Siam Separation- The play of fate (Part -8)


Hi guys!!! Hope all r fine. I am back with my ff. Sry for this long wait. Busy in studies so only. Hope u like this part. Happy reading☺☺☺
The Epi starts with Ram is crying in the room where the statues of their ancestors is kept. Ram asks them, “How can I abandon my my wife who has done her patni dharma selflessly?? She is my life, my soul, my ramaa. I cannot able to imagine my life without her. She doesn’t deserves this. She is known for her purity. Agni dev got pure by her agnipravesh. Nothing can be purer than her to me in this
world. How can a question of purity arise on her when she proved her chasity to the world in Lanka. Is it because she done that in Lanka?? No I am going to sacrifice this throne. I am going to go to van along with her. I sacrifice this Rajya, this post everything.

I dont want my Sita to suffer. Saying so ram burst out crying. Suddenly he hears a echo speaking,”Ram it is not good to sacrifice the throne for the sake of ur wife. First it is the duty of a king to think the welfare of his praja and Rajya. And you are a king first then a husband second. Raghuvansh is known for the sacrifice they had done to the welfare of the people. It is the primary duty of a Raghuvanshi to protect their promises. And there r raghuvanshis who sacrificed their life for the sake of a promise. Ur father is a good example for that. He sacrificed his life for the sake of the word given to Kaikeyi. So keep the promise in mind”. Ram’s lotus eyes filled with tears of pain after hearing this. He broke down completely. He have only two ways. One is to abandon Sita. And the other is to sacrifice his thrown. He sits there crying. The three brothers arrive there and shocked to see Ram in this state. They rush to the place and makes him stand.

Lakshman- What happened bhaiya??
Bharath- Bhaiya y r u crying??
Ram- Bharath I am going to sacrifice this throne. Pls u rule the Kingdom and do ur dharm.
Bharath-(shocked) Why I have to??
Shatrughnan- Bhaiya can u pls tell me what is happening??What made u take this horrible decision??
Ram- The praja of Ayodhya is questioning sitas chasity. They don’t want a impure women to be seated on Ayodhya’s throne. They declared my pure Sita as impure women as she resided in Lakna for ten months..
Ram finished narrating and ended up sobbing heavily.
Lakshman who burst like a valcano after hearing this declared that he will kill that badra for badmouthing his dear mother like Bhabhi but was stopped by Ram’s strong hands. Ram continues, ” He is not the only one who is saying this. He just represents the praja and doesn’t deserve any punishment.”

Bharath,” Bhaiya, I will tell him that my Bhabhi is the purest in this world. I will explain to him. Pls don’t take any harsh decisions.” Ram, Bharat how many explanations u r going to give everyone?? 10 or 20 or even 50. But keep in mind that the whole Ayodhya is standing against her. So it is not possible at all. So it is my final decision to sacrifice this throne. Bharath take this Rajya. I better go to van and live there a peaceful life with my wife.” Suddenly he felt a jerk in his leg. He felt two hands holding his leg. He bent down to see Bharath holding his leg and crying. Bharat, “Bhaiya I can even accept death punishment declared by u but not this order. It is better to die than to accept this. I am not at all suitable to be a king of Ayodhya.” Ram makes him stand and tap his shoulder while tears brimming in his eyes. He stare Lakshman to see he nodded a no to his proposal with tears falling down his cheek. He then happens to see Shatrughnan joining his hands and pleading him signing a no. Ram was left in utter confusion.

His brothers are not ready to accept the Rajya. And the only way left is SACRIFICING SITA. He just left the place and headed towards his chambers. He happens to see Sita sleeping peacefully in the bed. He gone near to her. He took his hands up to adjust her blanket and stopped him from doing so. He sees her tears brimming in his eyes. He decides not to disturb her and headed to leave and was stopped by a call. “RAGHUNANDAN”. He stops there by hearing a sweet voice her Ramaa. She comes forward to him. He hurriedly wipes off all his tear and made sure that she didn’t noticed this. She came near him. He turned to her showing a fake smile covering his face. She smiled and asked,” Raghunandan, why Soo late?? I am waiting for u for Soo long. Leave it. Y u didn’t wake me up when u reached here. I just prayed to Maa Gauri to help u to take decisions according to dharma. And after I fast asleep waiting for u Soo long. Swami can I know when u will take me to a ashram?? I want to visit any one of the ashram and take blessings from rishivar.” ” Ah Sita.. hmm.. ah.. ya I came to inform u that we can leave for the ashram tmrw itself” replied Ram stammering a fake smile covered his face which hided thousands of tears inside his eyes. The moment Sita heard these words felt very happy and thanked Maa Gauri.

Ram, couldn’t hide anymore his tears, moved away and weeped like a child. His lotus eyes is filled with tears of pain and separation.
He headed towards the court room and ordered his brothers to arrive there. He pointed towards Lakshman and begin to tell,” Lakshman I have decided to abandon Sita. And I give u the duty of leaving Sita in the van without anyone knowing about it. Even without Sitas knowledge. So be ready for it.” Said ram controlling his tears. The three brothers after hearing this burst into agony and pain and especially Lakshman broke down crying. He was held by the two brothers who is also sobbing. Ram decided to leave and was stopped by Lakshman. Lakshman told,” Sorry bhaiya I cannot accept this. I will never ever do this to my mother Sita. How can a son do such a cruel thing to his mother?? So I am not going to do this.” Ram stared at Bharath. Bharath,” Bhaiya pls don’t do this to me. What will I tell her when she was left in the forest??? I am not strong enough to do this bhaiya. ”

Ram stared at Shatrughnan for which he nodded a big no with tears brimming in his eyes. Then Ram turned to Lakshman and said Lakshman its ur duty to do this. Lakshman, but… Ram, says ” This is the order of ur king not ur brother and I am as a king ordering u to do this. ” Lakshman has no other way than to accept this. Ram’s words pierced Lakshmans heart to thousands of pieces. He broke down sobbing heavily. He then stands up and says to Ram angrily,” Ayodhyadhipathi Raja Ram, if it is ur order to leave her in the forest, I am sure I will never ever return to Ayodhya untill her return. This is my promise. ” Saying so he left in fuming anger. Ram, who knows Lakshman doesn’t accept to do this, didn’t expected these words from him. The words “Ayodhyadhipathi Raja Ram” which was said by Lakshman echoed his ears continuously. For Lakshman, he always like to call Ram “bhaiya” irrespective of Ram who is the king of Ayodhya said those words which created a painful mark in Ram’s heart for he was liked to called as bhaiya than Maharaj by his brothers. Ram broke down sitting and was held by his two brothers with tearful eyes.

Precap∶ Sita’s abandon.

Thank you guys for reading this. I know it is too long and boring. Pls bear with me guys. Sry if it is not upto ur expectations. This is my third last part. Pls do cmnt and share ur views. Criticism is allowed. Thank u and love u all.

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  1. omg sita will go to forest now . such an emotional epi di . today’s epi was very emotionally written .next one will be even more emotional , but update next one asap…..and i will get angry if u say I know it is too long and boring. Pls bear with me guys. Sry if it is not upto ur expectations, ok ? dont say these things again and make ur sissy angry . love u loads

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much varshu… happy seeing ur cmnt.. and ok I wil not use those words anymore ok?? And ya I will try my best to update asap. Love u a lot dearie ♥♥♥♥.

      1. Amalina

        ok sis, lets see if u remember ur words?

        todays epi, as mentioned by varshu, was indeed emotional! Waiting for sita’s second vanvaas and the birth of luv-kush!

  2. wooooooaaaaaa…….this is very nice……nice to read it………………fully racalling SKR……..
    keep it……

    1. Padmaja

      Thanku soo much joy da… happy to see ur cmnt…

  3. Padmaja

    @amalina hi sis happy that u liked it.. and ya I will try to keep my words.. and I will end this ff only two parts r remaining… this ff will end after siam separation… so I will try to write another ff.. but I don’t have any idea of the topic.. lets see..

    1. Vanshika

      Nahi nahi nahi……………. Noooo noooo noooo yeh asambhav hai…… U cant end it ☹☹☹?

      1. Amalina

        I agree sis!

      2. Padmaja

        Vanshu cutie!!! Sry for this dear.. but it has to be ended na.. the ending will be somewhat different… if u guys want another ff I will do it..agree??

    2. Amalina

      Sis plz dont end it. But if u have to end it then plz try to make the 2 shots as maha epi and try to show the end of ramayan etc: sita second vaanvaz- lav kush birth!

      1. Padmaja

        Hi dearie… sure the epis will be maha epi…. but the ending will be somewhat different…. i am soo sry for this.. as told to vanshu I will write another one..

  4. It’s so raja ram has abandoned his Mata sita has go to forest…and how can you say it is boring…intact I really liked it…eagerly waiting for the next part…

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soooo much taru dii… it means a lot to me… happy that u liked it… I will try to post it asap..keep supporting…

  5. NABANITA626

    Hi PADMAJA I am first time reading your ff.
    Too good….??

    No words to explain………..

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soooo much dii…very much glad to see ur cmnt…

  6. Hi Padmaja, I have read yours for the first time. You wrote well.
    But i don’t like this part of Ramayana and Ram’s act of abandonment .
    No matter what others have to say , I have always felt Ram did terribly wrong to SIta7 woman in general and be it Raj dharma or dhobi’s remarks , RAM indeed failed as a husband . Ayodhapati Raja Ram could not uphold the social status of a woman .
    @ Padmaja – you wrote well but you can’t change what happened 2 yugas /era back.

    1. Amalina

      I agree, I also think that Ram failed as a husband!

    2. Padmaja

      Thanks for ur cmnt dii.. and ya every people feel sad seeing this part of Ramayan.. and can understand ur POV..

  7. are u mind if i share link in your ff….????

    1. Padmaja

      No not at all bro… u can share what u want to…. ☺☺

  8. Thanmathi

    Hey padma awesome writing but very sad epi yaar please update next part asap dea

    1. Padmaja

      Hi dearie…. was waiting for ur cmnt.. happy that u liked it.. sry I can’t post now because exams started so I will post after my exam ends. And I am sure it will be maha epi..

      1. Thanmathi

        It’s OK yaar even my portions are going like express train

  9. Wowowowowowow !!!!! Its tremendously emotional epi…… No words to explain it…….. Padmaja dii u truly did a hard work and amazing too……pls reply…..soon….

    1. Padmaja

      Hey suchi!!!!! I am verry much happy to see ur cmnt dearie…. u cannot measure my happiness now…. Thank u soooo much for cmnting dearie… missing u sooooo much…. pls be in touch with ffs….. love u a lot suchi ♥♥♥♥♥

  10. This is damn good, Padma di, reading this for 1st time but this applicable for a round of applause ??.
    Sorry for late cmnt, this is making me imagine everything u wrote. My english teacher says to show not tell in your writing but you have done that already?

    How r u, sis?

    1. Padmaja

      Hey cnynthu dearie….. thank u soooo much for ur appreciation dearie… it means a lot to me…
      ya I am fine cynthu… and how r u??
      Love u a lot ♥♥♥♥♥

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