Sibling by heart… Oberoi Heirs! ch 1


Sibling by heart… Oberoi Heirs!

“Meet my wife Tia SHivay Singh Oberoi!” SHivaay introduced Tia as his wife when his wife was standing right in front of him…

Humiliated by Shivay but still stood there for her Brother, Anika paid no attention to the surroundings. Everyone was happily meeting Tia and Shivay. Anika just stood there without saying anything. This is odd.

Omkara thinks that “Anika values her self-respect is the most important aspect. Then why are you standing as if you are not disrespected. There are stupid people coming and asking you random useless questions but still you are silent. Why Anika? What happened? Why did you marry him?”

Om cornered Anika so that he can ask her his doubts.

Anika: What happened Om? You looked tense. Is there any problem?

Om: Yeah. Huge problem in this function.

Anika: What happened? Tell me so that I can rectify it before it becomes the issue.

Rudra who is passing by cannot tolerate any more.

Rudra: Very big problem Anika. Instead of my bhabhi someone else is standing there. Rectify it as soon as possible.

Anika: That is it. I don’t understand how it is a problem!

Om: Really bhabhi…

Anika: Yeah… (she said with a smile)

Om: Fine. Just answer me Bhabhi. You know that I hate lies and you will never forgive people who lied to me. Why did you marry Shivaay?

*Anika is silent for few minutes. She looked at Om and Rudra and remembered the friendly bond they share. She looked at Shivaay who was happily talking with the people from business world. Which she don’t belong to.*

Anika: Like Shivaay said it was all because of situation. I wish I have power to go back and change things, so that I would have never met him in the first place… Trust me!

Rudra: I don’t understand Bhabhi.

Om: Even I don’t. But at least give a direct answer to it. Your husband, Shivaay Singh Oberoi is introducing some other girl as his to the world. How can you smile?

Anika: Om! It is easy to accept and face the problem with smile than to be feared of it.

Om: Anika… You can always share your problem with us. We will stand by you…

Anika: I am used to it… Standing alone and solving my problems all by myself… I got used to problem and pain…

She just smiled at them and walked away.

Precap: Shivaay’s truth

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P.S: Initial 2 parts will be similar to Ishqbaaz but then the track takes a huge turn!

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  5. Nice…pls make it a bit longgggg

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      sure… I will make long chapters

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  8. Its nice……

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    How vaishu it’s amazing. Waiting for the twist

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