Siam Separation- The play of fate (Part -7)


Hi guys!!!!! I am verryy sorry for this late update.. My studies kept me busy.. So I couldn’t be regular… Pls do read and share ur views..

The epi starts with Ram heading towards his chamber after finishing the work in the sabha. Siya excalimed raghunandan on seeing him. She runs to him and hugs him crying. He is confused on seeing her like this. He asked her the reason. Siya,” Raghunandan, I had a bad dream. I am seen in vanvasi clothes again in that. U r nowhere could be seen. I am scaring that something will happen bad now.” Ram consoled her by saying that “nothing can break our love. It is eternal. Physical separation can never ever affect pure love. So Ramaa be strong. Nothing will happen bad”. Siya nodded with tears in her eyes. Ram wipes the tears down her cheek with a smile which makes her to smile. Did u had the dinner?? Ram asked smiling. For this Siya said no. Ram just gave a emotional angry look to her and asked the reason for her act.” Swami, I waited for u to finish ur work so that we can have food together”, said siya calmly.Hearing this Ram couldn’t do anything but smile. He went out and came with a plate of food in his hand. He made siya to sit on the bed and he sat beside her having the plate in his hand.

Siya smiled seeing him. He took a piece of roti from that plate and streched his hands to her mouth. But Sita stopped this and she took another piece and streched her towards him saying that,” U done many works today. Ur tired face shows me that U the one who need to eat first. So pls u eat first.” Hearing this Ram said, ” Sita it is my duty to take care of u and our santan. U should have finished the dinner by now. Its already late. So pls first accept the food.” Sita couldn’t do anything now. So she agreed his command with a broad smile in her face. Ram started to feed her. The time passes. They both finished their dinner. Suddenly the sound of the Justice bell is heard. Ram and siya heard this. Ram took leave from siya with an approval that he will arrive asap. Siya is worried. Ram arrives at sabha. He asks who wants justice now??. A woman says its me. Ram asks what is the problem???. The woman tells,” Lord Ram, I gone to my parents house to serve my mother who was ill.

On returning there was a heavy storm and I couldn’t cross the river in that rainy storm. So I decided to stay there one night. A man who is of my father’s age and more like a father to me gave me the permission to stay there. So I accepted and the next day morning I returned to my home. My husband on hearing this declared that I am Impure and abandoned me and cleared all the ties with me. I am pure and doesn’t deserve injustice. So Lord Ram please give justice me.”. Ram then asks the soldiers to bring the husband of that lady. Bhadra come in front of Ram. Ram asks his views. Bhadra says, ” I will not accept a women who stayed in another mans house for one night as my wife. She is impure. She doesn’t deserve a place of a wife anymore. So I am abandoning her. “I AM NOT RAJA RAM TO ACCEPT A WIFE WHO STAYED IN LANKA FOR TEN MONTHS”. I am an ordinary praja and will not accept my wife anymore. Hearing this Ram’s heart broke into pieces. Tears rolled down in his cheeks continously.

He stands up from the throne. The soldiers try to attack Bhadra but was stopped by Ram. The sabha dispersed. Ram is standing alone there. Hed doesn’t even have the courage to move ahead. Bhadra’s words pierce Ram’s heart like a sharp arrow. His words r continously circling around Ram’s ear. He takes the crown and throws away. But it follows him and sits on his head again. He shouts In agony. He leaves the sabha crying. He goes inside his chamber and see Sita is sleeping peacefully. He cries seeing her. He leaves. He goes to the place where ancestors statues are kept.
Here the brothers discuss that something is happening with ram bhaiyya we have to find out.They leave.

Precap- Lakshman is crying Bitterley and murmuring I cannot do this to my mother like bhabhi. The other two also cry and try to console him.

Sorry guys I know it is sooo small. But I don’t have much time to give a long update now. Sorry If I have bored u.. Pls cmnt guys. Criticism is heartily welcomed. Love u all ♥♥♥.

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  1. Preethi12345

    wow akka amazing this ff had a nice start ., loved it update the next one soon

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much preethi… I will update the next asap..

  2. It’s so emotional…siam separation is ahead…so sad….eagerly waiting for next part dear……

    1. Padmaja

      Tharu dii happy to see ur cmnt.. and dii is it u in the dp??

      1. No dear..she is helly shah an Indian actress.Actually she is my favourite

  3. loved your ff. ……….little bit emotional but waiting for next. ……….

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much joy da…. I will try to updaye soon..

  4. Thanmathi

    ??? Siam separation this is all that I can say????

    1. Padmaja

      Ya feeling sooo sad for that… don’t know how I am going ro write..

  5. Vanshika

    Valmiki jii.!!!!!! ??

  6. Vanshika

    Valmiki jii Mujhe kab se aap Ki talaash thi.. Aj mil hi Gaye…

  7. Vanshika

    21st century valmiki incarnation.. ???????? y didn’t u tell me earlier that u r valmiki incarnate..?

    1. Padmaja

      Omg!!!!! Vanshu I am not dearie…. in fact I am not gud in writing… it suits u soo much than me dearie… love u loads ♥♥♥♥

  8. Amalina

    Emotional epi, as Siam separation is near! Fantastic job di, plz continue ❤️️❤️️??????????

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u Soo much dear ?????

  9. Vanshika

    Nope u r Valmiki incarnation…..

  10. Vanshika

    N even if you are not u may have valmiki ji’s phone number ?

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