Siam Separation – The Play of fate (Part 1)


Author’s Note –
This is a fictional work guys… hope u will enjoy.. pls support and share ur views… criticism is also welcomed… pls do cmnt guys..

Here it starts:

One fine day, Ayodhya is filled with celebrations everywhere.. only happiness is seen in the face of Ayodhya people… everyone is awaiting for the arrival of the trio… The Palace of Ayodhya is decorated in a grand manner.. The streets was overflowing with dancing and singing. The people in the Ayodhya decorating their house with flowers…

The homes and streets was filled with diyas everywhere.. One man informs the praja ” Ayodhyadhipathi Shri Ram, Mata Sita and beloved Prince Lakshman arrived to Ayodhya” The minds and hearts of Ayodhya people overfilled with happiness.. The raj parivar is waiting for the return of the trio in Nandi gram where Bharat lives as a sanyasi… Then the happiest moment knocked the door of Ayodhya.. It was the arrival of Lord Ram with his better half Siya and his beloved brother Lakshman returning to Ayodhya on pushpaka viman.. The entire family of Ayodhya with their kul guru Vashisht is waiting for dis golden moment.. And Lord Ram stepped in the land with his leg which is as soft as a flower and so Siya and Lakshman did…. The happiness of the family knew no bounds….

Ram was overjoyed to see his family after verry long time.. At first Rama touched gurudev’s feet to get blessings.. And slowly Ram moved to see his mothers who was waiting to see him.. Ram first took blessings from Kaikeyi and she hugged him… Ram then took blessings from kaushalya and she also hugged him and then he also took blessings from sumitra and shee too hugged him… Siya and Lakshman also took blessings from everyone… And then four brothers and four sisters hugged… The city was seen with celebrations everywhere.. And the whole left for palace… on the way the prajas were welcoming the trio by blowing flowers on them and chanting “Siya var Ram chandra ki jai” and “Ayodhyadhipathi ki jai”…

After this they all entered palace and Aarti was dine to them… Ram followed rituals and took blessings from his father and ancestors… And they changed their attires and the palace is filled with happiness everywhere..

Precap: The arrangements for coronation of Ram is taking place and in night the whole family is having food in dining hall.. Mothers feed the sons and bahus…

Thanks for reading guys… I hope I don’t bore u If I bored u pls tell.. and pls share ur views guys.. ur cmnts is a great support..

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  1. no di it was not boring at all , the way u described people’s happiness was nice . the precap looks interesting . happy that u chose this topic to write fanfiction . update next part soon

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u Soo much dear… ur cmnt made me happy… I have posted the next Epi.. it will get posted today night or tmrw morning.☺☺

  2. NABANITA626

    Very nice writing padma.truely it’s awesome.waiting for next epi.
    Love you?

    1. Padmaja

      Dii thank u sooo much… happy to hear ur cmnt dii.. and love u too ??

  3. akka romba nalla irukku .it was amazing

    1. Padmaja

      Really thank u soo much dear…happy to hear dis..

  4. Malvi

    No place of boring !! Awesome will wait tomorrow !! ✌✌? And pls make a Lakshmila one too ? exiting precap

    1. Vanshika

      Malvi dii!!!!!!!! Omggg I’m so soooo happy toooooo see ur comment,, hw r u di??

      1. Malvi

        I’m good dear & yeah it had been a long time coming here. How r u?

    2. Padmaja

      Really very thank u dear… it means a lot to me…

      1. Malvi

        No thanks… ?

    3. NABANITA626

      Hi malvi?
      Happy to say your comment many days are you?

      1. NABANITA626

        Sorry it’s see.

      2. Malvi

        Hi di. I’m good. Yeah it was so long chatting wid u! How r u?

    4. NABANITA626

      I am also fine……..
      And now waiting for our durgapuja.just 10 days preparation is going on.and I am very very happy.
      Please comment whenever you get time.ok?our skr page is missing many old members within you….

      1. Malvi

        Sure !! 😉

  5. Shrinithi

    its awsome di pls continue it….

    1. Padmaja

      Very thank u dear… and sure I will continue it..

  6. Vanshika

    Hey dii ? it’s NT good at all.. It’s very very very very very very very best ?? never boring luv u ?

    1. Padmaja

      Vanshu cutie reaallly thank u dear… love u too dear..

  7. Swastika

    Di its awesome and it is not at all boring waiting for next part

    1. Padmaja

      Hi cutie verry thanks dear.. and I think next part will be posted today night or tmrw morning. Happy to seee ur cmnt..

  8. Anushya

    akka supera irukku ennaku romba pidichidhu. inno nareyya eluthinga pls…

    1. Padmaja

      Thanks a lot chellam.. hmm kandippa try panren… Thanks a lot for supporting me…

  9. Awesome…it’s not boring at all…please update the next part…eagerly waiting…

    1. Padmaja

      Dii really thank u Soo much fir ur support.. and I have updated I think it will be oosted today.

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