Siam Separation- The play of fate (Part-9)


Hi guys!!!!! I am back with my ff. Sry for the late update. Hope u like it…

The epi starts with sita is getting ready to go to ashram to get rishi’s blessings. She goes and taps the door of Ram’s room. She had no reply. Lakshman headed towards her and said,” bhabhi bhaiya will not come now with us because of a important work.” She listened to him and again called him,” Raghunandan!! Raghunandan!!!!” Again there was no reply. Tears rolled down from her cheek. She wished to see her Raghunandan before her departure but she couldn’t. Lakshman’s eyes filled with tears after seeing this. He controlled his tears. She asked him what was the reason for his silence. Lakshma replied,” nothing bhabhi he felt too tired after his court works so he would be sleeping now.” Sita just saw the door with tear filled eyes. She kept a flower below the door and headed towards the chariot followed by lakshman. On other side of the room was sitting Ram, living the worst day of his life. He never ignored her call nor made to wait for him. But he did it now. He is in uncontrollable tears. Nothing can stop him from crying. When he heard the call Raghunandan from her Siya his heart broke into thousands. He sat here just looking at the door with ocean of tears in his eyes. The flower which she kept below the door came to him through the air.He took the flower to his heart . He felt like thousands of arrows pierced his heart. He broke down crying like a child.
As on other hand, when Lakshman is going near the chariot he heard a call,”Wait for me Lakshman. I have forgotten something.” said Sita. Saying so she went back to the Palace and gave the following instructions:

She instructed the cook,”Pour ghee generously on his rice, even if he protests. He will not admit it but he likes it.”
She said to the lady who cleaned his room,”Make sure you mop after you sweep. He will not complain but dusts bothers him.”
She said to the man who arranged his clothes, “Make sure you sprinkle the scent of jasmine on his upper garments. He will never demand it but he like the perfume.”
She said to the gardener,”Every morning prepare a garland of white lotus flowers and deep green tulsi leaves for him to do puja. He is too shy to ask you for it.”

The words which came out from Siya filled Ram in moreee tears as he is hearing these from the windows. He broke down tapping the floor because of his inability.

Lakshman was awestruck by her care for his bhaiya. As he was already controlling all his tears this moment made him to cry out loud. Sita, in utter confusion asked him the reason. He answered, “Nothing bhabhi!!! U care for bhaiya sooo much. This made me emotional. ” hiding all his real feelings. Sita just smiled and signed him to take her. Lakshman went forward followed by Sita. As sita sat in the chariot she signed Lakshman to start the journey. She had a last look at the palace. She never thought that it was her last day in the palace, moreover last day with her Raghunandan. Her journey started. She never ever knew that it was her last journey as a queen. She left the palace. She left her Raghunandan. Her life’s another phrase started, not as a queen but as a mother. Lakshman who was driving is in tears. But Sita never noticed this. She was just involved in the beauty of the forest, the nature and moreover her mother earth. The chariot is heading towards the forest.Time passes. Suddenly the chariot stops. Lakshman signs Sita to get down. She juat look around the forest and tells,” I cannot able to see any ashram nearby. Are u sure about the place??” She turns around to see Lakshman was in tears. His red eyes shows sorrow and pain. She was confused. She asks why he was crying. “Bhabhi, when I think how you are going to live here it makes me cry. And I am really sorry bhabhi.” came a heart piercing reply. She says,” Lakshman who is going to live here?? I only came to take the blessings. As soon as we take the blessings we can return to ayodhya. Raghunandan will be waiting for us na. And why are you asking sorry.” replied Sita. “No bhabhi!! I am really sorry. I am ordered to leave u in the forest. Ya King Ram has abandoned the Queen. But Raghunandan will never ever do this. ” saying so he fell in her feet sobbing. Sita was in utter shock now. She closes her ears after hearing those words from her dear Lakshman. She gets weaken amd falls on the ground.

Precap-Lakshman returns to Ayodhya.And the ending of this FF.

Hope u guys like it. Pls cmny ur views. Love u all ♥♥

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  1. Preethi12345

    padma akka why did you finish this ff i loved it a lot cant u plz continue it? u could have shown sita s sufferings in the forest .
    anyway akka i loved this ff a lot
    it was interesting and made me emotional
    hats off to u akka

    1. Padmaja

      Hi preethi dearie it has one more part.. thank u soo much for ur cmnt.. happy that u liked I… I will update the next one soon.. don’t worry I will write another ff… love u ♥♥♥

      1. Preethi12345

        oh sorry akka when i saw the lines ast part in the precap i thought that this was the last part but i am very happy to hear that u r writing another part ……… love u tooooo!!!!!!!

  2. Oh …..its really awesome…….so keep it…….thanks all of you for remembaring Skr in our mind allways……

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much joy da…

  3. DebleenaNandy

    So Bad……

  4. Thanmathi

    Hey sorry yaar didn’t know u have updated it. U have amazing talent dearie awesome writer and about the epi soo emotional I remembered Sri Rama Rajya movie and loved the way Siya cared for Ram end of ff I know if has to end someday but are u planning to show luv kush birth and Urmila’s reaction??

    1. Padmaja

      No sorries dearie.. forgot????
      And thank u soo much for ur appreciation. ..and the next aprt will be the ending and I will update it soon.. and I will show lav kush.. and the ending will be somewhat different…

  5. NABANITA626

    So good dearie……………….

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much dii..

  6. NABANITA626

    Hi a good news for all……….
    Madrakshi moondle aka our siya is backing with her new show,which is a rashmi sharma s show.
    Yukti kappor aka our urmila is also backing with her new show of zee tv.

  7. Padmaja

    Ya dii I also heard that. .. and happy for that…

  8. Vanshika

    Akka hate u you made me cry ??????????
    Ending will b somewhat different ???????????
    What’s ur plan… Pls update asap..
    N sorry for late comment

    1. Padmaja

      Omg!!!! Vanshi sry for making u to cry..I really tried not to make u to cry… I have posted my next part now… so u can read it soon.. and no sries yr.. love u ♥♥♥♥

  9. Vanshika

    And the last sentence was totally ???????

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