this because Anika bhabhi and Oberoi family is more important to you.
Om: Yeah SHivaay. We can’t let this happen.
Shivaay: I still can’t believe that the child is mine and… I love Anika Om! Like you said, I have fallen for someone whose presence matter and the absence choke me. I want her in my life Om. Please.
Soumya: Bade bhaiya! Everyone… actually… please come…
They all ran to guest room see the doctor was checking Svetlana and she was bleeding. Tej was worried and holding her hand tightly. Everyone in the family except Anika was present there.
Also Mrs. Kapoor and Tia were no where around.
Aadhira was next to Jaanvy supporting her.
Tej: How is she now doctor?
Doctor: She will be fine. The accident wounds were not major but she is showing the signs of physical fatigue. So she needs a bed rest at least for a month. Once she wakes up, call me. I have to do few more check-ups.
Aadhira: Good! Thank you!
Shivaay: But how did this happen?
Tej: My cars brake failed and Shvetlana came there to safe me. My car hits her pretty badly.
Aadhira: She saved your life and we have to take care of her till she gets better.
Tej: I will take her.
Aadhira: No need bade papa. I mean… even you got hurt. You go to the room and take care of her. I have called a nurse and I will stay her if you wish bade papa.
Tej: Stay here and take care of her.

With that Tej left and Sakti followed him.
Everyone looked at Aadhira as if she stabbed them in their heart.
Pinky: I thought you are good as you saved Anika beta. But NO! You proved us wrong. Well… even your mother was like Svetlana, right? Then you will obviously help her.
Aadhira: There is a difference between my mother and Svetlana. My mother never was with a married men or she was not a house-breaker. She had me with her lover, unfortunately he became your husband Pinkyji!
Pinky: YOU!
Dadi: Stop it both of you. Why did you do that Aadhira?
A voice: Keep your friends close and enemies closer… *was heard from the door…*
The voice soothed Om from all his miseries.
He turned and looked at the girl who was standing by the door with her arms crossed and a smirk on the face.
She was wearing a simple black shirt and a blue jean. Her long hair was left open and it was curled in the end.
Behind her stood a nurse in her uniform.
The girl who captured Om’s heart walked inside the room with a confidence and her eyes were only on Svetlana. The eyes speaking the language of hatred.
The girl: What is she on?
Aadhira: Pain killers and few medicines to keep her unconscious.
The girl: Lovely! How about I remove her oxygen mask and saw her to death.
Aadhira: It is a tempting offer that I can never say NO to Shagy! Instead of killing the goose in one go how about we torture her for a month…
Jaanvy: What are you saying Dhiru?
The girl: Well… we are saying what we feel… At the end of the day it is torture that matters…
With that Om’s Angel removed the oxygen mask. Svetlana’s breathing became erratic and she started to struggle to breath.

Every single Oberoi froze by that.
Aadhira: I want her alive for next few days Shagy! Hold it Shagy…
Aadhira signalled the nurse who walked to the bed and adjusted Svetlana’s mask.
Aadhira: Let’s go everyone. We have lots of talking to do!
Shagy: Can I stay back and continue my game… Please!
Aadhira: Shut up and come with me.
With a huff, the girl walked with Aadhira.
“She is behaving like a stubborn child with Aadhira but few minutes before what she did was really not cool!” thought Om
Everyone looked at her.
All the Oberoi’s walked out of the room… to the hall.
All were seated and it was a dead silence in the room.
“I am going to make few changes and I discussed it with Shivaay before. It is to resort the family’s peace. You have to accept it. For the sake of Oberoi family.” Aadhira said.
“The moment you leave this house only my peace will be restored!” Pinky said.
“Don’t worry about that. Once everything is cleared, she will come with me to live…” Shagy said looking at her phone.
“Bade maa, Dadi and Pinkyji… Just trust me!” Aadhira plead.
Shagy glared at Aadhira for pleading to them…
Tej and Sakti came to the hall and everyone hid the conversation they were having.
Tej: What happened Dhiru? Why did you call everyone here?
Shivaay: It was me bade papa. Daksh entered our house and kidnapped Anika. Your car’s break was cut here. There were so many past incidents also. I think we should fire the security agency.
Then he shared a knowing look with Aadhira.
Tej: But it is Svetlana’s agency and I trust Svetlana. Once she is fine, she will look into it.
Shivaay: But bade papa… It will take a month. I think we should hire Aadhira di’s security agency which helped us in finding Anika as soon as we asked them. Whereas, Svetlana’s agency is still trying to figure it out.
Shagy: Now your field visit will be interesting minty. (Shagy calls Aadhira as Minty!)
Aadhira glared at Shagy…
Tej: And who are you?
Aadhira: I have told you right… My best friend Shagy… I mean Shagarika!
Tej just nod his head and Shagy smiled.
Aadhira: You guys think and decide which agency you hire. It need not to be mine. But I highly recommend you to fire the current agency bade papa.
Tej: I think Shivaay is right. We will hire yours for now!
With that word, Tej went to guest room to check on Svetlana.
Shagy: What are you waiting for?
Aadhira: I already called them. They will be here in few minutes.
Even before she completes her word, 6 male and 6 female dressed in similar suits enter the hall.

One guy stepped front.
“Mam! We took over. All the teams were placed as you said and where.”
Aadhira: Good!
She started assigning the body guards to everyone in the house among the 12 who entered the house. Shivaay, Om, Rudra, Tej and Sakti have one male body guard each
Priyanka is having one male and female guard.
Pinky, Jaanvy, Saumay, Anika and Shagy gets one guard each.
Shivaay: Di! Everything is going according to our plan, right?
Aadhira: As far as now… YES!
Omru looked at both of them and raised their eye brow at them which both the siblings ignored.
Shagy: May I know why I am getting a body guard.
Aadhira: As you are fired from your job today and so you will be visiting me often. I don’t want you to kill Svetlana or lose your cool before her…
Shagy: Hey! It was not my fault that I got fired and I lose my cool easily…
Aadhira: As we are in this topic of you got fired, tell me is the reason new or the usual old ones?
Shagy: Same old ones… But this time it was my boss’s brother.
Om: Matlab?
Aadhira: Men in her work place will hit on her and then she will hit them… sometimes, it would be her higher officials but her treatment would be same… So she will be fired…
Shagy: Again finding new job starts…
Aadhira & Shagy: Boys! All are same!
Shagy laughed with her.
Om was disturbed to hear that…
Shivaay who noticed how Om was looking at Shagy and figured, this was the one Rudra spoke about. He looked at Rudra for confirmation which he agreed.
Shivaay: I can offer you a job here. I mean to organise and supervise the security. Also the event planner for Oberoi family.
Aadhira: Shivaay! She is an interior designer and she is very bad with handling people… the job you offered will never fit her!
Shivaay: In that case she can help Om… He want to re-decorate his art gallery and also his work room in the house I guess…
Aadhira: Really?
Om: Yeah di!
Aadhira: Do you want to work on it?
Shagy: Do you want me to?
Aadhira: What kind of question is? You are the best I have seen…
Shagy: I will think about it and let you know later.
Aadhira: Non-sense. You are working in Om’s Art gallery for me… Please…
Shagy was about to deny but Aadhira made a puppy face…
Shagy: Stop making that face babe… please… No!… Argh! OKAY! FINE!
Aadhira hugged Shagy!
Shagy: But I will work on it tomorrow only! Not today!
Om: Yeah… Sure!
Om smiled brightly…

Svetlana was shocked to see Shagy in Oberoi mansion.
Obro’s notices it!
Blood sample for DNA test is collected again.

Author Note:
Thank you for the amaxing support my dear Ishbaazian.

Please leave your views about today’s episode and the new entry aka Shagy!

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